Sex is determined in the Uterus – xx chromosome / xy chromosome and no surgery can switch them.

"Silence! I Kill You!"

Gender identity can be a choice – and should be protected by the equality laws.

In the same way the equality laws do not force men and women to share a toileting space, so they should not force the new group into either groups toileting space. 
Another toileting space should be used.

I find it maddening and onerous that I do not hear the blatant above fact voiced. I don’t want to think about England today but when it comes to mummies and daddies, I think we should rename the ‘naughty’s' the 'nicey’s' and their children the Nasty e.u Nutty's.

The results [will be and are more alarming, in the long-term evolving] of these biased tolerances will be worse than Parliament handing Britain over to the undemocratic controlling destroyer of countries and democratic rule!

''The trans community are just like "Silence! I kill you!" And as perverted in their view of discussing their condition as they are Wrong.'' - Twitter Stefan Howarth

Society: Sex / Gender

He said it was rejected by the university's ethics committee because it could be "politically incorrect".

'Bath Spa University blocks transgender research':

Mr Caspian, a counsellor who specialises in therapy for transgender people, told Radio 4: "I was astonished at that decision.

"I think that a university exists to encourage discussion, research - dissent even, challenging perhaps ideas that are out of date or not particularly useful."

"They said they felt too traumatised to talk about it, which made me think we really need to do the research even more."

No one can choose their sex. That is determined in the uterus. People can choose their gender / identity but their sex is still male or female bones, muscle, chromosomes at the control of mitochondral DNA.  

[Sex ambiguity or combined is never balanced but always has a determining physical dominance. The rest is mostly social enviromental trends leading to self conscious selfish choice added to childhood growth character assertive identity, facilitation.]


The study of human psychology has been sanitised over the centuries by faith based assumptions and a misplaced conceited arrogance of our specie’s position in the grand scheme of ‘things.’

We are a new species with an enlarged brain – Our use of our enlarged brain could be described as a child [without an adult*] finding a new toy box to play with and use. The toys being a tool kit, a chainsaw, a chemistry set & a monster truck. Or in actuality – desire, need, want, urgency & certainty.

There have been many changes over the centuries in the way societies have lived, what they believed and how they reacted to the many things that they encountered within their societies.

We can look back at situations that we now consider to be ‘wrong or abhorrent’ today, that a society tomorrow will look back on now in the same way.

History points to constructed religious culture as a key formation of behaviour in society.

And before organised religion, myth, fear & superstitious reactions formed ritual behaviours.

The many latencies in the struggle for survival, allowed societies to became freer to indulge their time in ‘extra curricular activities’ sadly not to the benefit of many an objective and often under the legacies, keeping control of ‘the piece’ for the good of ‘society’ that led to much energy being put into ritual focuses that were not beneficial to development for improvements, in a ‘wider scene.’  

Much like – the demise of society through the shortening of memory & impetuous through the term of tasks undertaken by [most?] of the modernist democratically driven governments of today, we can correlate the error of a short-term view with a lack of planning potential [that has also been shared by many successive kingdoms, monocracies & faith based objectives] – Parents, in a literal sense were responsible for the development, in teaching & example for their children’s future and thereby their children of the future.

Where successive parents* have inherited a poor or an absent teaching plan, the future is the collection of the flotsam from the waves of the energy from beyond the winds of time.


Here we are today – 7.5 billion and growing despite the monocracies of imbalances – In our societies that despite the short-term thinking, lack of planning & lack of vision within the disintegrating safe customs of the disposable society of consumer growth. We deserve to be congratulated for such an amazing overall achievement and for all of the brilliant developments achieved but we are missing a few basic footholds, to hold onto existence.

1. We need a focus on a philosophy of survival [even in the latencies]

2. We need a philosophy of self improvement [and therefore improvement]

3. We need to be clear[to the NHS Via Parliament] that human life is very short, weak & has a tenuous link to good health [Nobody should have unnecessary surgeries.] {Should be a No Brainer!}

4. We need to give up on the value and pursuit of money [as any more than] a tool to an objective. Ps {The Robots R Coming anyway}

5. Everyone should, after their primary learning adopt personal life objectives [beyond the basic & fundamentals] to occupy your mind & body for a life’s interest and to lengthen a healthy life {mind and body}

6. Society should serve the philosophical development of its people and make a plan for species survival, development and expansion.

7. Societies should agree and work collectively on the agreed objectives of species humans of Planet Earth and its Solar System.