Brexit Results & Update:

Another Election: 12/12/19: = Boris Johnson / The Conservative party Win 365.

July 2021 - The question Remains: How much Brexit has been Achieved / Agreed?

The moral of the story is: If you want to leave the E.u, you will have to leave the E.u..

28 April 2022 - The Boris administration is at an impasse on the Nothern Ireland Protocol - Just like flacid penis.

"We have come to something of an impasse," - James Cleverly. BUT the E.u is in place. Never mind about the Ukraine. Perhaps the 'uk' should get back all of its territory & take at-Least one forward negotiating position - accepting the Battle Ahead.


January 2022 - Liz Truss Looks Serious & Definatly worried. "I will not sign up to anything which sees the people of Northern Ireland unable to benefit from the same decisions on taxation and spending as the rest of the UK, or which still sees goods moving within our own country being subject to checks. I want a negotiated solution but if we have to use legitimate provisions including Article 16, I am willing to do that."

'You' already signed upto the E.u deal on Northern Ireland. The E.u are going to call your bluff, stick to the protocol or cancell the UK's Brexit-E.u deal. 'Liz' is in the same position as Putin. NATO on his borders with the intent of extending them with the threat of a doomsday missile pointing at him from Poland. Are you going to use your game chaging option Liz, while Putin says he has no plan to use his?



December 2021 - Because of the various problems the political gravity is blaming Brexit as a disaster and shifting up a gear. 

October 2021 - 'Negotiations' Continue - E.u pressure to maintain Treaty controls is being ramped up with threats againt Energy supplies, transport movement blockades & 'UK' Fishing Zone Hostilities. 

The Entire Brexit British deal intention has been to side-step as much reduction & losses from the E.u governing treaties. The Brexit deal is no change-Not left. This ill will be Boris's next new deal.
The short term Brexit British attitude is destined for constant hostilities without finally a Leave-&-Negotiation.. [A uk negotiation position still needs to be achieved]

September 2021 - Boris has done a cash [GDP] type deal with 'Germany' / Eu to invest in future technologies and to 'combine forces' to combat 'Super-Power competition and threats'. Does this seem like a weak puppy rolling over and begging [economic theory] not to be destroyed and to secure a future role after his PM status ends, to avoid [A Tony Blair failure]..

September 2021 - The restriction to the movement of E.u workers smells suspiciously like establihment democracy at work [accepted by Boris & his cabinette] to undermine Brexit long-term to bring Britain ultimatley back fully into the E.u.

There is also the silent matter of the 1% of GDP ['£350 Million every week'] that seems to have been required for any prior-leaving trading/relations deal with the E.u. This i believe was given on-going as leaving and assuming a hostile negotiating possition was unpalatable to our politician government and politician elected house. The money continues to flow, the fish value continues to go and the protections of the fish region continue to not be policed. Northern Ireland is [was] allowed to continue to be hobbled. British corporate E.u [Tax] freedoms remain and Britain still is not seeing or steering towards all of the competative advatages that is should [needs] to be building towards.

24/12/20 A deal was struck - It reported that Brexit has been protected - But it sounds as though the E.u have maintained a grip/control on/against Britain being truly/literally independent. Regaining Fishing was effecivly delayed for five & a half years [and will still require a bespoke dedicated force to police it, establish it and protec it] - This deal/Brexit must now be passed by Parliament [Or it will be Parliament that will be the negotiator to put a final twis to deliver an independent Britain - with the threat of no-deal extending in practice into January 21..]

30/12/20 Parliament voted for the deal 521 to 73 against. [I view this as a compromised Brexit - Not independent in its entirety - Further throubles {unnecesary} will emerge as a result - Fishing will be a roll-over or a true Battle - The E.u plan is to wittle support away from a continued Brexit with the hobbling effects of the 'deal' and wait and watch for Britain's international trades to amount to very very little is sound, expected and on course.]

7/4/2021 Boris's supine Bexit failure is slowly snowballing into all of the E.u's British desetructions planned, built-in and agreed to and becoming more disaterous than expected by Boris and the E.u..

14/4/21 As the heat builds up in Northern Island the E.u are taking full advantage of this unplanned bonus to use a non-checks solution to make Boris agree to more compliant E.u alighnment. Brexit looks as though it is about to take another step from not being achieved [in 'independant' tems] towards further E.u control.

Capitulating to Bailing out Eurostar, accepting E.u vaccine theft [without retaliation] the destruction of fishing beds with dredging and E.u un-dented access to the UK market bodes well for the E.u.

22/4/21 A whole Network of government employees, former eemployees and other rejoin people a constantly working with the E.u on strategies and media coordinations to bring an end to Brrexit. The Treason Law is too old and weak but any improvement is difficult as government and parliament would be afraid of the implications for their actions in and out of the commons. Politics is so slight of mouth and that is the way 'politicians like their game' and want to keep it as such.




Brexit [pre-end of Transition]:

Britain has not been/being prepared for anything but 'a deal' [particularly regarding the fishing waters].

Michel Bernier is complaining that Britain has not given in yet.

For Boris Johnson 'A test of streangth' [Integrity] is coming right up..

As I have previously said a deal is not possble [or preferable] [at this stage] 
Boris's Approach to dealing with the E.U over Brexit negotiations is : Wheter to 'Take Back Control' or to give in to the E.U's ambition to Retain Control. Eiither way Britain should be getting on with 'Being an independent Nation' [That it appears to be delaying independent moves is suspicious] 

David Frost [like David Davis Before him] is getting sidetracked by details that would be unused if Britain were to be prepared to go after what it rightfully deserves and were prepared to back it up with force. [As the E.U is doing and preparring - as [un] needed]. 

Macron is not going to give up France's share of Britain's 85% fish VALUE 'gave-away E.U entry deal' and 'France' has no need to give up anything without a visible or planned British fish protection force.
When you add the lack of a fish planning situation, a lack of trade and product alternatives, Britain has left itself in a weakened negotiating position that continues to exist today and into tomorrow's E.U's hard ball serious approach, Intent and ambition.
The probable outcome with this level of British LOSER Intent is a weak [Brexit-in-name-only] deal Or no-deal leading to a PR deal-[in-name-only] or economic chaos [Unprepared] on top of the Lock-Down [MAD-STUPID] Failure, leading to 'a' BREXIT Collapse and a Re-admission [a Great british democratic FAIL] with a tut and a waving E.U finger, Warning, to All. - WIN..
Boris is wobbling towards giving upon Brexit [a UK independent competative business Nation] It will not be possible to build-back-better if Britain is not going to be free of E.U control. A delay works only for an E.U desired outcome. 

[Boris has Lost His Mind. The Doctors are wrong to chase and hide from the 'symptoms' [infection and HNS Resourse] while destroying the economy for a below zero% population death rate. Lock-down is now a burning fuse, for the public & Parliament.] 


The E.U have been caught using their 'Charlemaigne prize' sympethizers and the small print to hide a devious future. The narative remains with the anti-brexit minority, despite the opposite being the case regarding the Good-Friday agreement. The nefarious treaty 'Law' and the current Brexit governments tentative peace-meal approach to all things crap and bullshit evil continues to affect E.U attitudes towarrds Britain and Boris and his Brexit team.


E.U's Bernier has indicated that UK Fishing rights can be negotiable [on condition of UK adhearence to E.U rules]. Fishing rights that would then be dishonoured by E.U fishing behavior out of continued low-to-no UK fishing agreed rule policing!

As it will now affect Brexit, therefore: Lock-down to save lives: This is inaccurate, Simplistic, Destructive and potentially dangerously Fatal.

