The power of submissive economics

[Comments on government philosophy in action of power & predictable outcomes & hypothetical worst case scenario’s]


Where did the founding fathers of the modern economic free trading movement say, infer or intend for an economic centre to cease to protect a regional production base and interests & give up its core national service industries to international free capital market forces & to hand over fundamental national services to corporate profiteers without safe restriction, on top of the absence of secure regulation?

Where did it say that you could trust in, fair business practice and the altruism of corporate behaviour? Where on planet earth do Nation States make deals that are intended to benefit the people of a poorer nation state? Where in business or trading is there an absence of focusing on profit and serving profit by squeezing prices lower, wages lower & taxes lower, irrespective of whether taxes are fair or too low & silly unfair? Why is key tax law missing from the complexity of taxible details? Why are the regional corporate tax loop holes & personal tax vehicle loop holes with national banking centres, allowed to exist? And when tax avoidence becomes a visible issue the action [if any beyond the voice of moral outrage] is just more law for another loop. It is just too silly not to be corruption. [Even if the intension was to tax, the solution chosen is always another loop,]

Where, in this set up of national and personal trading, profit, tax avoidance behaviour, does free market mean balance and just reciprocal service to the people of any market? And that opening up and handing over ‘a market’ to corporate venture would turn out fine?

What we have today is a quiet depletion of every market region moving in waves slowly across the planet and rippling in all directions, absorbing market value before changes bring about, waves in the direction of changes and then new ripples absorbing the movements of free market forces of opportunity, to continue absorbing from the market. Like a fungus feeding and moving on and then returning after re-growth occurs once again, to the depleted ground, to absorb again. This is the free trading market in force.

The movement of global free trading is now almost as great a threat to humanity as is the probable effects of global warming, will become to the well being of human life on earth..

For an economic model to have some permanent stability it needs to be capable of Neutral Growth Sustainability. - Tomorrows Taxation

The Bilderbergosaurus is now a nation state in its own power but without any allegiance, care or responsibility to a people other than as a resource for the action of generating profit and acquiring profitability. Now with the emergence of the Chinese, the old money of corporate exclusivity faces a competitor in all things with even less of an accountable face and with greater guile and darker intent. The Bilderbergosaurus is about to be eaten by the new Rex emerging in the East. This confrontation bodes badly for the working market populous because within the conflict of corporate maneuvers, any trace of forced altruism and nation state loyalty & responsibility will vanish under manipulations of national preservation to protect regions of interest between these two global super powers.

The Rex unlike the Bilderbergosaurus has an ambition beyond profit and by both winning out over the Bilderbergosaurus and implementing its wider ambition will serve the purpose of human survival. The Bilderbergosaurus seeing this will add the example as a self preservation investment and immediately ally to the Rex, should the Rex agree. 

All’s well that ends well. But this brings me back to the plight and future of Her Majesty’s Ark, or should that be ark?

Successive British governments since 1980 have put their faith in free market economics. While this was and is good, as it modernises, speeds up productivity and feeds back into the most important service free market economics provided that of an increase in the Quality of life for its people. [of a region] Those same intentions got carried away under the glow of the initial success of the production of market driven evolution. The corporate wealth generators said see our skill and philosophy is right, now stop holding us back and let us do more. And hey presto the genie was out of the lamp and off on their wind of change.  

As Britain heads towards the 40th years of trusting genie, the trust and Britain’s belief in fair play under a modern wider shared desire for peace and prosperity has lead us to and we find ourselves in a quagmire of loss of controls throughout and under ungenerous intent to deplete and to gain subjugated profit and service from this isle.    

If Britain does not gain back its independence [given away in breach of its constitutional law] and carries on allowing and tolerating key services in international hands without ‘beneficial’ price controls or control of the vast expense of a HIGHLY INNEFFICIENT NHS and lay down a growing trend of a health culture with trade skills, the British & Britain [as we know it - for the young enterring the merry-go-round] will become little more than a ravaged and impoverished former centre of lofty inclusive thinking, under a memory of an ideal of a future, certain by the goodness of the intent of mutual peoples, of a wider greater nation.

Those that can will emigrate as the waves of people flock out of France to the legend of a dying social policy, to a callapsing market with a gutted infrastructure, a gutted industrial ability, essential key rising prices, a growing unnatractive employment zone, civil unrest, the E.U turning any screws left in their hands, Britain will probably only be left with some of its die hard British productive banking skill, that will be the last and perhaps the only remnant of Britishness.

The E.U will plough money [after absorbtion] into a shrinking welfare state, for as many peoples of the 'modern' Europe can place here, on their Island new community project, as possible.