British Energy source options for Carbon net neutrality by 2050:

The back corner of every home garden.

Like the use of water people must change [have their] attitude changed towards water abundance and their water use. Schools from primary onwards must emphasise water use responsibility. The same will need to be applied to the attitude of energy abundance and use, Schools from primary onwards must emphasise energy use and responsibility.

In order to adjust household use and waste of energy use by 2050 – Energy supply should be switched off during the nights – in order to focus the mind on the conservation of use – Every home will have the option of a government subsidised battery pack to provide moderate and essential household late night and early morning energy needs and use.

Wind is a key neutral energy source for the future. Tidal is the second key energy future essential.

Solar does not perform adequately and will reduce as climate change blocks / filters out more light transmission in the coming decades.

Nuclear is dangerous, expensive and is dependant on a cooling water source for safety, putting nuclear in the front line of storm surge and the rising sea level. Nuclear around the lakes would endanger a vital fresh clean water source, in the visible future.

Biomass is not a true carbon neutral energy source and the origin of biomass [woodchip] energy is deeply suspect, as use will consume more tons per year than can be grown, especially by tree farms. The inevitable truth is that private contracted profitable companies are/will source the base product from other wood sources – Carbon stores not the regrowth business plan presented and promised. Woodchips must not be calculated as neutral and should be stopped.

Other biomass [waste] should be burned for energy or elimination. Other landfill sites should be reclaimed for other use with any combustible extractions being turned into energy and ash – Britain’s growing national tree numbers and a growing annual increase of carbon absorption will offset most new era carbon releases.

Tree planting and national growth should be maxed per national area, only avoiding farming areas and light blocking direction/s.   


Wind currently produces 18% of national supply. This will need to be increased to a maximum area availability. Tidal should also be put in place to produce a maximum productive area capability.

Furthermore, there will need to be a switch to a home self-generation. This will be counter intuitive to energy profits being lost to the treasury at a cost of hardware and installation. The cost could be mitigated by a means tested investment requirement to the tax payer and a % of personal investment requirement and an annual maintenance contract, taxed for repayment and ongoing revenue.

Wind turbines should be put in garden end corners and rooftops should have pitch top turbines applied where rooftop direction is correctly facing mean national wind direction and not interrupted by aero-obstructions. [A consideration should be made for Electro Magnetic blocking insulation to prevent the risk of the effects of EM field exposure sickness probability.]

Population increase restriction or planning in Britain wll need to be considered as will a switch from 240volt to 110volt. A population max limit target should be calculated and agreed as a national objective capacity. A neutral economic cycle should be aimed for, utilising a generational school leaving growth limit expectation under a production for international sales.     

New technologies prior to 2050 cannot be relied on but are likely along with more efficient products [electrical] across the wind and tidal sectors will reduce carbon output, in the West.

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