Paris Climate Accord

Existing climate data concludes [taking into account the current cleaning 'paris' program & increases by China & India] that Global average temperature increse of 2C will be achieved 2035 or sooner.

The Kyoto protocol was a meeting to agree that Santa Claus existed and the Paris agreement was a letter to Santa Claus.

With India and China building coal fired power stationS and with Australia excavating itself of shallow coals to supply the growing market, coal is becoming the definite and total eastern energy burn gas release.

Oil has no chance of being left in the ground and new fields are in line for extraction. Even Norway is searching for more and bigger Arctic fields than it has already identified. Now we have shale gas [and oils] entering the equation and even competing with Opec. Also shales have only just got started globally.

There is no chance that all of the above will not enter the atmosphere.

India and China have just started to have modernized civilian populations getting energy and economic power. They are 5 times the size of the Western population through the whole industrial revolution to today. [5X] Even with green/clean industrial methods/practices, the policy rises of solar and wind, China and India will release 5X the carbon by 2100 than the wholeglobal carbon over the last 150 years. Add western and new world oil demands and no fossil fuels will be safe in the ground. Period.

The climate alarmists should wake up and smell the carbon and change their bleating calls to "Stop!" and call for changes to survive the coming changes in global weather, in the real worlds future. Even in a best case scenario governments and society will not be able to change fast enough or effect the lateness of our climate situation. Climate change is going to happen and our citadels will need huge adaptations.

The probability is that the climate models worst case warnings will be overtaken exponentially by changes in heat, weather, sea levels and increasing volcanic activity. Societies will be left scabbling for emergency cladding to protect against winds beyond roof design and homeless because of a sudden rise in sea levels that permantly prevent reoccupation by arround 2050. 

All of the COP summits amount to a re-reading of Santa’s Reply that says: ‘I am sorry but I am unable to give you what you want because you have been very bad and you are still being very bad. However, I do accept bribes, They will make absolutely no difference but I do accept bribes.’’ Santa. The summits will conclude committment have been improved and that is the best that we can do under the circumstances and that will be enough.


‘’Migration, Wars & Shortage.’’

Macron and a wider voice of carbon limiting ambition have skewed the climate debate in a dangerous direction. With the arrival of the awareness of wide spread fake news {or highly biased news} the accords climate change argumant sits atop as the greatest fake leaning news angle, leading to impassioned, angry and potentially internationally violent reactionary conflicts.

It is embarrassing to be a human on planet earth now. Human climate spiked global warming is well established. We have migration, war & shortage, although [what these 3 have to do with climate change] as we already had all 3 of them and had them before the industrial revolution and through the population explosion from 1 billion to the current 7.5 billion. That is just no change and physics.

Macron in his pious, self assured, nappies is just adding to the voice of the wrong, mislead, pre-understanding, knee jerk solution into a polluted wasted human endeavour.

Trump and the strong American voice behind the climate resistance [from the beginning] to the economic restriction and the funnelling of funds for compensation to keep [probable short-term] some fossil fuels in the ground is the mistake that will contribute to shortage, wars & migration.

Concessive Presidents have yielded to the pressure group cries next to their ears which [helped by an equally pre-knowledgeable media who judged their call, adding towards this path of this human tragedy] skewed the hearts & minds of the lesser informed elected and the electorate further down the road to the folly of the coming anarchies and finally as a great supporting mass behind the Knut of stopping climate change scream in dismay at the increasingly harsh 'weather' will realise that it is maybe to late to prepare for life on storm Earth. 

Coming anarchies: 

1. Climate opinion clashes

2. Government actions, leading to hostile reactions

3. Energy shortages

4. Conflicts

5. Competition

6. Collapsing societies ...

7. Protection of limited assets [UK Zero]

8. Disease & mass death zones with the associated deathrows of violence.

All accompanied & driven by Huge Massive Storms & the gross over population pressures.


While on the one hand we have the fact of fossil fuel extraction from current global fields, with many projects in the pipeline and constant prospecting going on with provisional potential deals being put in place every year. On the other hand we have the political surfs and idealists, along with the green idealists and all the cash beneficiaries sitting down to sign a letter to Santa Claus! 

Who seriously thinks that any of the Paris accord objectives are achievable?

Finally [unfortunately] climate change mitigation strategies that could have reduced and avoided many of the hardships will be slowly and meekly put into place. The delay will be the cause of the unnecessary hardship and avoidable fatality of many of the people of Britain and the wider unprepared world. The irony being that [even with the right policies from the off] the growth in population will have to give to the pressure of something.

Denial, Unpreparedness, war, competition, anarchy and certainly a building of continuous weather bombs, upon weak roofs. The mistaken way of addressing climate change will have only led to a small global reduction from cleaner practices within the 5X increase of overal carbon.

The population reductions will produce a curved decrease of those pressures in century 3 and beyond, therefore a slight reduction in warming to the cooling cycle. Unfortunately under current governments disharmony, dysfunction and conflicts, avoidance of fatalities will be fractional if at all. The scientific [vocal] community will have contributed to the demise of organized society. The scientists of the last minute letter dance.

I just wish the best for us – Upwards & beyond this time & space, Humanity. 

