siZe Extremes [the effects upon psychology]:

General Sexual Incompatibility [of the sexes due to the lacking of fundamental education] And the distortions that have resulted:


I know of a woman that is afraid of one finger. Her over sensitivity is rare or more likely has developed as a result of an unpleasant experience or experiences that have negatively conditioned her. [It is probable that she was interfered with as a child in a painful way that left her emotionally deeply harmed – She is lesbian] She stated that she was small, tight & narrow and did not enjoy any sex.  

While over sensitive or hypersensitivity does exist, it also usually has a psychological origin.

Sadly, in my research, I have come to the [working] conclusion that 80% of females do not get to age 10 years without being interfered with worldwide. & 90% do not make it to 15 without being interfered with. Putting natural peer curiosity aside, I refer to adult men interfering one way or another with varying levels of coercion or force. The effects on the individual vary according to their strength of character and the extent of the psychological & physical brutality inflicted.

The negative conditioning women experience in their early years of life or healthy age first sexual experience, {can} lays down a foundation of attitude for future behaviour and expectation. Sexual attitudes for even women who have not been negatively conditioned can often be negative towards sex [or ambivalent] often for life.

Smaller females [there is no certainty of body size to vulva or vaginal size] in general do not have any problem with normal sexual engagements with the general field off male sexual compatibility. One experience of a very small vulva with a very tight opening and a narrow canal that was shorter than average [16cm] was very tough and robust. The individual enjoyed and encouraged hard deep fucking to get harder within a minute of penetration. This tough lack of sensitivity also reflected her lack of neurological development and restricted her enjoyment to the linear act of the feeling of active penetration. She did not mind a quite broad penis & length was of no concern to her, as what could go in, went in and having a tough wall meant that what length was spare remained spare. It is likely that after birth she will gain some canal width but without detailed ‘hands-on’ help she will never develop a stronger neurologic response from where she was. She did not masturbate or experience clitoral orgasm but she did enjoy sex.

Most women are ambivalent about penis size. Young women are curious about the male appendage as much as they are curious about their capacity to cope. The ambient cultural importance of penis size [usually & mistakenly emphasising length] is pervasive in female circles and forms initial fetish & the politics it infects.

Older women with some experience have already realised that their vagina is a lot bigger than the big, bold, swaggering, big boasting dicksman of the average larger men. The bigger the better becomes the normal attitude given that even the head of the largest ‘myth dick of the Sasquatch’ is nowhere near the size of a baby’s head. Most women will say there is too big. And that is true for some, where a narrower gauge is preferable or length is unpleasant touching some, at the wall. But by far the main issue is that the use, of [any, especially] the larger tool is to blame for a lack of building pleasure, instead turning into an unpleasant sore bore and resulting in ‘’I don’t like it too big.’’ When in general a wider tool intensifies and accelerates the build up of pleasure for the woman.  Skill & knowledge being [mostly missing] a required standard.

With the emphasis on size long not skilled use, sex between men and women is [in general] {with a ratio of difference in varying cultures} remains a kind of untrained clog dance. The result is that beyond the urges of repetition, sex is relegated to being as interesting as a diet ration of spam and mouldy bread every time you eat. This is an unnecessary, unfortunate [avoidable] level of incompatibility between the sexes.   

Some men who spend some time observing and exploring female response to vaginal stimulation discover an interesting and quite rewarding result from the male point of view. Their youthful field of experiencing different women, reveals a wide variety of responses and development.

A fun pastime becomes either pleasuring women all the way along their pleasure pathway or taking other less experienced or developed women further along the path of pleasure. The Men who are the angel’s of sexual enjoyment & teaching. These men can be egotistical but the best of them keep the truth of their knowledge quiet and deliver it to a selected few special women. The pleasure of seeing the enjoyment made, is better than any smirking ego bubble.

The Big ego is only worth what pleasure is made.