The Problems within:

Politicians = result politics = government = societies destiny = humanities direction



We all live on a massively small ship of a yellow greying submarine..

Imagine if you will –

[’a fifth dimension beyond that which is known to man. It is a dimension as vast as space and as timeless as infinity. It is the middle ground between light and shadow, between science and superstition, and it lies between the pit of man's fears and the summit of his knowledge. This is the dimension of imagination. It is an area which we call the Political Twilight Zone.’]

– The ship-sub is heading true west {geographic} at the helm is the helmsman behind him/her is the bridge crew on duty. Command, 1St Officer, ship operations officer, engineering report station, helm, helm tactical, task operations officer, task operations tactical, geo physics officer, astrometrics station & tactical.

The ship operations officer oversees teams covering ship function, crew & compliment management & wellbeing, security, key role planning, logistics, adaptive solution team, ~improvement & evolution team, accountability and resolution team.

For many miles things went quite well. The ship-sub traversed its course and completed its tasks as encountered & directed with efficient professionalism. Occasionally on a regular basis problems & issues appeared that were diligently dealt with by the varied skilled teams in place [under a hierarchical command & training system] under the long-term selected & development {adaptive evolutionary} system in place. The systems had worked well for millennia and had evolved and adapted to keep the whole crew content, satisfied & happy with their lives on the ship-sub, throughout their years of individual existence.

Their lives were spent included & involved in ship activities and through their years, they moved around, changed occupations and could head in any operation direction that they chose [subject to aptitude, training success & time] For the most part the crew were happy and successful on the ship & off whenever they wanted* to be away [after adulthood & a {*period} of service for growth & training, *if they wanted to return.]  

There are individuals who showed a particular aptitude for certain skills and if they chose to pursue a commitment towards the use of those inherent able skills, they could be placed in the professional service area to benefit the ship-sub & the people on it. Some of those with a particular aptitude became so expert and adept that records were set at an undeniably high level. The system was working & things were going well.

But there was a minority of crew that were not happy with working their way up through the professions slowly and effectively. They wanted something else. They wanted things to change, to speed up, arriving at a professional destination tomorrow, not after years of experience and maturity. They wanted to have the job they wanted soon and devised ways to make it happen & work for them.

They coerced allies in command positions to convince them for ideological change, for the benefit, using bribery & coercion to ^create^ & agree to changes. Where a senior resistance was encountered, a replacement was found [after a sudden untimely death/.]

And so after a short time of campaigning on high with the obstacles overcome, the junior venture party called for democracy to be introduced to eliminate the inequity & the oppression of the youth power of today.   

"No longer do you have to wait. No longer will you need to serve in areas of oppression. No longer will you wonder what is going on. Why you must wait where you are. Who is making the decisions and if they are right or good. Why those decisions have lead to you to be waiting unnecessarily. You can overcome the oppression & make the decisions that they use to affect us all. Vote for me & You can vote for the decisions. You too could stand for election and be part of forming the decisions to be voted on. Vote for me to make a new future possible, A Future For Us!."

Youth A became Captain and all of the proven systems in place [That youth A had not learned or understood about & their stabilising and proved success rate and reliability] came under review.

Youth A had talent & skill but it was not a skill based on a philosophy honed with learning and seasoned with experience and set in a background of natural maturity.  

The coming years of command would contain the very opposites and erosion of the proven systems and lacking’s youth A possessed. Youth A placed his allies in command positions. He allowed a relaxing of training requirements & allowed experience gained by direct service & rapid promotion. Problems and issues were explained & the solutions found were no longer required to meet previous standards. A larger number of command posts were created and [with some functions ~dissolved] filled with allies & the elected. Debates were introduced to discuss ideas and find solutions. Elections for the many command posts were held regularly and debates became a full time activity. Retirements from posts were frequent & many.

By clever use of the electoral system, {and by using allies from the ideology, some bribery & coercion} youth A remained Captain until his death from old age.

The ship-sub carried on with the new system [All and any voice of opposition being dead and long gone] with the knowledge of the old system, gathering dust in the library of things not reviewed or taught. The sub-ship was different. It was listing and its colour was now grey rusty. It was not as efficient but there was no memory of the previous efficiency and along with the lost memory of the yellow colour the crew accepted without question [as though Normal] the rust, the chaotic order and the inclination to the listing variations of functions.


The lesson in the above story is that while democracy has a valid & useful place in the function of a society, it {the inexperienced, the youth & the ignorant} should not be allowed [like Ai] to take charge, of the whole of society for all of the functions of a society. The knowledge of experience and wisdom that is not part of [or wants] to be competitive in the ‘grasp of power’ becomes and remains alienated at great cost to the young & the inexperienced ignorance of democratic leadership, of a society & therefore of societies functions & Outcome.  

List of erroneous issues:

1. Politicians are a specific group of people with a liking and skill at politics.

2. The vast majority of Politicians have no other skill and are the worst choice group to be in government. [Would you want Vince the chisel or Vicky the teen mop to take command of the Enterprise from Piccard for 5 years or loose control to V’s friends indefinitely? Or youth A or aptitude B or experience C or ideal D-Z? Well you have. It happened many forgotten & lost Constitutions ago, ago, before the ship was even seen as a ship.]

3. Inequity is old and well protected and served by politicians under democracy.

4. Natural evolution is the enemy of civil power. It requires improvements based on observation of fault, adaptation & Changes that are usually directly against Youth A’s changes.  

5. The vast debate [elected democratic size] & the short term system of power, is designed to ensure success for all parties in power, previously in power, vying for power & the available wealth & the availability of wealth.

6. The working week in which we live in a near poverty state, enslaved under & our wellbeing [to the human ‘invention of economy’] is sold to us as our western values and freedom.

7. Youth A is in control and is in a debate about the effects of years of neglect and mismanagement on the ship-sub. Some say there is nothing wrong. Some say we can correct the list without much more tax but we will have to pay. Some say we must work fast otherwise the ship will be lost. Some say nothing can be done. [One thing that is true is that the excluded knowledge of experience and wisdom is not leading the debate or the decisions to steer the ship to safety.]

8. Denial is in charge. [Belief in a solution from evidence without qualified scrutiny.]

9. The direction is political, tax & business orientated and the media are helping drive the popular agenda towards the political solution [Ignoring the Glaringly clear contradiction of basic physics.]

10. The current energy of human direction is wasted, as the fossil fuels will all be burned, in time. There is Absolutely No Chance of Stopping Global Warming & the 2C target which is likely to flatline at 5-6C. Even an immediate total end to all emissions tomorrow would not stop the cycle totally and the methane volcan cascade is fully under way. 

With humans wholly un-invested, misdirected & unprepared with preventative, ready or coping strategies.

11. The Democracy of the ‘masses’ is to blame.

Do idealists serve you better?

Civil gutting & under use has been achieved. The NHS Management is now eating our pie.

Quality Of Life

Quality Of Life On Earth..