The new common british aristocracy: party:

The british common aristocracy are very out of touch with what is going on in the hearts of their relevant electorate. Brewing under the surface of the disgruntlement of the inequities brought about by giving into the free market corporate take out of Britain, is a very potent mix of passions and fears for the breaches of the safety for britain.
There is a misunderstanding on the part of some in parliament that it was right, legal and good to give the governance of britain to the european union. To hand the energy sector to international interests and middle men to invoice competition. To open the doors to our island, discard coast guard capability and give away our last harriers to the U.S with an agreement to buy the alarming design of its replacement with the knowledge that it will be priced as though it is made of gold plated platinum and has been described by the pentagon as A master of no ability, a jackass of all.
Now the commoners in favour of continuing along the road of open doors and money to a controlling european union out of fear of british inadequacy and in favour of jobs, despite a whole hearted british combined government effort of gutting preference for british workers first and british manufacturing first over import dependence, Despite the referendum result, is about to cause a reaction beyond parliamentary control of favour.
Katie Hopkins is wrong. People [the relevant minority] of action could soon be seen entering the debate of relevant power. In time i have no doubt that the doors to europe will be funnelled by europe onto british land locked safety of voluntary convenience.
The current prime minister is looking more like Marie Antoinette day by day. Wrong for the Brexit job at the outset, a fool for taking an unnecessary risk, she is holed below the water line. Her character flaws of detachment and elite aloofness combined with a huge over estimation of her grasp of all things is repeating and compounding her situation. Now with her party rounding to topple her, the hole below the water line is threatened with being pushed deeper under the water, which will in time, collapse the faith in the lowering of the water tight bulkhead doors of european stability and intent.
The scene will then be right for all of the above roosters to come home..
'Marie Antoinette...'