4-Wheel Drive:

The Lamboghini Gallardo SuperLeggera - Almost Amazing

If I had a 14 year old daughter that was interested in fast driving, I would first teach her the theory principles of the two types of handicapped drive trains historically available. Rear Wheel & front wheel drives and their varied idiosyncrasies. Also the development of all four wheel drive traction and the effects it had on the limits of the vulnerabilities of one-end propulsion.
Moving to the road/track, I would first transfer the experience of the 4-wheel drive skill needed to benefit from the full effects of four wheel performance cars. She would learn the benefits of the more complete capability, taking advantage of the performance evolved systems availabilability, thus far.
She would, if her interest continued, quickly earn a motor racing licence. After completing a number of courses covering the principles of line and track etiquette with the accepted expectation of Combat for Up-Grading Position. The teaching should have included a power assessment and delivery ability of any steed and the importance of rubber. A good competent driver should naturally possess an affinity with the engagement of the machine and the addition and extension of said machine to your machine, Your body and Mind.
All vehicles being equal your ability to make the most of your combined machinery is the difference between a drivers beginning and ending positions.
All Diver's being competent mechanically and physically –
[If you can hop from one leg to the other, on the spot , while touching your thumbs to the tips of its own hand fingertips, one after another, varying the speeds of fingertip touching to hopping at your leisure and everyone else in the race can do the same,]
– Then the main difference is the software. If your mind is focused & determined and if you are the warrior with the most fierce prejudice on the track, you win, or Do very well near the front.
{Commitment – Samurai waits, Samurai Strikes. The most important thing about a strike is to strike. Cut after Cut, if your carotid is not a fish in my barrel. ''Show Me The Money!'' And pray that I don't regain because You would never be in front of Me, Again!}
See what I did there?
An important tip that I must add, is to become more of a distant friend of the brake pedal & a greedy abuser of the Power pedal. Never 'Luke' Warm.
Let the tyres deliver their full strain grip. Make full use of {every last inch} of your lateral line available. Choose the earliest point of exiting a corner and add as much power as possible, as quick as possible. [*]
If you have down-force, search for the limit by choosing a curve to build speed, repeating faster until the car gives into G and you force the tyres to lose grip. Choose your curve based on where you and their plastic spinning heap are going to safely end up. Make sure the crew are aware of what you intend to learn and that they agree to the intentional risk of any damage and repair.
The preference by far is four wheel drive traction, especially a light setup with big power and down force. The beauty of this system [*] is that all being equal, [as driver’s] is that most track driver’s, lack the skill to use 4-wheel drives key advantage.
Old habits die hard and old dog's do not take to new tricks. Track driver’s follow their foundation training and that becomes their core behaviour. [Like skiers & snowboarders – People who are good at both are fairly rare.]
Rally drivers of cause know the beauty of the Quadral Traction advantage but because they are easily bored by tarmac, they stay away from tracks mostly. And so the quad skill knowledge has been slow to be translated, for the rise of the Lamborghini type cars, in the hands of track / tarmac drivers.
And rally driver's have both a tedious aversion to tarmac and lack the skill of driving continuous grip with high tarmac down force. Combined skill driver’s are too rare to make a line up.
Down-force for rally drivers has completely different parameters for the different objectives and so the skill crossover potential, in the main, remains separate. Even the Stig/s treat Lambo types as though they are 2-wheel drive cars, commenting only that the extra grip gives ''an added sense of confidence'', as the main feature.
Because of this market trend reason, the car makers of all wheel drive cars have divided and set the ratio between back and front at 80/20% reducing the effect and eliminating the full potential of shared traction.
If I was given an R8 or The Huracan with back 45% & Front 55% [*Bonkers Power On early mid corner exit] I think I could kiss off & confuse any of the Stig's, leaving them asking 'How dya do that?' {I theorise.}