Vulva {Flower} All are Beautiful. Some are Exceptional!

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The information [and links to images] in the following articles is of a Sexual Nature and is knowledge that some may prefer to only discover for them selves on the adventure of their own magical mystery tour of life.

Examples may not be comparable or achievable.

Vulva {Flower} All are Beautiful. Some are Exceptional!

Bonus development:


There is a sad, distorted & damaging trend to consider a vulva to be right only if it has modest development of the inner lips.

Due to the trend of ‘the porn industry’ choosing aesthetically neutral vulvas and remembering that young men get most of their first experiences of the imagery of the female sex from pictures and porn. These first experiences form the expectation of what is the right form and what is desirable, by first vision default.  

Unfortunately labia minora exist in far larger ratios than is depicted in the movies. This leads to a negative reaction in some men and reflects onto the women in an unnatural, negative reaction and leads to a body dysmorphia and sadly, [more often] to a route to surgery. [That should be banned in law, for under 18 year olds]

Larger Labia Minora provide an important service during sex. The labia majora contain hair follicles and whether the hair is removed or not, stubble can often be present. During the motion of sex women with demure labia minora can experience additional friction from contact with folding hair, or hair on the base of the erection, leading to soreness over time. The minora is hairless and when covered in lubricant acts as a moving barrier between any rough surface, moving in and out, protecting surrounding surfaces. The minora is also more sensitive to touch.

An aroused longer minora looks beautiful.  

Like faces a vulva consists of the same grouping of features. Nose, cheeks, ears & mouth and like faces all are ever so slightly different or quite different. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder but like faces all are beautiful –attractive is a combination of learned perception, genetic perception {not so much with labia} cultural custom, health & presentation. To this summary I say All are beautiful, Some are exceptional.

This is not to say that a demure {burger bun type} vulva is not attractive.

My priority is to see a clitoris because much like a woman’s breast, Big or small, it is the nipple that is going to get most of the attention. 


Sadly the current engineered preference is the chosen look from the porn industry. Women who have retained a young girl image & Shaved.

This is unfortunate for a number of reasons:

1. Many women have more Labia minora than none & may be made to feel unsightly & ugly, leading to the danger of unnecessary surgery.

2. Men are guilty.

3. Women should feel that woman hood brings with it the physical development and hair [groomed] that is beautiful and that is Greatly Appreciated and enjoyed by Many Men & Women.

4. That the distorted image expectation is a small but significant abnormality that could have reached further into another distorted abnormality, for the preference for the undeveloped image. There are those that are not able or do not like interacting with adult females or who are very ignorant sexually. The current established trend image does not challenge the image expectation or set a higher and older standard of image for;

5. A natural adult female image, of great beauty to desire. An aroused woman with minora surrounded with a resonably trimmed hairline.

Ellen Degeneras -

''Hey, Don't look up here! Not this time''..

Ellen agrees. “The inner labia have a sexual function: they’re full of nerve endings and it feels good to touch them. When the labia is cut in cosmetic surgery, you’re removing a sensitive and important part of yourself." - Ellen Degeneras

''My vagina feels good, and that’s what sex is about: feeling good.'' - 

''Ultimately, the world makes it hard for us women to love our bodies. Just talking about our vaginas is difficult – but they are wonderful. No two are the same, and there’s no such thing as a good one or a bad one.'' - 

''Every vagina is awesome, and the more we say it out loud, the easier it is to start believing it.''        -  Daisy Buchanan [Jounalist]


A close up photo of a beautiful example of a naked female genital image: