Good Wood

A Rod

Some men inherit good wood. Others inherit their genetic / & cultural training. [Sorry about that – was me too – not my fault.] But others could, should learn, practice and develop maintaining and using their erection. Whether or not they enhance it or replace it, they should be able to use what they have. Also the following method results in, increased volume over time.



To maintain an erection, without interruption or ejaculation for as long as desired.



Once an erection is achieved or even during erection, increase blood force pressure slightly into the penis.

Relax but maintain a diaphragm, abdomen, hip pressure enough to feel an increased penile pressure but not so any pain or significant building discomfort is presenting.

Do not hold your breath. Do not source the pressure from your head or make any strain in your head. Keep the origin of pressure in and from the pelvis.


Use the penis slowly maintaining a relaxed comfortably pressured state. Avoid and ignore any contraction. Increase pressure to change and dispel a reactive phase.

Always maintain some pressure.

Over time a numb solid state is maintainable and the feeling of swelling coverts into slight stretching and a slight noticeable increase in volume, over time.

Also you are writing behavioural and physical genes for future inheritance. Think Fuller.. Enjoy.


Summary & Preparation:

It is a simple process but it requires some practice and may need other tactics in order to get into a stable perpetual state. I refer to a defusing ejaculation [a pre-preparatory ejaculation, sometime before] to feel less reactive. Or just go on with the intention of using a stable second rising. [Requires a break time, dependent on age.] Alternately as with the pre clit O, a pre blow O could be timed In just Perfect.



If men were to concentrate their informed minds onto the task of expansion, in a few generations of sons [and in their time] all to most men would have an A Rod {erection} 20cm x 20cm {8 inch round 8 inch long.}

In The Words of My Northern Guru ‘’Standard’’


Erections can be divided into the following categories:


Medium {average}

Large [A Rod]

Extra Large

& Big.

If you always think width/girth/circumference first, this denotes the primary effect.

Length is second to pleasure and women tend to vary their desire for depth depending on the day of the week of ‘the month.’ For this reason and purpose length can easily be varied according to female desire.

Pleasure is The Objective:

To begin with I like to think of my tool as a champagne flute. Makes me extra careful to move it slowly & smoothly so not to shatter glass that could ruin the first moments..and rytham to build on.. 

The Vagina is the Furnace of Mutual Pleasure.


[You can still have an 'executive' and have much more Knowledge, that most women (these days) are missing completely.]


Slide on attachment

Perfect Tool 1

Actual Average Aroused size & Shape of a vagina - They don't call it a birth canal for no reason.

For variable Best Effect 'Ball on Point'.

Add to suit

Add or reduce to suit. [ 'girth' ]