NATO & the E.U Military Force

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Was set up to deter Stalin's Russia from getting more trecherous and Greedy than the [agreed and then betrayed] withdrawal to the western Polish border, leaving Germany undivided.

FDR had negotiated long and hard with Stalin to forge a cohesive plan to move Europe East and West [especially Germany] forward towards a peaceful chance at prosperity and all that brings. Stalin took eastern Europe into the Soviet era and used military brutality to forge a future of his liking / vision. Whatever that vision was FDR and later presidents culminating in The Reagan administration forced a halt to a potential Soviet expansion by engaging Staling and then successive follow on Russian leaders into a deterrent arms build-up and technology race. The Russian economy could not match the economy of The United States Of America.

In 1990 Russia lost that war.

NATO had little threat in the next 20 years but after 2010 [10 of Vladimir Putin] Russia had reinvested in its military capability. That build-up continues to today.  

2019 NATO today sits at a number of cross roads:

1. Russia, while militarily strong is a Large capitalist player with both Europe as a customer and a vastly hungry China about to connect up and push fuel prices up. Russia is in the new position of only perhaps needing its military to protect itself, its assetts and it customers from payment destabilisation. NATO need not see Russia as a threat. [Unless Europe defaults on its gas bill.]

2. America could treat Russia as a competitor in the energy market and therefore a business administration with no communist ambitions for invasion, only client interest and therefore may not feel the need to continue their previous level of funding for NATO.

3. Europe, under the [current] E.U administration is functioning as a single entity and [while their behaviour around Russia is silly to the point of potentially dangerous] therefore is taking its security responsibility into its own hands. [America may further feel a reduced need to continue funding NATO at previous levels.] 

4. Now with the declared intension by the E.U and its biggest heads of member states to form an E.U Army / military force, NATO will become unnecessary. The coming situation may have NATO as a double partner for E.U defence [double funded] absorbed or discontinued. Absorption would then raise the question of the need for funding by Canada and the U.S.A or Britain for that matter. Double funding for E.U member states seem unlikely, as it would be for the U.S.A. The accountability for European defence [given that the E.U are being silly with Russian border concerns] will also put NATO in a difficult position, if the E.U and its Army / military evidently draws Russia into a dispute that other NATO members may have cautioned against or objected to.  

Although Turkey and Israel are not part of ‘Europe’ [it shows that the E.U’s attitude to its borders is the same as the Roman Empire was to the border of Rome] Turkey is a contributing member and is therefore covered by the protections as a NATO member. This also allows Turkey to be a military contributor at every level allowing its NATO commanders access to data, planning, tactics and strengths. [This poses a ‘conundrum’ as there is a voice backed-up with evidence and history, compounded by current geo-political events that Turkey maybe a political and military threat to Europe and beyond.] It maybe a fact that if you take a timeless philosophical doctrine and attempt to integrate it into a post reformation modernized western world, you wake up one day after the end of the siege of Vienna of 9/11/1683 and find the Turks and their mercenary brethren obedient to the timeless words of the al-Insān al-Kāmil [Allah’s perfect man] Mohamad the uswanna hassana in the Dar Al-Harb [the house of war] using Taqiya [lieing for the cause] to further the objective of Allah would then [when the time comes] respond to:

And find a NATO that has been compromised by its own political leaders belief of the changes in time but find on any 9/11 that the Turks are everywhere behind the gates and placed in the military and approaching from the sky’s armed with western weapons and the advancing Turkish Army have breached The Treaty of Adrianople of 1829 and Islam is not a problem countered by inductions for reform starting between neighbours but that they have become focused on a much bigger and better opportunity presented to them by Allah unshalla against the fools of belief.

Prior to this possibility however NATO's future is likely to change significantly and in time [10-15 years] will be disbanded and countries outside of E.U membership will no longer play a role in the security of Europe / The E.U.

Is this meant to be an irony?

The E.U: [Old story:]

At the heart of the conflicts is the old story of a who's in control. Who controls what and how much. Any part of ‘Globalism’ that is not contributing to the E.U or is not taxable is a threat to the E.U.

If European countries had come together for a copperation to form a union under final and overall control by the cooperating countries, [as you would imagin such a thing having happened..] The E.U would not be in a growing conflict situation with the member states, some who are now struggling for freedom, reform and basic fundamental control. Bexit probably would not have happened or would have needed to happen as the decision made would be cooperative and flexible, rather than instructed and autocratic under law from the Commission. [The true 'pirate' power behind the E.U] The mistakes being made may have still been made but at least a cooperative reaction could deal with a less desperate determinaion to drive forward what is a full take-over attempt. 

The E.U at its Core [The Commission.] is an economic empire. An empire that is attempting to establish itself and planning to expand.

Economics being what it is [A human invented system [or game} that ripples constantly with negative organic reactions unless it is constantly expanding to keep thecycles moving] The E.U is focussed [or Fixated] on the economics of its zone, the cooperation of member states and most importantly the growth of the economics of population. To that end the recent influx of migrants/refugee’s [despite the frictions involved] fits perfectly into the E.U’s long-term growth ambition for the economic area. The E.U just sees the benefits by the increase in numbers within the single market zone, by this sudden jump in population over a log-term projection ignoring all and any concerns or frictions.

The west has its own problems [it has not yet looked for, found or attempted to apply a generational cycle of human governance to eliminate depravity and free cohesive collective Energy]

The middle east is very wealthy [how they support 300 or 300 million for that matter, in a desert environment is an achievement beyond my ambition. Syria’s total destruction policy belies the ‘fight against terrorism’. ‘Wahab’ Islam is a literal psychosis into extinction. The ‘85%’ that interpret away from the literal have always been irrelevant to making Islamic global history.   

They [The peaceful wealthy muslim nation states] must pay for new adjacent cities and pay for funerals or be judged as less than the Jews.

The Jews of voting majority should put right the Nakba. Fairness and justice = Land [including generous coast and a relocation of Gaza.] and compensation. [A capital city administrative centre & one port harbour.]

Furthermore The Supernational ethos/ideal/policy is not only in direct conflict from within but most significantly it is in conflict with a major neighbouring Nation that is perturbed, concerned & alarmed by the way that the E.U is developing and attempting to grow.