Vaginal Orgasm:

The 8,000 nerves in the Clitoris are connected to the Vagus nerve through the Vagina.

An Example of a Well Developed Orgasmic Vagina.

Listen while reading:


Once aroused – {and a clitoral orgasm prior to penetration does increase the sensitivity of} – the walls of the vagina become more rapidly and increasingly responsive to pleasurable stimulation.

Although it is capable of much much more – The clitoris is a good switch to turn on the vagina, for massage to start and to have Hot Neurology, soon after the massage starts.  

A slow smooth start will relax and focus the woman soothing and pleasurable beginning.

A rhythmic pulsing smooth and gentle motion should be established and maintained. This alone can [as long as it is pleasurably established and pleasurably maintained] will build pleasure..

Every stroke must be placed to be pleasurable - including angles - {apart from varying monthly hormonal urges} – and slowly build pleasure over a base 30 minute cycle. 

If or when waves or crescendo's, start to indicate an increase desire for force, direction or speed, build to a firmer stroke and placement. 

[Always Avoid Negative feeling stimulation. Unless requested or as part of understood play]


Level 1: Phase times :5m – :45 minutes

From 2 minutes – Deep breaths – Involuntary vaginal clenching spasm. Grip holds, releases, repeats, repeats, repeats relaxes with wider vaginal gauge.

Fed with increased tool gauge or not the clenching spasm intervals suddenly shorten and tighten until clamping in a 10 second cramp – [Some force against the cramp maintains a live response & movement is re-established immediately upon release] Release and shortly breathing groan indicates a desire for Power In.

Average 8 strokes and cramp reoccurs,,..reoccurs..,, [Pleasure seems more intense]  

Average Times elapsed :5m – :15 minutes.


Level 2: Phase times :5 – :15 minutes

The clamping or orgasmic neurology loading from the previous – {desired fuck phase}  [Varies depending on hormone cycle of month]  – Causes a Take-a-break.

Woman moves away and Lies apart, on the bed, not talking.

Slightly tense body with quivering thighs and twitching knees, eyes open or closed, breathing tensely.

[All or some of the above, usually building and combining as the Level builds.] Subsides to calmness within 1-2 minutes.

Resumes position for penetration and massage to recommence. Further Take-a-breaks number 2 to 4.

Average times elapsed :12 – :25 minutes.

[Grunting can occur [with or without any spasm clenching from Level1] and prolong phase or replace all phases with an open desire for repetitive thrusting {usually specific to day/night of month} with light deep wall butting {Occasionally goes Mad For it, moments.}

Penetration average times elapsed :15m – 3h:10m.


Level 3: Phase times :3 – :15 minutes

Takes-a-break. Eyes clenched shut, body clenched, tense fingers, breathing stopped. Breath holding 5-15 seconds – Breathing deep to calm 1 minute.

Must have silence or neurological interference degrades quality.

Moves back into position to continue massage with rapid jerking interval preference followed by 4-8 deep forceful power ins [no wall butting] Repeat.

Average times elapsed :16 – :35 minutes.


Level 4: Phase times :3 – :15 minutes

Take-a-breaks occurring quicker but for shorting times. Each time eyes, body, hands & feet clenching looks stronger. All over body intense skin tingling, hearing function ceases for average :15 seconds at a time. Must have silence during break.

Average times elapsed :21 – :45 minutes


Level 5: Phase times :3 – :5 minutes

Take-a-break, body looks like Pompeii victim.

Mouth Wide Open, no breathing to near choking sounds.

In addition to Level4, Sight is lost.

Average body clenching lasting 20seconds  - 1 minute.

Repeats 2-3

Average times elapsed :35 – 1h:20m.


The End is usually signified by a moment of heavy kissing.


Vaginal penetration aversion occurs for most around 3 hours.

Desire varies with monthly cycle and is usualy strongest after the second week and the days before menstuation starts.   

Depending on work fatigue, general health, strength & fitness the capacity to absorb pleasure varies, as does the desire for duration of massage & or orgasm.

The time of the monthly cycle causes differences in response & stamina. Usually week three & four can harbour individual surges of sexual energy.

It is female development that determines orgasm arrival, quality and duration.

A good man/woman or tool/bow is the facilitator but the music comes from the musical instruments strings and the strings are in the Woman.

There are men {& women} to match the longest of massage desires and capabilities.

Any Person can tool up and learn, if they like the time to learn.

The above session type is for the service focus of the woman.

To this service: A male or partner’s turn is taken on another occasion or as part of a different session types or after some rest. Due to the above, satisfaction may end better prior to a personal service ending.


Vaginal Orgasm Mind Focus:

Vary to Suit

Warning: Video link to stick-on doggy demo:

[Make sure your legs below the knee can slide back either side the stick on front - a pine bed leg or a book shelf moved away from the wall abit is best]