An Emancipated Modern Woman:

''He has a habit of trying to initiate sex at the wrong time!''

Poor ol Frankie Bridge..  


Gone off sex? ''Not often in the mood.'' Not surprising: It is like a foie gras goose saying she's gone a bit off dinner time.

If you ever feel envious of a miss 10 outa 10 rich & famous, got married and settled with 'the choice man' Just listen to her sex plight..

It would be ok if she were a bitch and a mean whip but She is so sweet, nice & cute and she is a girls woman, ignorant, nightmare hell dumbstick on legs.

Proper basic fundamental education would have saved her and so many others from the plight of Violin abuse.


An Emancipated Modern Woman:

Hawk to Eagle; Are You with me, bird's?

'If I were a Woman'.. 

Here, in the world of today..

With sexually illiterate men, disillusioned and lost in a sea of one bite missing burgers, to the gluttony of misadventures of health and fitness, what is an Amazon to do?


In a more ideal world where teenagers are educated under the premise that: Female sexuality is the furnace of mutual pleasure..

[And after & during the males have been emphasized of the female international age of cncent of majority voluntary commencement that is 17 years of age - {& that there are professional outlets for those boys that want to commence prior to getting a girlfriend} – That is better than peer pressure.]    

Where sexual examples of attitudes and experiences are outlined along with training theory for erection management and use – College or the beginning of adult life for both sexes would be revolutionised for the better, setting standards up for future sex lives.

If men knew what was achievable [at sex] and how to achieve it along with women, the relationship quality between women and men would be vastly improved. For those that enjoy sex, the enjoyment would be comprehensively improved. With the ending of disappointment & disinterest, the low worth towards sex and for the rewards of sex would mostly vanish. In marriage {that is joked about, as being the state least likely to have much sex existing}, relation tensions will be refined to a far more mutual balance of the sexes. Partnerships will then be stronger and more cohesive for the other objectives and stresses of life in modern ‘civilization.’

But sadly, thusly is not the case for the life form such as ours, with a certain, shall we say, Atavism in sex. With skill & knowledge missing and women, shall we say, being at the stumped end of feral proceedings, women vastly today live with comatose neurology at their core.

A woman that manages to rise up to some or all of the branches of basic knowledge, is forced to make contingency plans to achieve even a facsimile of an all round example [Such as the equivalent evolution of the car into the sport compact SUV] that is capable of delivering every function of all of the individually specialist options, the modern woman must by circumstantial design, obtain a ‘multi-car’ garage.

Jaguar E-Pace ? - Mini Countrmen Cooper SD All4! Auto {paddles} Armrest, Coffee, Armrest, Black wheels, Coffee Leather [comfort] seats, [No SPOiLer!] only If it's made in Britain.1.Porsche Meccan D. White or gold Red or beige int. Mitz evo 10 330 paddles. Audi Q2 + Exige SuperSports..RS

Like [Most modern' Women..] Women like, and are predisposed to need, desire, service and enjoy, many relationships, not fewer like Some. Relationships of the social, familial type form the bedrock, walls and wings of a woman's mansion of form. And I for one like to be a room in a few mansions. [The modern man#] That is not to say that with the professional emergence of women, that they {are not} rising in the stakes of boardrooms, politics and complex compound issues presented to them internationally and socio-sexually. And in the sciences more than the odd example is coming up with key contributions in all areas [way beyond the previous limitations of needing to have hidden identities behind literature] and expanding male cerebral skills..

Why - when I am married to {My chosen} partner [too early, as is in the nature, culturally un-policed] person [''I had to, it was, a core need, to fill that slot, otherwise the good ones {in my head, heart and soul} would be taken by other women {that see them!} before me.'']

And you know what men are like. And how much planning they put in before their dumb stick,..? [in this modern world of abstinence in education.] - Should I {if my chosen perfect Love of a hubby, father, friend, life partner} live my life without a part of my body [morally, legally, permissibly] being massaged, at all, ever, when i want or when I need {for my wellbeing, psychologically, & PHYsically!!!} for my core spiritually?! [+ - +!]

[Weakened & divided, positive becomes diminished by negative, in Law.]

{A balance is recommended for progress}

Or Bullshit. - It ends now. No Matter how the rules of man, of Religion, of cultural society, of ambiguous biased censorship, the rules have become.. [no matter how Miley Cyrus in media femininity has become] .. My Rules, Are Mine..

And from today I am going to fill my garage with the cars I want to drive, when I want to drive them.

If I have love or not. If I have a hubby or not {yet} I will choose and secure my friends for all the activities that suit me. From Tea at the Ritz to darts at the local working persons club, I will have Dave, Richard, Gregor and Alpha, as I choose,.. to be with.

If I become a woman of independent means, then Alpha, will be saved from my social echo, leaving the Richards, James and Hugh's to fill my mutual growing Cerebellum & other areas - Laden muscles neglected no more.

For those favouring 'fidelity', need sleep not:



Oh 'Google' how much of a disappointment you are to me, my, Womanly Image of Potency..

Venimocity: You only have yourselves [partially] to blame.

I know otherwise: I have witnessed women on full attack, verbally destroying men with {or without over whelming backup!} And on the verge of personally staying [subject to submission] The silly fools of patriarchal inherited dominance of illusion.

The men are descriptive of not much better. 

I would like to direct that opening scene. - 


Listen to a Poof!., explain Sadistic Intent during The Pleasure of Vanquishing Conquest of all things.


- Unless you caught Ralph Fiennes at Almeida. But then he was holding back at the culturally acceptable sanitised ‘Entrance.’