A Healthy Nation State:


The NAZI's committed genocide.

They believed in the philosophy of a genocidal right based on an assumed elite human superiority. Their educational plan came to an end as a result of their violent rabid expantion of fascist genocides. They belived that they were the master race.

I do not have any such assumptions: 

I believe in the truth & the fact of natural law.#

[I Know that 100% of the Time, Evolution will win 100% of the TIME.] 

That is not to say that I do not believe in medical intervention. {I do.}

But I believe human interventions are undermining humanity & human's chance of improvement and therefore, improvement to achieve survival and continued evolution. 

Raising the spirits for hope, without a plan is not a plan for success. 

Identifying, 'a desire for conflict', is not an objective in itself. 

Treating the-Nationally-afflicted, infected sick and becoming overwhelmed should not be a surprising outcome. Especially in a set up of multiple management costs, under a doctoring absence of professional contractual decorum with a blinded eye refusing to look at exploitation by parasitic tactics. 

We the people should not be paying for sex change surgery. Or for reproductive interventions. We should insist on no money for cosmetic surgery for sad people, confused and taking their good health for granted. We should hound out those doctors justifying and specialising in the doctoring of probable coming ill health, with law or a pukka medical nhs constitution, in law.



# An NHS advert: ''If we wanted to cure everyone, we would have to only treat the early diagnosed and let the rest die but that is not ethical.''

Is it ethical to create disease, grow diseases and then breed disease?

If that is 'ethical' then that is stupid, which will result in a ‘cancer’ and end in a cultural seizure.

If a system is set up {flawed at a core philosophy & management} on top of a cultural philosophy of poor health at outset, it will inevitably lead to mass growing early ill health.

Not having or promoting a healthy life ethic is as unethical, as much as over feeding pets until they are suffering & destined for an inevitable veterinary life. This Negligence is not far from the ethics of instantly killing people, in time lapse .   

Ignorance & APETHY is at the root of the problem and its Continuation [And Growth]

It is essential that the nhs, if it is to out manoeuvre the growing culture of ill health, must promote healthy living and diet. The nhs must lead with only healthy foods in house, as an example for healthy diet as well as to recognise the curative power of a healthy diet & quantity. 

Government Leadership, Example, Education...


The NHS {nhs} should promote fitness for long-term health.

Schools from primary should be laying down the foundation of diet & fitness.

In secondary school low pulse rates at rest, should be a competitive & rewarded sport.

A healthy diet should be enshrined in principle & Teaching in schools at a high [qualified] culinary level. Rewards should be given for inventive & imaginative and enjoyable ways to achieve a daily/weekly balance of a healthy dietary lifestyle, with variety & personal treat favourites. 

The 5/2 diet plan is Genius in its Simplicity. 

Swimming should become part of the population’s daily lifestyle. A very good exercise with low joint stress. A fit & healthy life could be had, swimming without significant wear, to over 100 years of age and beyond.

To that effect 50 metre swimming lanes/pools should be in every secondary school [30m at primary] and should be no more than a few miles away nationally. 

If someone presents with a serious congenital/genetic abnormality prior to having children - Great care & consideration should be given to avoiding multiplying the condition. If someone presents with a habitual or self induced condition - Treatments should be triaged based on probable outcomes - with & without agreements - including service monitoring & consequences. 

It is right to treat the sick - the elderly and the infirm but it is wrong to blindly provide a medical service to a diseased multiplying culture with growing infirmity & unproductive dependence upon a shrinking tax base against a growing service requirement. 

The U.K government would benefit if the above were addressed.

The reduction of waste, cost saving efficiency & management centralisation under a directive constitution would with the primary health format, free up money and the Nation, to achieve something genuinely to be proud of.

Long-term the nhs will be cost efficient, running at higher standards & much less needed, at the young ages we see today & with the lethargic, obese ill-healthy states. Furthermore the elderly of the future could/will be fitter, healthier and not of a sedentary culture.

The chronically unemployed would become healthier in mind & body, if the breast of uk socialist sympathy were to be withdrawn, to transform them into Healthy, contributing and pro active citizens of Great Britain, for Life.