Societal sexual dysfunction

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HARDtalk - Interview with Mia Khalifa.

Mia Khalifa is Lebanese born 1993 moved to America 2001. Khalifa entered the pornographic film industry in October 2014 - She was walking in Miami when she was asked if she had ever considered appearing in pornographic films. [Not the first time she had said "Okay!" to make a porn video] In January 2015 Mia ended her porn career having become the most searched for porn actress from the end of her first month. She was paid $12,000 for the 12 scenes in her 3 months of work.  

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Below are my answers to some of Stephen Sackur's question's. 


I was expecting an interview about sex, morals, perceptions and consequences in this post puritan, patriarchal 'world' view.

Unfortunately, it was mainly about 1. corporate exploitation, 2. the concept of consent and less 3.creative and career risk and 4. copyright over privacy. 

That has to be the worst example of a Hardtalk with what seemed like an absence of question preparation, angle and topic consideration. Riddled with hesitancy, and confusion as though Sackur was concentrating on avoiding the subject of the "ubiquity of sex in our lives" or sex at all. A most flaccid performance.

[I could make the point that all Hardtalk interviewers - and perhaps a Hardtalk {bbc} policy - is to fail to assess deeper and be more cynical when it comes to the corruption of the decision making by their interviewees, rather than to bite onto the cuff of evasion in the expectation that dogged pursuit will look like good hard journalism.]    


Mia Khalifa should come with a life-times supply of hydrogen peroxide. 

What would we think of Drew Barrymore for wanting her performance in E.T to be withdrawn and erased? 

What would have happened to Sigouney Weaver if she felt so embarrassed by 'that scene' in Alien that she left acting and 'entertaining' forever, never got a good agent [a business partner] and planned her own production and .com distribution company? with her cashe, talents and hot market advantage!? What if Robin Williams had never 'taught' us the story of Patch Adams?  

I like to help people [especially talented and disadvantaged women] Here is one for Mia

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