"Merkel" - Seems like an opportunity to force a 'mutually' acceptable trade negotiation sweetner or all-out fun [Brexit doom and the economy will now be a piece off piss compared to the possible global cardiac arrest - that is about to googly or googleplex depending on how much longer this Lock-Down Madness continues]

The E.U and thier linked ally's [after direct request] are working on the public politics to swing justifiable opinion towards an extention to the 'Transition' time. [As previously pointed to, the eu do not want Britain to exit the 'block' therefore every delay is a no-exit and a continued flow of sterling to the eu. Every delay holds the UK in a dead-zone national business situation and will add to the public opiion that Brexit 'was' bad for Britain. The E.U is [as is Scotland] working at any angle to undermine the British intention. Add the above to the economic disaster that was the Lock-down of 99.9?% of Britain's funcional workforce [excluding a romanian 'temporary?' migrant workforce] under the priority of preventing the NHS from turning anyone away, [try this with a 1918 mortality rate] has plunged Britain economic situation and its inderpendant ability into a googly of challenges.


Boris picks up Theresa May's E.U constructed 'withdrawal agreement' and walks away from the shredder to his desk. Here we go, more circling Heathrow. 

December 20 2019: The E.U/Theresa/Boris [Surrender/Delay/Pay/Submission/E.UTradeCollapse] ‘deal’ was passed by the Commons.

January 31 at 23:00 Britain officially left the E.U [as a member state] and enterred a planned 12 month transition period, to readjust its aligned trading relationship with/under the E.U into 1 British [independant] trade deal with the E.U

The Brexit transition 'deal' has [proposed] added clauses. Of key interest is Legally prohibiting the government from extending the transition period beyond 31 December 2020.

The UK have declarred that June is the date No-Deal preparation begin. [The E.U will therefore call the UK bluff or let the 'clock tick' or Switch fully to a trade atrition war.. that the UK have been completely unpreparring for or even a genuine plan to protect UK fishing waters] 

29 Mach 2019 - Brexit: A deal with the E.U [beyond the transition period 'Brexit'] will [as previously stated - duh] Push will have to come to shove into a new punitive arrangement for the E.U to accept [WTO Or worse a trade war] is not preferable to acceppting Britain is un-holdable and requires the good long-term deals over the losses. Or worse the E.U [bear the losses on a 10/20 year plan and] doublesdown for a negative economic UK plan.

The effects of Coronabvirus on the economies may harden the resilliance for the coming appetite for the E.U's Brexit negotiations. After all the E.U is in a loose, Loose or Loose Big if Britain actually get run progressivly. [The fact that the British government did/has not recognised this tide approaching, bodes badly for their chances or for that matter 'Brexit' in real terms or long-term.]

Feb 2020 There appears to be a disconnect between the executive and the civil service. Somewhere between the civil service mumbled mantra of 'to serve the government in power' and actually not hindering [or lately] flatly refusing, and the clarity of applicable and applyable acts of Parliament, the civil service is castrating and neutering the ministers appointed by the PM and thereby Hijacking British Democracy. That the Government of this day [in this conflicted time] looks helpless is bermusing to me and anyone who understands the importance of a chain of command [both legal & physical] for power, to be applied, to serve. [Government Authority over the civil service is evidently missing, as sculdugary had to be used to oust a seditious civil sevant.] 


After Britain entered the transition period the political situation effectively altered from “We must not leave without a deal” to “We must extend the transition period, if there is no deal” When the time comes [again] the legitimate political position will be challenged once again, to test democracy [delinquent freedom from regulation – un-proposed] and [Therefore] ‘Brexit’. With the delingquent situation continueing, I hope that there is the best scientific advice available because that seems to trump any economic advice.


Boris's dies in a ditch [Is Failing]. The election even if a majority for the Conservatives will hardly change parliament - There is still no [or a future] sign of a No-Deal Brexit. The Only negotiating factor that the E.U fear. No trade Deal and No Money! With out E.U fear there will be No Brexit Now, 2020 or beyond.

Without E.U fear there will be No Brexit, Now, 2020 or beyond.

The E.U are taking the Piss with parliaments help and treaonous willing.

[Farage raises the Alert but Does Not seem to be reving the Brexit trucks motor ready for a wheel-spinning True Brexit democratic choice Offering]


Boris gets the Backstop altered - [If Parliament approves] We remain in the grip of the withdrawal agreement [while key negotiating money drains away - The fish drains away - The ongoing political, military and trade alignment future links [to release Northern Ireland from dual customs or any customs checks] await the full payment of negotiating financial leverage [and any other UK political siesmic activity] prior to reopening E.U negotiations. 

Parliament [Letwin] Refused to agree 'the deal' until the withdrawal bills has been passed.  

Boris sent the letter requesting the E.U grant an extension. And another letter saying no thanks. Ball is with the E.U - 

Boris now has still to pass the deal through parliament. 

Leo: "Boris is being quite reasonable. We can see a pathway to a deal" Translation: Boris has no choice but to listen. In the days to come Boris will be reported as being unreasonable & impossible. We will offer Boris a Deal to present to Parliament. Boris will recommend our deal

Boris's is going to have to prove to the E.U that he is capable [and willing] to Leave 'without a deal' on October 31 before the E.U will even lower themselves [need] for any 'genuine' discussion about a relationship outside of E.U controls.

I despair! Not only is Boris not talking or not working towards a continued aligned Brexit but he is now saying there must be a border arrangement between Northern & the Rep of Ireland. Good Friday Good bye - Hello IRA & the dominoes of a referendum for a unified Irelabd and then probably an Orange order army battling to over throw the Catholics and a new history of the Battle of partician. As far as Brexit is concerned FUCK THE E.U. Let them get uased to a slightly leaky border [if the U.K cannot pull of a continued alighned Brexit Arrangement!] anything beyond departing good inspections, passive tech scanners and arriving inspection will be looking like orderring a shit sandwich, eatring it and dieing of gut / brain weakness.

The democratic and the representatives are locked in a fued to the death - Who will win is [Tellingly] uncertain.

Boris Johnson [PM] is looking to me as a persson not capable of [multi-tasking] in the sense that he seems unable to fight more than one battle at a time. Not a Genereral and certainly not the Field Marshal that the British Nation [Voter Majority] needs for this war against the democratic and the objective laid out arround a PM's in tray.

Its all going Pete-Tong - Parliament voted to join the E.U [in sight of its undemocratic federal take-over ambitions] and signed the Masstricht Treaty [Stragely forgetting the currently much muted and lauded British Constitution] Then arliament voted to sign the Lisbon Treaty [despite the addition of the elements of the democratically rejected 'Constitution of the E.U' being rejected by 'Eurpean countries' & once again the British Constitution is nothing and nowhere relevant] added to these shenanigans of the unstoppable E.U jugganaught of the good and lawfull and righteous!

Now we have the same ignored and breached Constitution being used to hit British democratic integrity [and good sense] over the head - A Head that seems incapable of fighting the right battles with any of the real weapons at his disposal.

The parliament bill to prevent a no-deal leave from the E.U is in breach of the act of parliament to trigger article50 to leave the E.U [Lords report recommendations (4) under the established premise that the UK ‘could leave the E.U without payment of the divorce bill if a deal had not been achieved & 'could leave without a deal’ if a deal had not been achieved.

(4) The prior approval of both Houses of Parliament shall also be required in relation to any decision by the Prime Minister that the United Kingdom shall leave the European Union without an agreement as to the applicable terms."

