It's a Massage!

Female sexuality is the furnace of mutual pleasure

‘I fill them with delight because I myself am delighted. I do not fully enjoy mymself with a woman unless she shares my delight. “Four-fifths of my pleasure comes from the pleasure I give‘’ – Giacomo Casanova 1725-1798


Remember it is a massage – like any massage your first touch should be nice and relax the muscles for better effect and growing pleasure and intensity in due course. Like playing a musical instrument to create a piece of music - there is an intro, a beginning, a central theme section, a creshendo and an end..  

Pleasure is the Objective [Or should be outside of any fetish type objective] So anything that is not pleasurable makes a person wince, freeze, go cold and hopefully say, "Get off me." As you would expect from anyone being massaged badly [or drudge-on hoping for some change or "This is it then? Normal is it?" It all depends on your experience, knowledge of {learning}.]

To begin with I like to think of my tool as a champagne flute. Makes me extra careful to move it slowly & smoothly so not the make it shatter glass that could ruin the first moments.. 

When it is his turn to finish {of cause she has veto over anything unwanted} If he has served well he deserves to do his thing, within safe reason.

If you are entirely on ‘his ride’ then you will know what you can or cannot get from the performance. 

Vaginal Stimulation:

It is a Massage.. The Objective should be Pleasure...

How long does sex normally last?? 


Like any massage - Expect this service by the hour.. – Or half – Accept no charlatans – Or waste your time with arseholes armed with moron.

A better question should be – How long would you like your massage to last today?

It is a massage that [with development] and with the help of an Understanding partner can be the most rewarding massage, that can be yours to enjoy for life.

Pleasure is a recommended part of life. Pleasure is enjoyable, including sexual pleasure. Pleasure is not a sin, including sexual pleasure. Sexual pleasure is free and it is not Taxed - Yet.

For the purpose of advancing pleasure:

It is best to use the clitoris [to orgasm or for about 5 minutes] as a switch to turn up, the turn on, of foreplay. Your interaction with your partner will be key to how or whether you will work together or not. 

The next part needs a phallus. Not necessarily with a partner as there are a number of reasonably good workable facsimiles available today. A tool for work, Mr Piston, a bow to play the music of your strings. Some men have it. Some men learn it. Some men have two left feet, are tone deaf and chop logs with a sledge hammer and always will.

Especially without education, training, and practice.

[Female sexuality is the furnace of mutual pleasure]

There are 4,000 nerve endings in the gland of a penis.

There are 8,000 nerve endings in the gland of the clitoris.

In the female the nerves travel up around and through the walls of the vagina & join the Vagus nerve heading up into the brain. There is also another spot in the vagina known as the G-Spot. This has a corresponding gland known as the Bartholin’s gland.

The male orgasm can be symbolically defined as just like the striking of a single match and requires no development.

Compared to a developed female orgasm that come in three ways and each is multi levelled with the possibility [dependant on hormone cycle level] having no one climax but at a heightened state of pleasure can continuously absorb orgasmic pleasure for some hours and can be symbolically described as a fire work display, with a keen or good match.

The next articles focus on the female orgasm and female sexual & orgasmic development.

Men will learn what an erection is best used for: - ‘In bed, he made sure the women he made love to enjoyed themselves as much as he did, claiming' - ‘’The pleasure which I gave always made up four fifths of mine own.'’ – Giacomo Casanova



Women Do Not Need a man to have a relationship with their orgasm or sexual pleasure.

In fact most boys/men do not know how to create female sexual pleasure. You will just be fortunate that A fits into B and if 'it' is not completely ignorant and insensitive, it can feel good. And as far as a clitoral orgasm is concerned, ignorance quite often comes before a complete lack of interest.

The more you know about yourself and the more you achieve, the better you can teach someone that cares about you, what works for you. 

''Don't knock masturbation. It's sex with someone I Love.'' - Woody Allen