Epstein and the Prince

It seems from my view that Jeffrey Epsien was [in this matter] a Svengali of teenage female manipulation and sexual exploitation for fun and influence.

It is not accurate [I believe] to describe Epstein as a paedophile. [A child cannot be both a person who has not achieved puberty and a person that has not achieved legal majority as one group] A child is not normally sexually active under their own natural choice whereas a late teenager is [or can often be] sexually active by their own natural choice [internationally recorded by choice at 17 years of age for females.]

Epstein [it seems] ran a VIP sex club for his contacts and connections stemming from his own [personal talent for winning friends, business associates and influencing people – Specifically young teenage [probably 15+] girls from his own sexual interest. This VIP sex club was well financed enough to have helicopter and jet transports [with unhidden names] and a private Caribbean villa.

What did the Prince do wrong?

Anybody could tell that between the difficult scripted questions, Prince Andrew was Lying in the most awkward way, betrayed by [unlike the early part of the preliminary interview] his head bobbing and shaking like a Thunderbird’s puppet, as his eyes fluttered like a hapless blonde with a flat tyre on the side of a highway, hoping for a knight in shining doziness or at least in forgiveness to pass by. He lied. He did and was and he often indulged in American junk toilette teenage girl sex, on expenses paid for by the British tax payer. That is more than one crime. He is not Hitler or Pol Pot. He is not a paedophile or an honourable man. He is a sleazy turd of a cheap easily impressed peasant of a prince. A great horses ass of a pile of manure and the son of ‘his father’.

It would be funny if he was photographed sucking a set of brown toes in Mustique but not sitting in the house of the British crown shitting on the future reputation of his older Brother our future King and for that matter tarnishing King William and King George with his foul repulsive sense of honour and the historical legacy of The Duke of Pork.  

It is said that god has a sense of humour. Well he seems to has become cynical with humans and his humour has turned dark. We went from [the police] turning from Jimi [Eyes wide shut] Saville to Daphne [‘I’m Listening’] Crane to Emily Maitliss is the biggest integrity gone BBC hoar zone [don’t mention the war] or the constitution or Tony Blair or any of the facts or be cautious of [the evidence] and hope that the U.S are too embarrassed to pour this bucket of shit all over the ground to disgrace Britain once more, for another goal of humiliation against the offense of the Empire and more future submission to superior business advantage.   

Thank you, Sir, for your honourable services to British standing and regard, formerly and now and for your future work, whatever the Kings deems fit for you. You and your mothers support for your squalid disgrace are Queen Elizabeth II’s last act of folly.