The bill to stop a no-deal leave for the UK contradicts and binds the government’s ability to negotiate a deal and gives the E.U undue [an impossible to negotiate with] power to prevent the UK leaving the E.U and therefore breaches the act of parliament to trigger article 50 [and its intention] as voted for by a ‘majority’ of the commons.

The withdrawal agreement [mad] is still in hand as a developing solution for [a staged] Brexit! What is Brexit if the withdrawal mutant, son of the Remainer Chequers [of the nun witch's] Garbage prison for Britain will still be in place as our negotiating money seeps away?! - It should be a final solution as the first and one step to Brexit.

Boris say's he wants a deal but a deal Between Bitain and the E.U for an ongoing trade relationship would require more than removing the backstop. Iit would eliminate the need for a backstop and render the withdrawal agreement yesterdy's inadequate unambicious failed pile of recycling.

The House of Lords passed the bill to prevent the option of Britain [Boris] from using no-deal as a threat to the E.U and to continued unaltered trade - [Contradicting the act 'including a no-deal option' to trigger Article 50] - Confused or corrupt it is a flaw, un-used as of 06/09/19.

No-no-deal - No-Brexit has won the day in Parliament.

Parliament is betraying the referendum and sabotaging the Leave government.

‘Nip-it-in-the-bud’ has been lost to the ages of May and now Boris. The conservative remain MP’s have got through to today, un-dealt with by the party machinery.

Proroguing Parliament has proved to appear and has been successfully portrayed as an undemocratic move by Boris. [Ironic and sad that it is Parliament [majority] that is behaving undemocratically - referendum] My view is that proroguing parliament is removing a significant amount of rope that parliament is attempting to bind any Brexit by any means and as a bi-product are wrapping the rope around their necks. Blocking said self strangulation reduces the public’s visible additional cause to vote for a victimised, referendum honouring leave government.

Boris has gambled on good sense winning the day, failing to see the blind commitment to the E.U [on top of the reality of the commission and its take-over pirate ambition] and not realising that good sense is absent without logic by a majority of the house.

Boris [as I predicted is probably headed towards the same fate as May - Cornered by a simple belief and poor tactics. The only silver lining is that Parliament is destined to become the new Pompeii [in more ways than one] in 2023/4 Nigel ‘Vesuvius’ Farage will cover the house [if Brexit is still the main issue] commanding the voter swing. 03-09-19

Parliament is fighting to stop the referendum result. Regulations for referendums & Parliamentary integrity's should follow.

The parliamentary process is deeply corrupt / poorly regulated [with the absence of a written 'preface' to the british 'treaties' constitution] parliament talks / refers to a constitution when it suits them but whether there are copies even available [or studied by mp's as an obligation] in the palace of Westminster - there seems not. It seems as though the details of the british constitution is referred to in hushed tones as a mythical hidden power, only communed with by shaman's who sing around a camp fire under a red moon during a comets passing tail!
Without a constitution to be known and a need for parliament to follow / calibrate and limit parliament's freedom of power to govern, they are governing like a lord of the flies production by hammer house!
The rules around referendums are inadequate [and has led to this dishonourable farce.]
A decision to divorce has the mandate. Requiring a decision on what relationship will be after the divorce, before the separation [when one party does not want to be separated or divorced] is tantamount [literally] to preventing separation.
'No mandate!?' What a Crock...! Parliament the sides of the family..

Dominic Grieve [and others] are treading such a fine line between party loyalty and national loyalty that shouts of 'traitor' and 'treason' are well deserved. Their committment to ignoring the referendum and to keep Britain in the E.U look like a fevent madness.

Prediction: After Britain leaves the E.U on October 31 without 'a deal' the E.U will be faced with a principle choice 1. Start talking about a near aligned 'market' continuation subject to 'the money' and a continued annual UK contribution or 2. Take a hard line against Britain [absorbing the E.U losses while negotiating against a hard UK retaliation] with their sights fixed on a British Brexit recession [added to the looming global recession] to pull Britain back into a national reconsideration, referendum, a remain result and a full victory against Brexit, even if it takes 10 years.

The EU are getting ambitious about Brexit - Given the delays, division and the sign of more of a gamble than a decicive plan by Boris - The EU will look at a few years of hardship for the rep of Ireland as a worthwhile cost to defeat Brexit completely. The way they are looking at it, the harder the EU play, the mnore likely Boris will loose power and Brexit will start to look completely hopeless and impossible to the British public and the remainers will / may get away with ignoring and reversing Brexit unapposed or anothe referendum will turn thing back to remain.

Brexit will then only happen if Farage's Brexit Party is elected to power by a cross voter swing. Given the confusion, doubts and party loyalties, a Brexit Party government Looks an outside chance [and Farage is busy alienating Royalist supporter voters!?]  

New Conservative Leader & PM = Boris Johnson

Cabinet Leavers:             Cabinet Remainers:                  [A No no-deal leave]

Biggest Job of your Life and rather than coral your mind space for thought and focus you bring in your new pit-bull of a girlfriend to play with while she trains you for her agenda. Genius. Will he beat parliament, get us out-from-under and boogie on-to-a-deal1? Had to be Noted. 

New Brexit Strategy[?] = [Week 1/12] 

Announcements: Boris: B1 No more talks until the e.u drop the backstop. [Boris visited Merkel and a 30 day challenge for Boris to replace the backstop with an acceptable alternative was seised by Boris. Next day Boris visited Macron who's tough talk had to be mitigated by Merkal's [unintentional] challenge. Still Macron started with a pre-meeting speech a burbled about britain leaving and the importance of 'protecting' the single market. Boris talked of entante cordial and the many condorde's of joint venture's - Boris trumped the politics of the moment with Macron back-tracking and justifying his strong man views. Boris returned to Downing street with a strenghtened political standing in parliament, his successes and natural prowess thunderingly under reported. The 30 day challenge is unlikely to be welcomed by the E.U. Their eyes a hungry for retaining Northern Ireland in the Union and their primary focus will 'continue' to be on the Monie's.] 

Actions: B1 holding. Alternative to the backstop has been presented -  

The E.U are betting on parliament blocking a no-deal brexit and therefore have no desire or inclination to make a move. To the E.U Brexit is sorted for now between the withdrawal [clamp treaty] and no-brexit. Brexit will only start after a leave and the initiation of negotiations / actions. [Caviat: Maybe the E.U will, in the last week, offer to remove the 'backstop' or set a maximum period for it - The joke of this is that removing a {permanent}  backstop would be as much as disconectiing a set of handcuff's attached to a set of ankle cuff's. "Well done, great achievement English."] 

Agreeing to the withdrawal agreement [as it sits] will mean Britain gives up its commissioner position ‘its seat at the table’ and at all of the other tables throughout the haggling processes and lose its votes in the parliament chamber, while keeping the power of the ECJ over Britain and keeping to all of the E.U customs union rules.

