Mental Health - Anxiety, Depression & Other mental health issues

A brief personal assessment and view:

5 minutes of mental yoga, a day

Introduction Overview:

But first a moment, if I may, about the causes of the need for 5 minutes. 



Golden Rules: 1/11 – 1: There is nothing to fear but fear in one’s self.

A) Mental:

“I think therefore I am” But what do you think and why are you thinking it? The brain is an undeveloped weapon of massive reaction. Brain training / education has not yet come to grips [or time] with the human condition of the animal and the society that has developed around us. 

In modern society [here in the uk] life is first lived from the perception of the head. Instinct tells us to first look for danger. Then for food. Then [as a child] for comfort & the solace of love. Finally a mate and then [whatever level] of breeding cycle continues. Unpleasantness is a constant form of torture [To the British rudeness is perceived by the slightest lowering of the highly developed culture of British manners and is pure torture, in the most detestable form – This is an example of an overly developed expectation and therefore a vulnerability]. Unpleasantness also leads to sadness and if continued – whether it is from a bully, a professional person with authority or just the effect of bureaucracy – Or a person trying to dominate, manipulate or influence you in a direction that you [conscious or unconsciously] do not want to go in – can lead to a spiral of inward damage. Rudeness or more accurately the lack of – politeness [as a starting point for respect – for all and any person standing on their 12 inch square of Earth, experiencing consciousness on equal terms with every other person on Earth] the lack of – is the starting point for all of the ills in the world. That Kindness is [an objective starting point] is not recognised as the most important, valued and coveted power tool for every individual to develop, is a missing foundation to the cure for animosity and conflict. Mental strain can be dealt with by using [the coming] 5 minutes of mental yoga, developed and personalized by you for you. Thinking that leads to negative reactions [fear, anxiety, panic] and to hyper reactive behaviour must be dealt with using positive reasoning and rational translation to change the meaning and prospects – After this rational work, the 5 minutes will be most effective.

Golden Rule 2: Every problem is solvable or, managing a problem is a solution.

B) Emotional:

Emotions are both a beautiful miracle and a potential recipe for extinction. Without training [or good set examples] emotions can be a python to control and direct your inevitable future. Emotionally led erroneous feelings that finally lead to sadness, mostly affects women. Unlike men whose specific hormone leads them down the road of aggression, anger, hatred and rancour [if not trained, rescued or personally solved] result as a culminating personality and a bonus for any women in their lives. If your actions are formed by your feelings instead of thinking and reasoning or without your thinking being included in the process, your actions are going to be unconnected to any rational or considered thought related to logic. [eg. If you are trying to arrange something with someone and they transmit something negative or offend you [a slight] in the dealings and you feel a negative emotion and you react to it with a reaction – you will damage your attempt at your objective and maybe things will escalate and you, like Raymond Poincare [a forceful personality, who hated the ‘German’s’ and had the power over the French prime minister and command of the politics over the French military and conspired with the Russians to piss off and push the ‘German’ command and corner them up against their own 18th century ego’s and emotional lack of elegance and control – That started WW1. And above all we should not remain like the French].

The human conduct [of emotions – current use] towards each other [not to mention the caustic effects on one’s self without any good standard or training and regulations] will one day be viewed in the same sadistic and barbarous way as *pre-16th century serf’s and peasants were treated and treated themselves and the way the Yazidi women were treated yesterday by ISIS.

Without good emotional training and control standards starting for the young [an adult understanding would be important] very little headway or WOKE can be achieved. Once the ball is rolling [probably like the current UK possible education syllabus] it will evolve and improve over time.

Every day in every place someone is being unprofessional emotionally at work or as an individual by transmitting negative, unkind, unpleasant, rude and quite often angry offensiveness. This, in the face of the presence of Politeness, Respect and a kindness attitude, or not. Two bad emotional states or attitudes or conduct [do not *justify the situation], no matter how materially silent, emotions are a violent weapon and a danger to the self and others. One day negative, hostile and abusive emotional projections will be legislated against and such varied violence will be policed not least by new and evolving cctv software. Getting control of your emotions [and transmission] is key to controlling your feelings and ultimately stopping having your life being directed / reacting and recoiling on an unintended, unplanned and undesirable pathway.

