'Global Foreign Government Aid' - a General Summary:

Boris Johnson in the heart of Nigeria - Perpetuating a Disgusting Corruption.

The head, Soul & fingers of Nigeria

It is a Nice & Good idea - The 'Situation' is Terrible - But We/He should know that Good Luck & his Cronies & Line have been paid lots of Arabian Cash not to take 'any action' against BokoHaram. BRITISH Money and forces are wasting their time and our money on training that will not be used against the Nigerian Islamic controlled area and may be the new capability will get misapplied or go on to create an errant group to attempt a power grab.
While the humanitarian aid is altruistic and generous towards a genuine need, one [& the tax payer] should remember that Nigeria is a Huge Oil exporter and has Immense wealth at its fingertips. So much oil and money that because its primary client only wants the oil, The Gas part of its field 1 is / was burned ['Flared'] off into the atmosphere rather than channel it for further sale or use for generating electricity for the people of Nigeria. Cash does the talking apparently and any unnecessary planning & investment is irrelevant.
It is estimated [World Bank] that $300-400 billion has been stolen by corrupt government personnel. A recent report concluded that from 2009-11 $10.5 billion of oil value was stolen or [leaked off]. A Police chief was found to have stolen $52 million from the police budget. He was convicted on a lesser charge, went briefly to prison and now...?
Meanwhile Britain feeds Nigeria's hungry babies in the Valley of Massive wealth and gas/oil reserves and Sales are booming with over a dozen oil companies working & moving on the other Delta reserves. It is estimated by the World Bank that only 1% of aid gets through to the people on the ground. Given that the police chief just personally banked the police budget, ordinary policemen are left with an increased need for theft & extortion from where ever money is placed. Not to forget the government people, local, agency management and the bank persons receiving in the trickle.
British tax payers money makes Nigerian's and others with good jobs richer, endangers people from where the money arrives throughout. Brings misery, danger, fuels greed for access at any cost and excuses the government from pressure to distribute government wealth internally Or face up to world pressure to do something about the more visible plight of the neglect of socio economic society, rather than be dipicted as poor impoverished and famine plagued victim countries, deserving of sympathy and aid.
If just 20% was spent on British backed government pressure groups reporting via the World Bank, the U.N and the media with an annual report of effect and international petrolatum companies were to bring conditions of payment distribution.
Or The U.N Military peace keeping and humanitarian aid force would secure the fields for extraction, for wealth protection and on the ground investment into education, training & health systems to grow a People Economy And a government conduct arrangements and management college with a life route to retirement villa communities,
This aid waste [Which is itself a Disgusting Corruption] would No Longer be a Farce, a waste of British Tax, a danger to many people, a feed to avarice, greed & corruption for 1% [''World Bank''] effectiveness.

Nigeria pays 24,000 'ghost staff': Audit finds government workers were paid but had no job while Britain hands over £225m in aid


The Scandal of Collective Human Depravity.