The above [agreed by crooked Theresa] would leave Britain in a worse [fatal] position. Britain would be on the outside of the E.U but under indefinite controls of the E.U – whom having been paid, would be under no incentive to do a trade deal in Britain’s interest [#The E.U’s interest being British independent failure and re-joining as ‘a member state’ in time.]
While the backstop merely amounts to Northern Ireland falling into the single market boundary and therefore remaning in the E.U [an acquired – bonus insult] by default, [subject prior to a trade deal being concluded#] that is patently unnecessary with nearly off-the-shelf techno-product. People movement will be a more real problem to be managed.
The withdrawal agreement [any transition agreement] is unacceptable for [at least] the obliging remaining controls that would restrict Britain from taking steps forward for developing any independent trades.
Whether a transitional agreement is needed or would be beneficial to Britain progressing is doubtful. The phrase ‘putting a brake on’ comes to mind. It would probably be better for Britain to jump to a more rapid adjustment, [while a longer-term trade deal is being adjusted and agreed] to the losses of certain E.U exports with assistance and temporary subsidies [beyond the increase of the national market, after the duel uk/eu no-deal trade deal reductions] while adaptations and other markets are sought [with central international business assistance, during the time period.] Any failure to adapt or find new custom for existing or altered products or [services – which should be excluded from subsidies] should after the time period and effort having been expended, be finally exposed back to natural market forces and business evolutions.
General Election: [With a full Brexit party candidate run] = ?

23/6/16 Referendum Result: Leave - Theresa May [Remain Campaign] 13/7/16 - 24/7/19 Boris Johnson becomes PM [Leave Campaign]

Ursula Von Der Leyen said no individual country could deal with the situations around the globe. Not true unlike Germany and the nation they now call Europe - This is Great Britain's Current hand
[for dealing with the E.U]

Theresa May PM 13/7/16--24/7/19: What a Conservative Party Leader selection dumb mistake and a waste of time, That Was.


In this situation of Britain leaving the E.U with the E.U not wanting to be left and actively intending to do anything it can to prevent the U.K from Leaving [And planning and working to bring any leaving to a final failure and a return as a member state back, under full E.U control and financial contributiuon] Leaving with a deal is a non-starter. - Therefore, any MP demanding a deal before leaving are simply attempting to prevent Brexit.

Boris Johnson needs a plan to deal with parliament [Errant, underegulated & imperious to a constitution] to deliver Brexit [by avoiding a requirement to make a deal before any leaving date] that is making leaving a joke in the E.U and a mockery of an executive  government and parliament untimately.

Because Remain MP's will attempt 2 block Leaving it would could be right to seek a supreme court judgement - to clarify the law - to block Parliament's undemocratic treasonous conduct.

Paliament have voted to block the suspention of parliament between 9/10 - 18/12. [Such a suspention action would worsen the division in parliament and the remainer public causing more resistance/sabotage of a genuine letitimate Brexit] 

Gina Miller - style, it is about time that a PM used the courts to clarify [beyond the mendacity of political shenanigans] that Artical50 cannot be prevented by including an [undeliverable] condition or any condition [given that the extension clause has already been exercised] and has amounted to no movement [or intention of movement] by the E.U.

Brexit Key Point Results & current positions.. 13/7/16 Theresa May becomes PM [Remain Campaign]

Deal done! October 2017 - [What they conspired to?.. - Leaving meeting above - upon her request has been rejected by Parliament] Clearly not the faces that say working for Britain "The Country I Love!"

The Conservative party allowed a remainer to stand for leader and PM against the referendum result - A problem with problems to come.

So far under May's government - Out means Out in words but not a material 'Leave'

Parliament Remains Remainer dominant And Betraying democracy.

The Conservative party remains Mp remainer's unchallenge or threatened.

There is an absence of Key Brexit positions not being stated and therefore up for negotiation. This is part of the British delay that suits the E.U's deadline game.

May's unclear undecive stance on policies [i.e The U.K-E.U Border Policy, Trade Customs and Northern Ireland] is causing [by intent or not] not much of a Brexit and for that matter the constant questioning of the very referendum result. It either suits her nature, [to be on the fence and to put the decision upon the attendee and a deadline] and it may also suit her personal referendum position and to steer the pulblic debate back over to a priority upon economics, again.

There is an internal bureaucratic process at work to undermine Brexit.

Mark Carney and the voting board of the Bank of England are acting to sabotage Brexit long-term by adding to any period [reasonably expected] of depression brought about by Britain working back up to being an independent trading nation, to failing and falling back under the E.U model.

Theresa May, after flip flopping, like a fish out of water has finally landed on a possition regarding the Brexit deal [guided by a dominant remainer team of advisor aids] - 'Chequers.'

No one is happy with it. [Perhaps that is the point of it] 

Chequers does not deliver ''Brexit Meams Brexit.''

Parliamentary proceedings are allowing [with no sign of authority to disallow] for Members & the Lords to proceed while not respecting the democratic key action of the referendum result

And to proceed in what should amount to Treason by working around the government and Parliament with the outside government of the European Union to subvert the democratic referendum result and to keep the UK under European Union Control.

The Constitutional integrity / Crisis is often mention in relation to Brexit But Never Mentioned in relation to being ignored & breached by the UK joining the E.U, at the point of any treaty removing constitutional primary integrity. 

The House was never put in Order after the referendum result. 

Leaving is predictably proving to be getting a mad mother to release a hostage baby from her arms with social workers and medical advisors working in favour of the mad mother. 

Leaving with the money remaining safely in the bank - Would change the music in an instant.

Theresa May's Brexit should be concluded to 29 March 19 - Succeed or fail - Then and only then [if necessary] should the Tory's strike a new tack.   

There is absolutely no fight in Theresa May's Brexit. 

Labour say ''customs union and single market'' but do not say what they are willing to give up to get it.

Isabel Oakeshott:  “‏Is any deal, however lousy, better than no deal? That's what @LiamFox seems to think, claiming "a deal is better than no deal." Who'd pay £39b for vassalage?’’

Is Fact:

Brainless & Spineless and May's words of ''we are taking control of...'' ['we' are taking control of...under instruction from the E.U.'] The conservative constitution is flawed and Parliament is representing an electorate minority.

May's is being a Total Waste Of Time. It is a Conservative Embarrassment to have allowed a pro-eu-remainer to stand for the Leave Job. Whether the eu get their deal through parliament or not the eu will have to choke on their undemocratic skullduggery, most probably as they are dying.

May has flopped over totally for the E.U and totally abandoned British interests and a future that would work for Britain [as an imediate strategy] - A total sellout [Betrayal = Should amount to Treason.] 

This halfway house will work but the strings of the eu [and their devious fiscal intentions] will have to be addressed during and at the end of the transition. Fisheries will be a real sticking point. Unlike Northern Ireland that could just ramp up digital live manifest and random continuous spot checks at dispatch and arrivals. Financial services will need to be included to prevent the economy from dipping and prevent a bigger smile on that lanky old frogs face.

The far bigger problem will be eu citizens and immigrant / eu refugees flowing across the Irish - Northern Irish border and trying to enter England. [By design as with the south coast - and angry Iran deploying soldiers on missions?] - The 4 ribs etc etc are like teaspoons against a building flood. Recommend

There is also the problem of getting it through parliament and that the eu are still [hollow] being aggressive [GB's wimper yielding response making their aggression real because it is effective.]

May has presented Britain as cooperative Mr Nice Guy with 60-70 billion on their euro-star timetable. [Ridiculous and Dick Emery!]
Parliament is expected to decide on a very important matter - It should not have important information withheld from it. [National legal advice] 
Agreeing to the ‘E.U diplomatic work of art’ is putting Britain’s head into a crocodiles jaws with Theresa May & gang assuring you that the crocodile is not hungry. It is like agreeing to stand under a piano hanging from a string with open scissors held around the string by the renter of the piano, who says, the contract says no rental end, no return and no passport. It is like laying your neck under the sword of Damocles which is being held by Pier Von Caesar. Britain is currently under the charge of the Madder than Mad ostrich camel dancer daffodil traitor. Surprise? No Surprise!
There is No Such Thing as a no deal! Even if Britain Leaves 29/3/2019 without a deal [above WTO] That Is Not The End Of It. No good sence in British thinking across the nation. A deal would be easier [nai possible] to achieve if Britain were to leave first then hold their detached cards and negotiate. [Bizaar]
11 December 2018 ['Withdrawal agreement'] parliament voted = Postponed 15/1/19 = Lost by 230  
12 December - Leadership confidence challenge = 200 / 117 in confidence for [More May follow through] the remaier conflicting control fasciliating the E.U manipulation political opportunity. 

