Atmospheric Management Update [2021.5]

Analyse This;

'The Oil industry knew of 'serious' climate concerns more than 45 years ago. [Article 2016] Researchers warned American Petroleum Institute in 1968.'

In 1968 the world population was estimated at 3.5 billion. The [current 2021.5] estimated global population is currently 7.9 billion. China [1.7 billion] has been modernising rapidly since 2000. China’s fuel of choice for energy production [by design] has been coal. China’s second choice is Russian gas. India [population 1.5 billion] is scheduled to develop in the way of China but at a later start date and at a slower trajectory.

Brazil is deforesting. Borneo has already been deforested. The West switched to wood-pellet energy fuel. Australia’s brown coal is [currently] being dug out and sold to China.

Despite climate change getting a top slot in the debate/alarm/politics/&table the governments of the world [whether party dictatorships, strongman gangsmen, Elite Treaty Empires or democratic governments, with their balls handed to corporate capitalist industry] Carbon ‘production’ has ‘increased’ not decreased since the politics openly recognised that climate change is a real, threat and that Carbon going into the atmosphere will have to be reduced. And that Carbon will have to be stripped from the atmosphere back to 350ppm before the pendulum will stop swinging so far.

The commitment to the switch from fossil fuels to solar wind and tidal is half hearted and slow. Too slow to have the promised ‘committed’ effects.

David Attenborough stated that we have the technology to make the change and save the Earth [as it is].

We in fact lack two critical technologies to see Sir David’s dream attempted:

1) Government is too retrospective, industrially cautious & reactionary in the west. The East is ambivalent and planning to make use of the effects upon population and the western infrastructure that is not capable or preparing for sea level rise and hurricane conditions.

2) Industrial might is working against [as they have done since 1968] reduction in product sales or switching rapidly to alternative energy that would drastically reduce saleable product supply.

Capitalism is a prime cause of this slow-mo process by the powers that are in the West and the desire of the East to destroy the West.

Climate Change Earth

Brazil woodland loss between 2004-2015 is equivalent to the area of the country of Nicaragua.

Climate change deniers: [That any human made carbon spike increase is not significant enough to cause much of a change to the weather]

Everything that has been said by climate alarmists is right apart from the 'long-term' effects. The planet’s fine – It’s a planet. Mercury is fine and Mars is fine – They are planets and they will be fine no matter what the physics about them is: Earth will be fine as it has been for 4.5 billion yeears. It has changed continuously and it is scheduled to continue changing. It will be just fine and happy because it is a planet. The current state that supports our species however is undergoing a rapid and significant change. It is going to test our species ability to adapt and survive.

When this [young school protesters] generation's children are 10 years old, they will be living on a continuous proto-storm planet.

The climate alarmist are (a) Rightfully demanding countries clean up their industrial practices and switch to cleaner forms of energy production.

Any reduction of the use of fossil fuels [or for that matter combustion in general] will reduce man contributed carbon release altering the atmosphere and reduce atmospheric particulates that contribute to inhaled pollution. This point will cause a major change to our breathable atmosphere and health at lower levels.

It takes 30 years to farm a tree for wood-pellets. The above tree is nearer 500 years old.

(b) The climate alarmists are emphasising and exaggerating the ticking clock [or year countdown] to the point of no recovery.

This point is false – [i] Manmade carbon has been on the increase since the human population grew in [uncontrolled] fire use dating back to 1.7 million years ago. 400,000 years ago fire was likely to have been used for cooking but archaeologists have only found evidence for cooking from 125,000 years ago. From 8,000 years ago communities started forming the beginnings of metropolis and therefore convenient consumer need groups.

In the 1970’s I remember seeing a geologist lecture presenting infield evidence indicating a historic warmer climate, different terrain and water levels with higher carbon deposits and predicting based on [current] examination, an increasing carbon line and that the Earth was in a warming period before the onset of another Eemian interglacial. “So we can expect to see increasing temperatures with the associated rising sea levels before another swing into a rapid cooling period”

The gist of the sustainable biomass-sale

The sustainable wood-pellet sale was 'bought' hook line and stinker by the GB government.

'Assume the annual growth rate for a working forest is 2 tons per acre, and that the landowner is managing 1 million acres. Yearly, that land produces 2 million tons of new growth, or 5,480 tons daily. If the daily maximum allowable cut is set at 4,500 tons and 50 percent of that harvest was used for pellet production, that one landowner would supply enough wood fiber to make about 430,000 tons of pellets annually.

Suppose those pellets are supplied to a power plant that has converted from coal to pellets. It would consume 1,180 tons of pellet fuel daily, instead of about 900 tons of coal.

The U.K.’s Drax power station uses pellets in two of six lines.  For the coal supply chain, from mining and extraction to delivery to Drax’s power station, about 150 kilograms (kg) of CO2 per megawatt-hour of electricity (MWhe) is generated. Pellets produce about 45 kg/MWhe more CO2 in the supply chain. 

