Blocking Brexit

John Major is threatening the next PM with a legal move to prevent Brexit.

In this situation of Britain leaving the E.U with the E.U not wanting to be left and actively intending to do anything it can [within the limits of its own negative PR] Leaving with a deal is a non-starter. Therefore, John Major and all that are demanding a deal before leaving are simply attempting to prevent Brexit.

In the same way that John Major is going to use the courts to force the hand of the PM and after Gina Miller did the same, it is about time that a PM used the courts to clarify [beyond the mendacity of political shenanigans] that Artical50 cannot be prevented by including an [undeliverable] condition or any condition [given that the extension clause has already been exercised] and has amounted to no movement [or intention of movement] by the E.U.

It is important to note 2 [two] points:
1. The E.U is actively attempting to take over full control of all European countries. As [was alerted to] all the way through the formation of the central structure of the [E.U] and its [plan] for a federal political centralised country, super-state [With Bribery, 'ideals' and Economy.] The future of the E.U’s ambition is now a matter of rising tensions between the E.U central command and the democratic governments of Europe. Unfortunately, when we look at the Greek situation and outcome, freedom and independence is not certain. Neither is democratic effect and integrity. Greece’s errors are two fold: A) it wasted money and plunged itself into an Olympic gold medal level of debt & B) It did not use negotiation with a capital N to get the ‘E.U’ to be more pragmatic and fair [accepting some responsibility] with its paternal, punishing and profit view opportunity.
2. John Major was one of the key people along with Ted Heath, Tony Blair and Gordon Brown that played a key / signatory role in handing over [signing away] sovereign control / rule* of Britain to the undemocratic federal intending dictating [old fashioned Roman Charlemagne style federation] *signed off on without a murmur of alarm or foresight from the Palace.
If there is to be a judicial review then perhaps it is time that the handing over of sovereign control to the E.U is examined against the various English treaties that form the Constitution for the Britain’s. These individual treaties came about over many years, over many centuries, of fraught disagreement, war and bloodshed for fairness, freedom protected and enshrined liberty with justice throughout the nation.
Should or [how could] it have just been given away at the stroke of a parliamentary majority pen, completely ignoring every factor purpose of the treaties of the British constitution of protections for Britain and hand sovereign power over to [what in every assessment is] a recipe for a dictatorial empire protected by a democratic model to avoid democratic sovereign freedom and control.
The living people involved in the signatory and power who breached the British constitutional protections enshrined could and should be held to account with all that it should amount to.
*That John Major holds the highest Royal honour of the Order Of The Garter may be another question mark over the Crown as to their knowledge, involvement and vision for a [suspicious] ambition for Britain?