Remainer hopes persists in charge & majority. Nothing is Permanent.

Between the remainer's disregard for democracy, the assumed government of the E.U and Merkels recent call for member states to give up governing control of their 'countries' irrespective of democratic result or majority will, we can see democracy in Europe is in the final stages of a coup to overthrow democracy and kill regional self governing to eliminate any form of individual diversity and authority by the people of their unique regions. Last method tried by the NAZI visons.   

15/1/19 = Lost by 230 - Corbyn strikes = May wins by 19 [Corbyn could be accused of moving befor May was at her probable weakest.]

Parliament does not want to deliver Leave. 

Parliament remains remainer intending. The people voted Leave - The people were asked to reelect their remainer MP's in a general election [which they generally did without option.] A Labour government will not deliver Leave. -  

Parliamentarians does not want to consider WTO [to start] and Hold Back All of the Money to begin a renewed negotiation. 'Very Odd & Silly'.

Britain seems addicted to failure in doing the business like a blind person without a stick. [The backstop change focus is about to result in signing away Leave for years. Will be the same as a babe in arms held to the breast until the babe itself is able to cut the umbilical.

Theresa May's handling of Brexit can be summarized as an irregularly shaped snowball bowled through a crazy golf course.

Parliament is chasing its tail. If it catches hold of it the E.U will become less concerned about Brexit since Chequers.

Parliament voted [their intent] to avoid a no deal Brexit.

That means [if avoidable] that Britain will [try] to get:

1. ‘An E.U withdrawal agreement or

2. A delay to Article50 for the UK & E.U to agree a deal.

Either way Britain’s money will continue to the E.U after 29/3/19 reducing the 40billion by 10billion every year and with it Britain’s financial negotiating leverage, until Britain has no negotiating leverage.  

That is not rocket science. It is Hog tied, sheered and then gutted. The back stop is ‘’Look into my eyes, not at my hands, Look into my eyes, Not at my Hands.’’

Stupid English!

“Negotiate!£” – “Negotiate!&” – “Negotiate! [!!]”

''It is not an implementation period; there is nothing to implement.'' - Boris Johnson.

If we don't just Leave, we are going to get fucked over and fleeced.

Parliaments refusal to Leave 'without a deal' will amount to a refusal to Leave the E.U. [In an independent state out from controls over Britain beyond any Trade deal.]

May calls for unity - but - Not leaving seems to be the only option offered. The withdrawal agreement in any form is not leaving the E.U - An E.U permanent arrangement would be not leaving the E.U - A no deal outgoing appears to be being fought against by the majority of parliament - and any British 'trade' deal is still far down the list of negotiations [if it ever was backed] and so is a Brexit leader - Every angle looks like stay under E.U directives without appeal. MAD. - Apart from a slim hope of a no deal exit [ie Leaving the E.U] 

E.U dual Motive: With May / Parliament Holding Onto a withdrawal agreement / a Pre-Exit deal, The 'E.U' can see a way to a Corbyn government and an eventual second another referendum. May should just drop the withdrawal agreement and Exit. WTO Tech for N.I and migrantion checks at British mainlend borders. [Pull The Money]

The 'E.U' have / are stale-mate-ing May. Parliament will either cave = E.U have us fully penetrated or parliement will delay Brexit = [thereby not leaving] until parliament votes to be fully pentated by te E.U. The no deal leave WTO day one = Not much of an E.U fear.

The withdrawal agreement in any form is not leaving the E.U.

And is a failure on the key priciple of the referendum result, the atical50 deadline and May's 12 point list. 

Negotiation Master Course:

1. Parliament are about to vote to make a no deal Brexit not an option.

2. The £39billion divorce bill is [reported] to be intended to be paid regardless of Brexit type - Leaving the E.U inflexibility unaffected.

The E.U would much prefer a delay, it appears. [£.£!]

12 March another [second] vote on May's 'E.U' withdrawal agreement = No 391 - 242.

She is not going to let go. She talks of an orderly Brexit but offers up this E.U stalemate. No deal is being feared and rejected but it is the Leave and a new dawn... Go figure! 

The very question is a result that needs recording. Will they Vote themselves out of a negotiation. Great Britain gone Senile. = No to No deal [non-legally binding] 312-308

Why are MP's voting no, to no deal when no deal has already been passed into law, by these very MP's!??

14 March - No vote for a second referendum. 

The speaker of the house blocks May's Third vote on the "Deal" [E.U treaty agreement vice clamp headlock] =  

May has now [20/3/19] applied for a 3 month extension to Article50. May wants to continue pursuing the withdrawal agreement to be passed by parliament. The E.U have stated that the extension application will only be agreed to if parliament passes the withdrawal agreement. Never has a negotiation looked so confusing of sides.

The E.U are pushing [/gambling] for parliament to vote for their withdrawal agreement. Failing this they are most obviously going to agree a long extension and work on Brexit from other more fluid methods of neutralising Brexit, further.  

Holding the money back after the 29th would be the key to getting a speedy long-term arrangement. 

Theresa May Failed to deliver Brexit. Parliament [majority] is Opposed to Leaving the E.U [without a deal that is/would be with continued E.U controls.] when Leaving [& holding the money] would change everything for the advantage of Britain.   

The E.U are focused on 2 things in order: 1. The Money flow 2. British Brexit Failure. The E.U will [want] to move to a long extension. Britain should want out... It's not chess, it is only draughts.

MV4 is coming round [seems like its just going to keep coming] for the main question for Britain: Chin & Spine or E.U?! 

Indicative votes: ALL have received No votes. 

May has decided to end the dragging on of her middle ground attempt at Brexit by declaring an intention to request an extention to Article50 from 12/4 to 22/5. And seek an agreement with tha Labour party to get parliament to agree to some type of Brexit. [The Labour party want power. They are likely to feel cleared to attempt to bring a mire to May's government, be exempt from the final blame and edge further towards a general election.] May is an idiot. An idiot to have agreed to chequers and then to have presented the withdrawal agreement and now to be delaying leave in the hope of a Labour party rescue, not a kill blow.

Theresa May has applied for 30/6/19 The E.U [predicted] are looking at 12 months. [They want the money in first.]

Just to repeat: The E.U [& MrsM] are still 'Committed' to 'the' wthdrwal agreement clamp.  

Brexit is delayed [until Parliament either accepts the withdrawal agreement or or finds a pair or or a way to remove the remainers from parliament before the public have a Brexit Party choice] to 31 October 2019 or Gets rid of Theresa May in exchange for a Leave PM.

There seems to be a conflict between May's objective of pushing for MV3/4/5/NO OPTION. And The cabinet pushing her into the background as they now see a labour agreement as the best way to get parliament to agree to something. Only problem is that any variations will require Northern Island to be treated differently or keep the backstop as the solution. The E.U are likely to aim for the withdrawal agreement or a continued delay to keep the money flowing. The reluctance of leaving with no deal is being betted on by the E.U and they are going to take full advantage of Parliaments leave majority reluctance and blind fear.

