Vaginal Birth Orgasm:

The end of pregnancy and the commencement of birth consists of a range of automatic physical processes.

Particular to the title of this module are;

1. That prior to delivery, the vagina is prepared for delivery by the body in much the same way the vagina is readied for sex. Blood flows into the vagina and vulva and mucous glands activate.  

2. The associated neurology is also active and heightened.


There is very little research on the phenomena of orgasm during birth but recently an increased number of women have been reporting the experience. This has been corroborated by midwife / delivery teams reporting having observed the phenomena.

The descriptions of the feelings vary as do women’s varied experience of orgasm / sexual pleasure / pleasure during sex. The most common of which are; As birth approaches, ‘'The waves of feelings strengthen and become more focused in the vagina. As the baby passes into and through the vagina, an intense feeling of pleasure arrives with the waves of pleasure flowing through the body.’'

This spontaneous event [which I suspect is almost never experienced during a first birth] can be prepared for and increased in likelihood with the simple addition of mind focus synchronised with breathing.  

Like the other female orgasms, all of them can be accelerated, enhanced and Intensified by focusing the mind on the stimulation being created in location and thus, concentrating the neurological information arriving in the brain. And from being in a positive emotional situation.

The pain associated with labour is the result of abdominal muscular contractions repeating, increasing in regularity, intensity & duration. This is taking place with the direct effect to dilate the cervix. The cervix is a quite hard and rigid mini doughnut but with the ability, over time, to dilate and open to allow the bady’s head to pass through. The cervix needs to be so strong and rigid because it needs to retain the pregnancy in the womb during the woman’s activities of general life.  

Once the cervix is dilated enough, the contractions continue until the abdominal muscles push the baby out.

A first time birth is more arduous and the vagina will experience a first expansion during the first delivery. For this reason the neurology is over loaded, the woman more stressed and the vagina is about to be recalibrated, according to its primary design, as a birth canal.

A second time birth and onwards is a different matter. Labour is shorter, the stress is usually lower and the vagina is ready to do its job having been first initiated.


3. All the way through the birth process a woman can and should be enjoying the process. Along with the usual breathing to help with the contractions the woman can 'focus' her breathing to align the mind, the core central nerve pathway and to build a sense of centred pleasure. As labour progresses towards birth, the breathing 'mind focuses on sexual arousal'. As the automatic body awakens the vagina into an aroused state, the woman’s thinking mind, rides in and 'increases and extends the amount of arousal' and the feedback sexual feeling.

4. As the baby starts entering the vagina, the expansion and slow friction, [that overloads the neurology] inside the automatically and enhanced aroused vagina can result in a spontaneous orgasm, hijacked by the mind of the birthing woman, for her added pleasure and occupation during the ardours of Labour.  



Small print:

The author is not a woman but does have an interest in all things ‘woman’ and at over 50 years of age, the years of observing, learning & thinking has culminated in a number of ‘if I were a woman’ rules. 1. Laying on your back in bed during birth is bad. 2. Avoid episiotomy. It is better to pre dilate the narrower / tighter opening than cut into it. 3. Avoid epidural. 4. Avoid c-section – as epidural, It takes away the best experience of pregnancy. 5. Exercise Always but after birth / after nursing, exercise, diet, fitness & health bring your vagina back into form and the associated pelvic muscles. Orgasm is the reward for female sexual pleasure. Male pleasures are a separate bunch of preferences. As are the separate bunch of pleasures for women. That is fetish and not the focus of my work. Enjoy.