Lord Nigel Lawson

Lord Lawson of Blaby


''The debate is not about climate change but what is the best way to react to it.'' - Lord Lawson

[The U.S Position {excluding Obama}]

Truth To power - Paris is knee-jerk economic politics and BOLLOCKS - Cleanliness is Good But

A Review of An Inconvienient Truth the Sequal:  

Mr. Al Gore

The article author;
In 1975 I was an undiscovered dyslexic in a London State high school. Because of my inability to read or work numbers, I was put into a remedial class with a bunch of roudy boys, some with neck tatoos and crew cuts and other 11 year olds that for reasons that were not clear to me at the time, were 6ft tall. I stood out, I sounded funny, wore my uniform as it was meant to look [the only one in class] and mostly stared out of the window, with my mind elseware. I stared out of the window because when ever there was enough calm to teach anything it was mind bogglingly dull or completely written and invisible to me as information.
After a few weeks I stopped attending school. My mother would drop me at the gate and I would walk through the school grounds and out another gate to loop round back home. The purpose of this story is that ironically once home I would switch on the tv and, during the daytime only BBC tv for schools and colleges was being broardcast. I was riveted - rushing back from the kitchen with a cheese sandwich and a cup of tea while the justification equations were being broken down. I learned about wave function - quantum wave function and caos theory of wave function. The conclusion of which I disagreed with. I saw programs on all sorts of subjects but my favourites were the science subjects followed by engineering. One program dealt with geology - and specifically records of evidence of past atmospheric composition. In around 1976 I had been shown and told and I knew that 'we' knew that carbon was on the increase and we were heading into a warming period. The down sides were not exagerated or even emphasised but in a beareded, corderoy, flower shirt, copy hippy trend, chilax voice, the prof said ''so in the future, we will have much higher tempuratures, raised sea levels similar to these records and the other climactic phenomena indicated in the strarter examined.''
When I found myself awaking on my arse from my alchohol medicated depression in about 2003, the news was quite regulaly reporting climate related news. I added planet earth to my cosmology subjects of choice. Since then I have added under planet earth, the rubric of a solution to perpetuate the exhistance of species human. This had to include the health of society.
When AL Gore took up the mission of promoting the reality of climate change, I was dissmissive of his relavence. Much like Dawkin's and his time spent affronting a faith based belief that was an afront to his scientific evidence and fact based knowledge. Never the less snippets of Dawkin's was very entertaining. I saw Al Gores original movie that included the slide show. It was beyond good. It was geniunly good as is Al Gore. It was also well presented and enjoyably entertaining. Al Gores commitment and energy was palpably a B-52 in active service. One day soon Al Gore will be regarded as one of the Greatest American Presidents America never had.
My assessment of the Kyoto & the Paris climate accords, climate objective reamined and remains unchanged. My corded, beareded 1970's professor had already demonstrated that atmospheric change during a heating period was a snowball on the top of a hill scenario. Once the ball is rolling it will grow exponencially even without additions.
It was interesting but 'no big surprise that Al's' sequel did not mention the climate accord's objective of keeping global mean temp increase to under 2C. It was also observed that no objective was put forward regarding the future of climate change other than continueing the work to clean up human emissions and prevent developing countries from developing fosill fuel energy use. It was not very funny that India under a yellow gray sky, with no sun visible was planning 200 coal fired energy stations and wanted to be bribed to make it worthwhile them not doing it.
It is ironic, this next paragraph of mine - Humanity would be better served adapting with haste and commitment to a rapid sea level rise rather than dawdle and meander over the coming changes. Once cities and towns are relocated we can sit back, grow our economies back with our community infrastructure designed for fierce winds and work on carbon absorbtion, as neutrality is occuring and cary on with investing in space community development. Mining the moon for steel, we can assemble citadels, an orbiting string at 1.3 au [See HMS Space] [Starting with near space NS1 200k earth orbit] Tera forming Mars [for sustained atmospheric retention - see Mars Tera Aug ] will be next. Venus [in time] to create a genuine 3. world ''sustainable'' human habitable biomes. I said it once and I will say it again, instead of clinging-on on earth with a few million people [threatened with nihilation] we could head for a species of 70 billion.

You Are Here [in a physics test that is a Fail on The-no-going-back-Point!]


''drive home the message that platitudes and warm words just aren't enough anymore.''

"We cannot solve a crisis without treating it as a crisis."

And the COP24 deal is Santa’s Reply that says: ‘I am sorry but I am unable to give you what you want because you have been very bad and you are still being very bad. However, I do accept bribes, They will make absolutely no difference but I do accept bribes.’’ Santa.
The crisis at the centre of the climate crisis community is that there is a catch 22 to tackling climate change. 1. Carbon emissions are altering the weather - 2. Human societies [of 7.6 billion 2018 - Predicted growth expectation 20 billion 2100] Depend on carbon emissions.
Even if the economic impetuses blocking the change to the clean energy sources of solar and wind [plus any tidal energy research being conducted] the shortfall in production would be lethal to 4 billion currently, let alone to the growth of population that is linked to the high value placed upon economic growth.

15-year-old Swedish student Greta Thunberg.

A secondary fact is the science predictions are heavily swayed by an anti-capitalist agenda.

I am no protector of modern global capitalist systems [that have the mini-brains of democratic governments hypnotised to the tax benefit and the economy of growth to support their political re-elections or the greed and control greed of dictatorships / elite regimes] but where human life and quality of life is concerned, the clear teenage certainty of wright and wrong here needs to be blocked and should be clearly rebutted.

On higher ground

On a more optimistic note - While climate change is unstoppable [even if emissions were cut by 80%] the weathers tail would still whiplash around at us over the next century, enough to cause damage to life, energy and water supply.

However with planning societies could function perfectly adequately on this storm-time [,00000's] earth period.
Thirdly the removal of the delusion of safety and peace in the growth of economy [population / resources] and under a general rule of the history of evolution [specifically related to geological evolution] should / will wake up humanity to the fragility of society and show us more [totally] clearly that the very basis of our survival, is always 'hanging by a string'.

Cop-26 [A Top Summery]

It is supposed to be satire but it is the best summery of Cop-26, The climate crisis and a really in there behind the scenes peek.