The most important thing / element is the negative effect. No one is going to conclude or tell me that positive emotions are bad for me / you. Not so long as excessive is not your middle name. [There are however some deeper causes for negative thinking and feeling – More about that later]

Golden Rule 3: You are responsible for how you feel. Or You are the source for how you feel.

C) Situational:

In addition to mental assaults [in the world at large and in-your-face challenges] emotional assaults and abuse [from people in your life who you have an inevitable emotional connection to] there is the chronic situational situations: ‘The pressure cookers’ of work places from offices to ships [even outside the boiler rooms] hostile and just nasty people, bad environments, repetitions, angry bosses, job [income] uncertainty and barely survivable low [date, price & tax specific] pay. All of the above negative mental, emotional and situational can / usually lead to negative emotions and result in either sadness or anger and [unless held in a control grip] can spiral and accelerate into serious and dangerous escalations [AR15]. Both the 5 minutes of mental yoga and a deeper understanding of your mental assessments and positions will help control your emotions and help you through and along to a more controlled and beneficial path with a more peaceful feeling.

Golden Rule 4: You are the General of your life.

D) Physical:

Some situations are even more unavoidable than work place or other chronic traps. If you are seriously injured or diagnosed with cancer, you are in for an inescapable and a very stressful time.

Your mental state and resultant emotional turns will reach into your soul and how you manage these times will determine whether you grip on to your mental and emotional health or crumple down and into a chaos of mental being and possibly into an ever decreasing mental health. Both a firm grip and a positive angle on your mental and therefore your emotional wellbeing is the key to having and maintaining control and a positive [or certainly a neutral] state of being. From neutral [you will have banished the negative and installed neutral] you can [given any opportunity] add only positive emotions and therefore positive feeling and move towards wellbeing.

Golden Rule 5: Minimize all unavoidable negative effects.

Achieving a neutral emotional state:

To start [after practice it can be instant] sit down and focus your eyes on a point of solace in your room [or close your eyes] and imagine - transport yourself - to a pre-chosen-and-set place of peace – [mine was a Caribbean beach looking down my legs toward a silent sea moving slowly on and away from the golden sand – now I can achieve neutral in one breath.] – And Breath-In slowly firmly and deeply. Then hold for 1 second and then breathe out with control – Slowly. Repeat until your breathing control from your place, Crushes your can [Prediction 2-5] and arrive at your Personal Neutral Focused Emotion – If you need to, find in your memory or in a core feeling that is the most tranquil that you have experienced or can imagine existing in. There. Be There.. Go There – Like a switch ‘Click’ Armour surrounds you permeating & penetrating any conscious moment {and sub-conscious} A Neutral Zero Cool Calm Baseline.

Golden Rule 6: Every individual is an island that can be used as a sanctuary.

E) Chemical:

The brain is fed by the blood flowing to it. If that blood is full of toxins, narcotics, dietary intolerances or just low food quality, all of these can lead to malnutrition or more nasty chemical imbalances. Alcohol is well known for causing a depressive withdrawal in the days after the hangover. The effects vary from individual to individual but all can lead to mental and emotional weakness and decline.

Golden Rule 7: In control, a good life is a routine of a good diet and life style.


Every one of us has to deal with depressive moment or phases.

A) Blue mood:

There are some that react to these moments as no more than a dull feeling from a gray sky day. Other individuals go very blue and some then spiral down [varies] into a black depth and then their spirit gasps for breath from the drowning crushing despair of nihilistic deadness.

Golden Rule 8: Life is very short but filled with boring bits.

B) Peaks & troughs:

All through life, in every year we experience peaks and troughs of events and experiences. These are normal and should be regarded as such and accepted and the varying thoughts and feelings that accompany them should be managed. If they are not managed and the individual embraces or succumbs to the down moments in life as bad, sad or desperately hideous then both another down spiral can occur and all of the opportunities of those moments will be missed and lost in favour of the black deep of your possible depth.