Boris Johnson the Conservative big hope is far too desperate to get [the big job] to have a workable rational strategy to Bring about a genuine Brexit.
If he get the job he is almost [Certain] to go the same way as Theresa May.
[As any workable strategy would have started to recall remain conservative MP's and replace them with Leave candidates to give any Brexit PM the parliamentary power to leave without a [Trade] deal if the E.U are not forthcoming in time [to force the agenda] with a whole list of [white paper] moves to tack the good ship Great Britannia onto a market Control and trade independent [Trump style leverage] agenda.]
The possibility of another E.U MEP election is causing the forced early rise of the Brexit Party and once again [Nigel Ferage] is turning the political landscape.
The failure of May's Brexit method is bringing about a total cross party realignment as [rumour rumbles] every Leave MP is seeing the Brexit party as a sure thing.
The Brexit Party will be [thanks to this E.U election mess pressure strategy] more formed and a potent threat at the next general election than if it were to have tried to gather itself without this swirl of disdain of this Conservative Brexit and the growing revulsion towards Theresa May.
A silver lining Thanks to Theresa May.

First the governments less than half response to push for an end to the [DUP discrimination [Illegal] language] closed northern Irish assembly by not ending their salaries etc and now Penny Mordaunt's less than a half measure leverage intention against the E.U. You either go all out to get what you want because the others will. Penny Mordaunt's Cobra to the E.U Mongoose is Mongoose eats Cobra.

Coming-up: The European elections 23-26 May 2019. The Brext Party appear to be snowballing in size popularity. The odds are now that not only will The Brexit Party hold a majority of seats in the European assembly but [thanks to Theresa May's spectacular failure at delivering Brexit with a trade deal on the go] -

- Nigel Ferage may well turn out to be Prime Minister in 2022 and the Conservative Party will be left looking like an abandoned uncleaned fire grate. 

The Conservative party's fiscal management of British society [since New Labours national debt result & their 'non-market evolution' intervention of the Banking fiasco and aftermath] has given Labour the perfect storm to demolish the Conservative party at the election box [if they keep building against austerity and tax cuts for the highest earners / ongoing privilege for low coperate tax] coming up to the next general. The only eye of their storm is that the Labour party are on the wrong side of Brexit for their electorate. 

Could be that Farage gets to choose a coalition party. Given that austerity is a national killer and the Banks got away with robbery and are still swimming in bonuses and 'untouched' profits, Labour would be a perfect choice for No:11 [with veto] and of course the blame for risk taken by not vetoing [eg: A. No uniform efficiencies, controls & management prior to pumping more money into the NHS. B. Allowing foreign energy companies to continue ravaging Jo consumer and paying taxes away from the Treasury?! C. The cost [strategy?] of renationalising the railway's and then falling victim of more poor national management and the unions.] Labour would be the perfect pumpkin pinata for the job.

2 May Local elections: 
The public have spoken and they said remain 18% Liberal democrat and Brexit said "Traitors!" spoiled ballots - Green party and mostly stayed away - Until the E.U election.

Theresa May wore The Brexit Party colours on the day of the local election results, signifying that she has not been able to deliver Brexit and that she is now resigned to The electorate electing Nigel Farage and his Brexit party to government in the expectation that the next person / person with a clear unhindered mandate [or the next conservative leader that may re-strategize to Leave the E.U without compromise 'Like a Trident Launch' and then negotiate a trade deal] and deliver "Whatever" Brexit.

Meaningful vote [E.U withdrawal agreement] attempt no:4? = [Seems dead but probably in a Theresa May style coma] Dead, probably.

Consevative-Labour talks to unify parliament enough to accept the withdrawal agreement [adjustment subject to E.U approval] Or a another way out of the E.U while remaining in all of the member benefits uninterupted and having something to politically justy having 'Left the E.U'. [The whole thing is a nonsense and would amount to Leaving In Name Only.] Ended by Labour. May then tried to re-present the wuithdrawal agreement with most of the Labour demands Only for it to be rejected outright by almost all. 

The consrvative party are trying to reload their early shot bolt - to change the rule about a year before another no confidence vote. There seems to be hesitation by all comers to challenge her  directly and risk a leadership election, in this time of a Brexit mandate and a Remain majority conservative party. Will May ever Resign? She seems to have a vicerage sense of entitlement and stuborn righeousness. Added to her unquestionable intelectual limitation and her feeling of support by the E.U for their withdrawal agreement. A Truly Bad Egg of a Naive British Traitor.  

It would not have seemed so difficult if the Brexit government had not had such an incredibly WEAK Attitude and had been surgically Organized. 

The blame for Not leaving can only be put on PM Theresa May's failure to head for the 'Exit' door.

Theresa May announced her resignation 7 June 2019.

23-26 May 2019 E.U elections: = Brexit party 31.6% 29 seats - 11.6% win over 2nd place party with a turnout of 37%. Bollox to Brexit 20%

It is easy to underestimate how well the Brexit party have done.

With 37% turnout for an election that was not meant to happen and largely a pointless exercise and a temporary rant goodbye opportunity at best the 37% voted leave again.

The other parties referred to as remmain at 40% hides the fact that many people voted on party lines and the green party benefited from Gretta Thunberg and Extinction Rebellion's protest / media success pushing climate change up the agenda and motivating a big gain for the greens, who were also for ramain but not the clear minority vote of 'Bollox to Brexit' 20%.

The implication is that in a general election or referendum where the electorate are still left unhappy with 'brexit' the Brexit voter sway will be clearer and reduce further party line voting. Also even if Brexit is fully delivered the Brexit party will be left sitting on the prime reform land vote, that it is also nurturing.

National independent management will be the next big issue

The E.U election has resulted in soft Brexit Tory candadates to be untennable - stammerring and political foot shooting is the weekly show.

Remainer political annalysis is that all of the green votes are remain certain repeat and leave Labour voters that are holding on won't Brexit party in the General. Also a general election is much more voter inducing than Euro-vission-crap that was not even meant to occur.

First Brexit party parliament chance: By-Election [Peterborough] = Labour party - 48% turn out - Brexit lost by 3% 683 votes. 

The penny dropping preview of the remainer parliament's growing hesitation in the face of British democratic results, swinging round to bite them on the ass. "Important vote in the Commons. Those who want to overturn the referendum lost. Parliament showed some wish to understand the mood of the country." - John Redwood 12 Juune 2019.


It is strange and annoying that this conservative party leader election is so slow and drawn out. It seems pointless to have it televised and debated, given that it is a party election, where the public have no vote or say.
It all amounts to 4 weeks less in the pre-leave Brexit job.
And that job is Leaving the E.U [Getting parliament to Leave] - Yet the debate is gripped by ['a deal' to allow Brexit] or not and if 'a deal' amounts to remaining in the E.U[?] / Under E.U controls[?]

That Hammond was in there at all after the referendum, should be a scandal for the conservative party and the missing reactive reform is the reason why the Tory government failed [could fail again] and why parliament is insolent and gone, going rogue. 'a pre-leaving deal' should not stop the Leave. Or parliament will become 390 Brexit Party.

Tory leadership election - Last Two:

Jeremy Hunt - Voted remain [There4 belived in the E.U future & that it was not a dire future4 European countries] Amenable negotiator willing to delay to get the deal, believing the E.U want a deal.


Boris Johnson - A Leave Captain, a Euro critic, But who voted for the 'withdrawal agreement' - The mind boggles as to his clarity of reasoning and his personal desired intensions. Does he see the commission as a pirate take-over grounp backed by Germany? As the flipside of Blizgreig Or a collaboration of Nation States to cooperate in the creation of a union to create a Europe? for Europe?

