Honey Box - The power of the mid-cycle

On about day 12 of a woman’s cycle, the female hormone raises to release an egg follicle from an ovary.

At the same time, caused by the same hormone spike, the post period mucus plug in the eye of the cervix softens and passes down to the vaginal vulval opening. The mucus passes out or is removed when wiping.  It usually has a grey gummy appearance and has a weak to strong scent similar to freshly baked biscuits. This scent is often evident in the hours before descent and for some hours after exiting.

For some [knowing men & women] the scent is wonderful and is the best time to enjoy and indulge in the best kiss.

If a woman wants to take advantage of her mid-cycle and reward a lover, she should present her loins some hours after a wash [post ablution of cause] having not exercised excessively since the wash. [Washing should avoid scented soaps and any other unnatural deodorants and perfumes on or around the region – Furthermore a natural hair line, trimmed to 2-6mm enhances the scent and for some [growing numbers] is the most attractive look and feel.

Background Allegory:

I was watching David Attenborough in the jungle observing the social behavior of a Chimpanzee group of Great Apes.

In the mid ranks there was a young adult female trying to get the attention of her object of interest. She was in season {visible enlarged posterior} but to no effect.

The male she was interested in was also a young adult. When she went and sat next to him he huffed and walked away. He was not interested in her {although friends} today, he was interested in the fruit he was eating.

As a last effort she, decided to load the dice in her favor. She put her fingers into her vagina and with the extracted glaze on her fingers she cantered quite quickly past him, wiping her fingers onto the back of the hand that was holding the fruit. He shrieked threw his arms up and chased her off for two steps, ending his warning to her with a deep grunt. He sat back down and rolled his shoulders and turned his back to her. He went back to his fruit. Biting away at the skin to expose the next bit of flesh to eat.

His eyes suddenly frowned, he sniffed the back of his hand. Getting closer he sniffed more and then started licking the back of his hand. When it was depleted he turned to see where the female was and started sauntering slowly in her direction.

He had just learned something new that he liked and that was the possession of the female.

She, a Chimp ape, knew that this was a nice, an interesting smell that could help a female get mated.

Clever Mother Nature, at her best.

You consider why human females {mostly} do not know that they have the same power.