Golden Rule 9: Life is fun but when the fun stops, be adaptive and become creative.

C) Situational:

Ever been to prison? No, good, don’t go it’s over rated. The food is bad, the staff have the worst service ethos, the sun never shines and violence is used as a currency by people without money or fully formed normal brain function who seemed to have been un-helped and missed out by the schooling. Prison is a very depressing place especially if you are with prisoners that only know the language of intimidation or just like their place in prison. It is so depressing for even the most resilient creatures that could survive any catastrophe so long as there is a challenge to fix but with no end of a life of a dead, dead end of thugs talking about football and video games, would make even me want to end my short life. For the rest of us, we only have ourselves to blame for being negative and miserable in a world of freedom and so many interesting possibilities, no matter how moneyless [backpack] or first class we have to plan.   

D) Chemical [diet]:

[Repeat] The brain is fed by the blood flowing to it. If that blood is full of toxins, narcotics, dietary intolerances or just low food quality, all of these can lead to malnutrition or more nasty chemical imbalances. Alcohol is well known for causing a depressive withdrawal in the days after the hangover. The effects vary from individual to individual but all can lead to mental and emotional weakness and decline.] And of course add to the induction of the downward spiral for those that are inclined or predisposed. A good planed diet regime is both healthy and an occupation in planning, organising and executing.

Golden Rule 10: Forming a favourite daily routine is often a key solution to idleness of thought leading to sullenness of being.  

E) Neuro Chemical:

In their extreme forms any of the above can be categorized [or diagnosed] as a mental illness. But mostly mental illnesses are the result of a lack of brain training and a susceptance for nervousness leading to anxiety, doubt and fear at varying levels below the extreme, leading to societal disharmony leading to clinical assessment.

But there are forms of brain function and disorder that are undeniably abnormal beyond normals, normal. Insanity: can occur from negative environmental conditioning that could be compounded by secondary events over decades in an individual’s life. Genetics including inbreeding cultures and incest can lead to unusual [least understood as yet] brain neuron formations that exhibit unpleasant [anti-social, irrational, spontaneously erratic or pure animal traits [eg. serial killers] behaviour and other lower sub-formed brain functions. The variety is endless as is the possibilities especially with a poorly harnessed young / people with the varying [poor and erratic] philosophies as a foundation for our species population, at this [large yet miniscule] population number.

Golden Rule 11: Cut away all of the negative effects.

Mental illness:

The causes of mental illness can be summarised as:

The most common: Negative Environmental conditioning in childhood leading to repetitions in the teen years and then the first decade in adulthood immersed in a wider stressful environment.

Confusion: 1.Child rearing 2.Neglect 3.Ignorance 4.Abuse 5.Society 6.Relationships 7.Intoxication

Delusion: 1.Child rearing 2.Extremes 3.Relationships 4.Beliefs 5.Intoxication

Reasoning Summary:

Thought reasoning would be a valuable tool to first re-establish a basic foundation of a human philosophy of life [as yet undecided and varying – and is therefore the primary Achilles heel of the beneficial effects of psycho therapy and if so would be mostly an unnecessary therapy] before using that philosophy to help guide the confused or delusional individual towards the light of a normal, healthy, good attitude and happy routine of day.

It is possible for an individual to reason their own way out of all anxiety, negative emotions, depression [although solid daily enjoyable exercise / sport is essential - as well] and most acquired mental illness. Chronic adhered or genetic mental disorders will also benefit from a good philosophical grounding, a thought discipline to address the specific confusion / delusion, along with the exercise and the training and practice for 5 minutes of mental yoga a day. But some mental states are [beyond reasoning with and] unsolvable.

Golden rule12: In the end life was a moment in conscious time with all that you made, left behind.

Golden Rule 13: Your children are your greatest project and what philosophy and example you create, is your future, for them.

5 Minutes of Mental Yoga

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