But unlike coal, pellets sourced from forests that are managed 'so growth rates exceed harvest rates are carbon neutral' in combustion. Each MWhe Drax generates from coal produces almost 1,000 kg of new atmospheric CO2.  Including the supply chain carbon footprints of coal and pellets, that is nearly six times more CO2 from coal than from pellets for the same power output.'

The creative accountancy over the truth:

'Right now, Drax is the only UK power station that burns imported wood pellets rather than domestic woodchips. In 2017, Drax burned 6.8 million tonnes of pellets (made from 13.5 million tonnes of wood). The majority of those pellets came from the southern US, with most of the remainder coming from Canada, Latvia and Estonia1. However, the mothballed Lynemouth coal power station is currently being converted to biomass and is expected to start operating later in 2018. And MGT Power (owned by Macquarie Group and the Danish pension fund PKA) is building a large new biomass power station at Tees Port which is to open in 2020. Each of those power stations is to burn 1.5 million tonnes of pellets annually, and both have entered into sourcing agreements with Enviva, Drax’s biggest external pellet supplier.' 


[ii] Of cause, the confirmed observations would have gone up the academic lines and arrived in the ears of government [Here in the UK by 1976].  

In 1989 [The Outgoing] Margaret Thatcher gave another ‘confrontational, controversial’ speech [not this time, banging the drum of the ills of the forming E.U Super-State take-over of all European countries] this time about the global climate future:

So, Climate alarmists are the Grandchildren asking why humanity has not changed energy direction sooner and why so slow now?! Money is the reason, that invention of value superseding genuine value. Governments are committed to global trade and the tax from ever larger economies. Also governments choose the cheapest easiest forms of energy production. [This article will not deal with the dysfunction of global governments particularly the [current] democratic version of the unqualified short-termist career-delinquent politician types] – [iii] The last 150 years of the industrial revolution cannot and will not be reversed by a date set by any type of scientist.

(c) What the climate alarmists [or alertists] should also be promoting is contingency preparations [irrespective of even a 100% success of their efforts] for human societies. Strengthened housing / Roofing, higher ground building and water runoff channels and hardened enclosed walkways between buildings and travel terminals. These and many more considerations for ongoing living in a hurricane climate should be on the drawing board and already have been implemented. The failure of this preparation [in addition to the failure / refusal to push ahead with genuine practical conviction for a clean [lower] carbon world order] is going to lead to additional damage to societies [in the west] and unnecessary destruction to global economies, [far greater than a false virus threat].

Borneo de-forestation

(d) 3 billion people combined in India and China are being brought into a more convenient energy rich future, thanks to these countries accelerated take up of economic growth. [The population of the whole world from the beginning to the end of the industrial revolution went from 1 billion 1800 to 2 billion 1900 – The industrial population was primarily driven by and for one third of the total population] The next 100 years [from just India and China with their energy policy and building] is going to release 5-7 times as much carbon than the entire 150 years of the world from 1800-1950. Climate alarmists are in denial and they are underestimating the effects of the future weather and sea level effects.   

(e) While these coal, gas and refined fuel power stations are being built [the UK government was convinced to switch to a sustainable alternative – wood pellets] This has led to a huge increase of felling incentives and U.S investments in the Brazilian Jungle. Turns out, ‘politicians’ did not consider that a power a station furnace can burn trees faster than they can grow. The U.S companies behind this money making rouse ran out of available U.S lumber and looked elsewhere. The carbon sinks of Brazil are now being harvested and burnt by UK / government policy. The forests of Malaysia, Indonesia and Borneo have also been reduced over the last century and this has accelerated recently with increased populations wanting more of the consumer economic miracle and oil palm has become a national land acquisition and transition business.

(f) As the carbon [and arctic methane release] warms the climate the increased heat blankets the ground causing a reduced release of geological heat. This [ever so slight] build-up of heat then [now] is being released via increased volcanic behaviour. Volcanic eruptions release carbon, heat and atmospheric particles [soot] that cause linier bands as they circuit the globe causing more thermocline agitation leading to added winds speeds and cyclone effects.

How long does it take to burn a tree of wood-pellets? How long does it take to grow another tree?

(g) The continued resistance of industrialists and the [blind trust of democratically elected ‘politicians’] narrow view of most assumed government classes favouring simple and financially beneficial options, in place, means that there is little will or direction [“in real terms”] of ordering / legislating for a costly, slow and hard transition to non-fossil fuelled energy. Also micro [solar & wind] domestic energy production for individual households [a key future solution] causes bells to clang-on regards the loss of tax revenues through-out. Economy of finance has become very important and is not going to be swayed away from its mission objective or give up its ‘completely’ dominant power.

A DNA check would show that wood-pellets are now being obtained from Brazil and burned by Britain.

