The Vagina: Useful Facts to Know:

The Vagina is design evolved to pass a modern human baby.

The size of the baby’s head in delivery is restricted by the pelvic aperture. The baby must fit through a 12.5cm diameter outlet. [image] There is no such restriction for the vagina. 12.5cm diameter is 40cm in circumference. That in imperial is a circumference of 16 inches.

Most women can deliver a baby naturally. The first time, given time during delivery, most women can dilate their opening. [jobs done maternity attitudes to cut, should be avoided] Other women and usually second time deliveries are not held up by small vulval restriction.

Vaginas are structured for baby’s. Babies are babies. Vaginas are bigger than baby’s.

When it comes to vaginas being used for conception, pleasure or the ‘fun’ of sex, the notion of what is big hits a number of misconceptions, mistruths and spin around mistruths.

Why this is, is a mystery to me, knowing as I do how strong and brave men are.

Women are of cause mostly to blame for perpetuating the hardly secret facts of the baby matter.  

This in no way is intended to diminish the sensitivity and delicacy of a woman’s vulva flower and vagina. But if men were taught about female sexual arousal and building female sexual pleasure, my fun and enjoyment unravelling the mystique of this strange taboo would be uneeded.

Sex is a vital part of normal life yet it is hidden under minimal teaching, basic or advanced. [Which is just basic, really.]

To hide from the young the joy of sex [female sexuality being the furnace of mutual pleasure] because it would encourage juvenile sex is ridiculous. Throughout the world young women choose to lose their virginity at 17 years of age. [This is assuming they are left to choose for themselves and are not harrassed, rushed or assaulted along the way.] Not to educate the young, given this habitual international natural behaviour is a gross negligence. It leads to dissatisfaction, social damage and dysfunctional attitudes and behaviours, particularly by the men.

An aroused average vagina is 19cm deep to the back wall.

Some women do not like to be touched there. Some don’t much notice. Some like a little bump. Some like a challenge. Most swing with their desire through the month. And Some few can fit or stretch to fit the few men that have grown to 30cm.

With the knowledge that 20cm is the maximum agerage length needed for a woman, anything over 20m is on average spare. The most important factor for a pleasure tool is circumference.

If men were to concentrate their informed minds onto the task of expansion, in a few generations of sons [and in their time a %] all to most men would have an 'A Rod' {erection} 20cm x 20cm {8 inch round 8 inch long.}

In The Words of My Northern Guru ‘’Standard’’


Erections can be divided into the following categories:


Medium {average}

Large [A Rod]

Extra Large

& Big.

If you always think width/girth/circumference first, this denotes the primary beneficial effect.

Length is second to pleasure and women tend to vary their desire for depth depending on the day of the week of ‘the month.’ For this reason and purpose length can easily be varied according to female desire.

The next issue is ideal shape for the pleasure of the vagina. When vaginas are arounsed they expand and 'tent' inside, particulaly at the high point around the cervix. This makes an aroused average vagina the shape and size of a medium obergine, when filled to a very light streatch. The opening of vaginas vary in sphincter diameter and tension. Once inside, the vagina is wider and unrelated to individual sphincter. Vaginas that have passed a baby have reduced sphincter tention and a post birth vagina is also increased. 

A Penis is rarely shaped other than a regular unvarying tube. And never the shape or size of a medium obergine.


The ideal tool shape to give the most stimulating massage to a vagina to increase and accellerate the build up of pleasure, has been well know for years but varieties are rarely produced. Go figure.  


''It's a canal!''