Vaginal Orgasm Inducing Mind Focus:

Bridge to Engineering
Mind to Muscle

Once you have Tool Control or are subject to a reliable performance;



Your brain asking your Whole Deep Vagina Pussy to suck hard gently on, during extraction and to relax during penetration..

Do Not clench or intentionally tense any muscles down there.

Let she respond to request..


Practice mind seed when, on slow motion rhythms and direct energy for use during Power In.

[Physically contracting your pelvic muscles & vagina to grip the shaft {some can or develop the ability} will increase the contact intensity – Where needed.]


Once you have your mind focused on your vaginas spirit task, you can add clenching your vaginal walls from deep within as an overall pelvic clench.

Breathing out through your mouth during the in stroke, can help synchronise the contraction of your pelvic muscles and to signal to your vagina to join with sucking rhythm. Leaving her to suck on the pulling tool along with your mind focus..

[The mind focus – Focuses the Mind & brings the Vagina Together for increased focused feeling and growth of feeling..]



1. Think, Request a light suck, as pulled..,

2. Focus your mind on the feeling of the requested task, during rhythmic motion..,

3. Breath Out & Clench, On, the In-Motion, by a deep pelvic clenching muscular grip of all of your pelvic power..,

4. Repeat & maintain focus feeling rhythm & Breathing..,