(h) Politics and the politicians of [current] politics are entirely helpless babies of no control or management power without the cooperation of controlling institutions [senile] and the various global free trade incentives [and ‘reasoning’] given to them by industrialists loaded with the ongoing winnings of huge bags of money and promises of vast taxes and the happily employed masses, cycling their money into a further swelling economy, to listen to the academics from the varsities or even their more independent and enlightened advisors.

Were the ears of Cameron & Osborne ringing to the sounds of counter advise / warnings of reason over wood-pellets or were they, as with Bae, [Lost in a fog of design ignorance led by the Dumb!?!]

Here is a short notation to illustrate in simple terms what part of the atmosphere is carbon and that that % is the challenge that we are all facing.

Greta Thunberg

Earth’s atmosphere is [currently] made up of 78.084% Nitrogen and 20.946% Oxygen. Argon makes up 0.934% and carbon [currently] 0.0407%. [Last official international record] There are some other trace gasses making up 0.0019%... This is a constantly changing atmospheric situation – as it always has been after the formation of the Earth some 4,500 million years ago.

At its highest [observed not earlier theorised] carbon in the atmosphere was 4.000 parts per million or 0.4000% 500 million years ago. It has been as low as 180 ppm or 0.0180% on and off during the last 2 million years. The rise in carbon beyond the last 500,000 year cycles started at the beginning of the industrial revolution around 1800 where Atmospheric Carbon was approximately 280ppm 0.0280%.

China’s economy started growing after 1980 and has doubled every decade since. At its current growth rate for the size and economic situation of its population, China will continue doubling for another 8 decades and an additional adjustment should be added for population growth.

India’s economy with a similar population [combined approximately 2.8 billion] has been increasing 3.5 times per decade, since 1985 until 2010-20 decade where a reduction has been recorded. Similarly most of India’s population and capacity is un-served by abundant commercially available energy.     

It does not take a Newtonian Mathematician to state that on average the industrial revolution Atmospheric Carbon production that took place between 1800-1950 within a population from 210million to 719million or from 21%-28% of the global population through the time of 1.billion 1800 to 2.5 billion global population 1950, is being dwarfed in growth comparison. At a conservative estimate by 2100 Carbon production by China and India’s growth of their fossil energy sector commitment and building schedule will be 5-7 times [X] the 150 years of the industrial revolution, mostly in the West from 1800-1950. That puts Carbon parts per million at between 1,100ppm or 1,400ppm. That is 0.1120% to 0.1400% atmospheric Carbon year 2100.

The ominous [“Emergency, Crisis”] truth is that we human’s population 7.7 billion 2018 - ?.? billion 2100 need to get to grips with using our planet and our technology skill to absorb atmospheric carbon by only a maximum of 0.2100% + our annual production to maintain Earth Atmospheric Carbon at 300ppm. Don’t Panic! [Or Have ‘A’ “Breakdown” to muddle your Lovely Life] It is a small task for humanity [who are just waking up from a loud unexpected Alarm Noise] It will be a piece-of-piss [easy] and we [they] will be able to burn as much of the old black stuff as they have committed their economies to for as long as it is cheaper than wind efficiency or it runs out or until Quantum Energy Induction arrives.

Climate Change Earth - 'Atmospheric Composition'

Genesis 1

1.In the beginning when God created* the heavens and the earth, 2the earth was a formless void and darkness covered the face of the deep, while a wind from God* swept over the face of the waters. 3Then God said, ‘Let there be light’; and there was light. 4And God saw that the light was good; and God separated the light from the darkness. 5God called the light Day, and the darkness he called Night. And there was evening and there was morning, the first day.

6.And God said, ‘Let there be a dome in the midst of the waters, and let it separate the waters from the waters.’ 7So God made the dome and separated the waters that were under the dome from the waters that were above the dome. And it was so. 8God called the dome Sky. And there was evening and there was morning, the second day.


Climate scientists and their predictions are as bonkers as the climate change deniers.
On the one hand the scientists are way off under estimating the high potential C increase by 2100.
3C will easily be reached by 2060 [if not sooner as the northern methane release increases beyond expected calculations].
Their predictions for extinctions are silly as extinctions will be regional and climate change will boost [eg. Amphibians] populations in regions that will become more suitable for individual symbiosis. 
On the other hand they are just banging a drum and screaming ‘halt’ when it is ‘tide’ that they should be [accused of not] warning about. [Not very scientific]
While alerting and focusing the politics is a good thing, the danger [and damage] is being done by giving false hope and diverting the best direction of the energy for climate preparedness [that will lead to anarchic rioting and the pointless blame game] neither of which will prepare regions for the coming changes.
Expecting fossil fuels to stop being burned on this side of a global energy increase [is the same as insisting 7-20billion people stop eating] and is just going to be another cause of violence and death.

Holly Johnson


1. Schrodinger’s Cat & the Big Bang – Sound On.

2. Accretion of ‘Gas’, Dust, 'Water', Rock & Metals – Sound Off.

3. Secondary Initial Atmosphere & Vapour + 101.. – Sound Off.

4. Frankie Say’s – Sound Full On!