Parliament [Tory] has mostly come to terms with 'a no-deal leave' as unstoppable from a reelection point of fact, [if the E.U don't parle onto a trade deal] Thanks to Nigel Farage and his new corporate style party set up. Labour are becoming ripe for a reformation: Leave or Remain? [Democracy or Blairite dregs] Lib Dems: Another referendum, Remain fantasy [Tim Nice but Dim on all balances]

The current [1/7/19] estimated voter sway is [i believe]: Leave 68%, Party loyalties 10%, Remain 22%    

If the only way to get the refernum result delivered is to replace elected MP's with non-refusniks then there is something wrong with democratic attitudes and regulations for Parliament.     

[The leave Tory government option Boris Johnson - Successfull leadership launch in big style with whistles and cannons - Suggests a finnacial re-negotiatuion and with this attitude change, probably more leverages.]    

[Without the remainer conservative MP's routed and replaced with Leave elected MP's, Parliament will remain a remain No-Brexit / No No-Deal house.]

Parliament coalition Brexit compromise [withdrawal treaty E.U choice] Brexit does not mean Leave = Unlikely - Now the new PM should/may attack parliament, drop any withdrawal agreement & Halloween the E.U with the choice between a trade deal or a Trade War.

Brexit: 29 Mach 2019 Exited = No - Delayed 12/4 or 22/5 or beyond 31 October 2019 - [the end of the divorce bill agreement being paid!]

Osbourne started it by turning on national services and welfare to reduce new-labour debt rather than the banks error and salvage cost with no fair return, Hammond then picked up Osbie's baton with Reaper zeal. Still Euro Remainer Strong and in Position..

WTO or Trade Deal = A divorce period arranged and offered only for £39billion. - 

Independent Soveriegn Nation = No 

[31 December 2020 Transition Ends]

Brexit: 31 December 2020 Trade Deal = ? 

UK Fishing Region Controls = ?

New Border controls & resources in place = ?

Brexit Divorce bill = Agreed. 29/5/19 = £40 billion sterling + ongoing yearly Transition extention..? + Hidden adjustments est currently £10billion more

29 March 2019 British - U.K - E.U Trade deal = ?

29/3/19 - 31/12/2020 Transition Deal = Agreed - Subject to a trade deal 29/3/19 - to transition into. [No longer applicable!]

New British Border Controls = ?

Britain Exited the European Union = ?

Brexit Divorce Achieved = ?

Annual Trading member fee = ?

Independent and trading or not = ?

Brexit Conclusion: 

Divorece Results:


1. Brexit Fee / Divorce Bill = March 2018 - end? Total = £37.1 billion [Subject to an agreed trade deal after 29/3/2019 ] The E.U have negotiated this away. Hidden adjustments est currently £10 billion more.

The Treasury has stated that the predicted agreed divorce bill is likely to be eceeded by government changes to economic performance predictions and by the E.U insisting on continued contributions to various ongoing previous comitments that may also include increases of amounts and duraions. 

[Looking like £40 billion total sterling to January 2021? [plus any special contributions] Agreed, Subject to a Brexit deal.

1a. A Deal: 

[Currently only a withdrawal agreement - Acepting rules plus paying the money and accepting a 'backstop' for Northern Ireland.]  

No Deal will be forthecoming [without levers applied] - E.U have no desire to move in U.K interest - E.U Objective Maintain [increase] control, Maintain money flow, Resestablish full membership destiny. 

2. Transitional Deal arrangement £ = [Withdrawal agreement] 'As it is' Agreed. For the most part the transition arrangement keeps the U.K in the same regulatory and functioning position as a member state [excluding free movement] and without a representative voice within the E.U body. [Ends 31 December 2020?]

'The Transition Deal' is now rumoured to be put as a permanent in place relationship - This would mean Britain remaining under the restrictions, controls and complient expectations of the E.U. 

[The Transition agreement included continued movement and rights for E.U citizens. So far the E.U has granted 1 million new citizenships for people from North Africa and other Eastern origins - The E.U are playng a short game, a medium term-change game and a long-term game.]

[plus any special contributions + NATO] Sounds like continued ECJ 'regulations' for E.U citizens{?} over British courts. And Customs union? = ?] 

3. Annual Weekly U.K money to the EU post full-brexit = £?

The E.U is fast coming under pressure from other angry and rebellious states [both angry at control regulations, lending and spending regulations and imigration policy regulation - The back is breaking and there are enough rebel freedom fighting states to create a second block. [if Germany does not change the commission's position of authority in the E.U and change the crushing treaty controls into a more free but agreeing trade union the E.U will [as we have it today] will die. - Key will be the suspension of money to the E.U. And of cause the writing off of the debts owed to Germany. Oh what fun. 

3a. Annual ongoing Special financial contrubutions 2021- = £?   

4. E.U Citazens - U.K residents: European Court of Justice = Through Transition to 31/12/2020.

[Looking secure for E.U for 6 years]?

[Britain rejects the idea of ECJ over British courts. - E.U rejects Britain's position] 

4a. E.U member states unacceptable to Britain = ?

4b. E.U member states expansion excluded by Britain = ?

4c. British border Policy: ?

This key Redline has absolutely no lines of detail set! Or application detail mentioned.

5. Irish / Northern Ireland border = Exhisting Open border - Unchanged.

[At the Mansion House Speech 2 March 2018 PM Theresa May listed the basis of a mutual ailignment arrangement of regulation for goods - ‘The UK may choose to remain "in step" with EU regulations.’ & "it should achieve the same outcomes"] [The E.U refer to a 'backstop' position.] Seems Probable. -- May did not put her Red lines into a process of application / action.

[Britain will need an open border administrated by Northern Ireland / E.U Ireland for Customs.] [Imigration Control at arrival points on mainland Britain for Northern Ireland / Ireland residents & British Regulated E.U movement. - [E.U ''Unsatisfactory border arrangement''] [Ireland both republic & Northern are rightfully refusing any border]

5a. Northern Ireland - U.K - E.U Trade & Regulations = [Backstop] ?

5b. Northern Ireland Independent {Britain} or not = ?

[There is a lot of media manipulation of British public perception stemming primarily from the E.U but with cooperation by the U.K government and majority British media. - a clear example of continued alignment.] 

6. Freedom of Movement of E.U people = ?

[There will be open borders for full E.U migration with residency rights during and to the end of the transition period.?] Agreed [No mention of employment requirement going forward.] [No mention of imigrant quota's.]

New E.U Rule 31/5/2018 ending free movement of people'that undermines local employment, wages and reducing local work opportunity has been ended by the new rule that gives member states [or those Under E.U regulation] the freedom to Apply Border Controls.  

7. British Regulated Movement of E.U people = ?

8. Current E.U nationals residing in the U.K = Ongoing residents permission unchanged.

9. British rights for E.U / European nationals for the unemployed = ?

[No mention of unemployment burdens or available british workers chronically attached and retired [or moonlighting] without response or adaptation or time return for Britain and the tax payer. [Government inaction]

10. NHS free access for E.U residents in Britain = Granted unchanged / E.U nationals = ? / E.U migrants = ?

11. NHS free access for non U.K residents = ? / foreign migrants = ? / health tourists = ? 

[Currently free access - No government policy or NHS controls in place]

12. U.K Fishing Boundary 0 - 200 miles = ?

[There is an internal bureaucratic process at work to undermine Brexit. The FCO recently advised Boris Johnson that on foreign policy grounds, fishing liciences [for the Falkland seas] should be awarded to foreign fishing companies. Advise that Mr Johnson aparently accepted and confirmed the issue of the licenses.]

[Only the exhisting coastline to 12 mile boundary has been confirmed - No other guarantees or pledge is made regarding British Fishery water interest.]

13. British Regulations for foreign fishing in U.K water = ?

[At the Mansion House speech 2 March 2018 PM Theresa May stated ''Taking control of UK Fishery Region'' & mentioned ''A Fairer deal for UK fishermen based on reciprocal access to waters and shared stocks management.' - The details of such a deal would be critical to what is 'Fair for UK fishermen.' An unchanged physical arrangement should be unacceptable. An identical number of boats accessing over fishing borders would be fair, outside of breeding and nursery locations and times. Also a 2-4 year secession of foreign fishing in British water should benefit UK fish stock and establish a change that would create acceptance and respect. This Would Need to be policed with an effective vehicle guard and a policy of confiscation of catch and craft, in the event of a breach.]    

[A report that Britain would/is in agreement with Danish access for fishing use of U.K waters {from 12-200miles} for and on behalf of E.U fish market & for continued export to Britain!]

It looks as though Theresa May hold little value for British fishing controls. May sees the E.U interest but is not using this as leverage but simply has intent to hand continued access over in good will for some coppoeration. [!!]

13b. Fisherries and coastal Protection Force = ?

[Current purpose resides upon the Royal Navy - Actual activity random breach risks = Minimum.

[There will be {if British control is gained and intended} a need for an effective specialish fishery police force. Also a significant upgrade to coastal borders south coast capability - if an effective defence and deterant is intended.]

14. Customs Union = ? 

[No Commitment to leaving the controls of the customs union relating to being able to act outside of the E.U customs union. Therefore currently 04/18 there is Still no actual committment to honour the referendum, democracy or "Brexit means Brexit!" ]

Parliament Remains Remainer dominant.

[Out. But ‘A new system will be brought in to allow "the same regulatory outcomes over time"]

15. Freedom of movement of goods = ?

[Intending to remain "in step" with EU regulations.]

16. Freedom of moveent of capital = ?

16b. Freedom of Business Tax registration locations = ? 

17. Freedom of movement [& Function] of services = ? 

17b. Any Added Tax burdens = ?

18. European Court of Human Rights = ?

19. British Human Rights Bill/Charter = ?

20. EU Directives = ?

21. Ongoing EU Trade Directives = ?

22. Exhisting E.U trade directive Britsh opt-out for domestic market = ?

22b. British Regulations divergent right for international trade = ?

23. E.U Defence Force = ?

[The U.K opposes an E.U 'dedicated' military force & the E.U duplicating NATO] {But has no position to prevent an E.U military {apart from NATO / Armistace Restrictions still on Germany} - Further weakened by the U.K committment to the E.U armed agendas, financing and NATO adding to the E.U Russian build up and E.U to Russian tensions.} 

24. NATO Membership = ?

[Currently no change considered] [Currently No divergence with regard to NATO objective Or Analysis.]

24a. British position on E.U economic activity in the Ukraine against Russian border & economic land / region control issue = ? 

24b. British possition {and involvement?} of intention & build up and Expansion 'by the E.U' to a Russian responce to the E.U resulting in a predictable counter invasion and a WAR {including the U.K?} = ?

British NATO Annual cost = ?

25. British border policy controls / changes = ?

26. British agreement regarding quota of E.U refugee/migrants = ? 

27. Coast Guard Capability = ?

[Currently equipment was 'some' Rigid inflatables - borrowing of a number of 6 short-term patrol boats {20-30m} were due 2017 + 3 new bae long-term patrol ships {80-90m} deivery starts 2018. - Planning for particular equipment for the expected predictable needs of both multiple small migrant floatillas response & rescue and fish zone protection Appropriate Eqipment needs are not in place or intended currently - 'Border Force' added 4x20 meter rigid inflatables with steel cabin, powered by inboard jets - Total veicle hardware is now approx 20 units] 

28. Foreign Prisoners future policy - in U.K jails {cuuently 14,000} = ?

[No mention of prisoner repatriation or full deportation {with biometric / tech records or border check point coordinations}]

28a. Islamist Prisoners & U.K revocation of citizanship & repultion / dportation = ?

29. Future status of Irish & other Traveler U.K residency / occupancy / presence = ?

29a. Anti-Social Control Laws and acceptable tax conduct for Traveler community behavior improvements & civil integration policy = ?

An Alternative Reality Leave &..

T1000 Farage to the Rescue

Premise: The E.U [Under ‘The Commission’] is a Dominating pernicious Empire expanding with a Commerce interest at its core. Many E.U member states are unhappy with the E.U and are resisting E.U directives & methods and unhappiness is increasing and more member states are joining the voices of dissatisfaction. The E.U [Under the Commission] is on a course of failure and Commissioner flight and extinction. Prior to member states, restructuring and replacing The Commissioners.

Addition: ‘The Commission’ is on a blinkered course expanding towards War with Russia.

23 June 2016 Britain voted to Leave The E.U. ..

[According to Artical50 the official British exit is 29 March 2019. However an extension {Transition period} takes the British exit to 31December 2020]

Negotiation to realign a Trade relationship between Britain and The E.U is hobbled by the [Primary EU objective of control and expansion] Objective. This is the E.U’s objective over and under Brexit.

An Alternative British route to realign its relationship with The E.U:

1. Drop any withdrawal agreements. Sign no pre-trade deal treatries. Ignore Article50. 

2. Cancel the money. The weekly contribution. The divorce bill.

3. Put NATO under review.

4. Establish an immigration border team / police force in the centre tunnel at the French end.

5. Make a warning speech at the U.N of the error of the structure ‘proposal’ of the ‘Commission’ & outlining the injustices against Russia [1991-1999] and the E.U’s additional foolhardy erroneous behavior since.

6. Meet with Russia to show and pledge support for the correction of the injustices and to pledge alignment with containing a) The E.U’s expansion. b) Against Britain's support of the military threats to Russia, in Poland. c) The growing threats of the E.U’s open society [model c1985-]

7. Offer the E.U continued trade alignments going forward. [If accepted & established 10. Is optional]

8. Submit a bill to end freedom of corporate tax location and to oblige tax payment to the British treasury from profit made in Britain from the British market.

9. Establish a policy to create energy independence.

10. Cap energy prices – Obligate infrastructure costs – create a SuperTax for energy companies at 99%. Crash share prices to junk status – scrutinize and arrest evasion – Acquire foreign owned assets. – [Under way, 7. Will be looking preferable.]

11. Tax all German and French cars not built in Britain at 300^– Tax French imports at 300%.

12. Prepare to [similar 10.] To 'Re-Acquire' German owned British car marks.

13. Offer other member states a standard individual aligned trade agreement.   

14. Capture encroaching fishing vessels and lease them to British fishermen/companies.

15. Switch to a National buy British, Sell British, Train British, National Attitude.

16. Invest in British developments

17. Bring more efficiency into Britain: Introduce after school clubs

18. Re-introduce National Service [3-months]

19. Introduce limits to the NHS [exclude non-medically needed services – exclude voluntary misadventure {no drunken night service} – Withhold service for obesity related chronic conditions {in addition to alcoholism and ongoing smoking conditions}

20. Introduce a discretionary / preventative repeat use & misuse free attitude fee to see a GP.

21. ER to reject non-emergency visits.

22. Form an alternative trading union with E.U member Rebels and break Away States.

23. Destroy the 'Commission' [appoint commissioners answerable and sackable by each member state.] and see the formation of a union by agreement and control by member states.