Sex Education introduction:

The prohibition of sex education has resulted in sexual ignorance, sexual-social disfunction and dissatisfaction.

The sexes, sexuality & social sexual behaviours are Complex & Diverse in any one society & throughout the world.

Historic Culture & Customs vary as do male female relationships. If we look to the past we can view early groups of human types and understand the brutish dangers inside & outside of each group. We could look further back and around us today to see female status within various groups of primates.

One thing has been continuous in hominid communities, is that a group without females dies. Males in primate groups swap females to prevent brother breeding with sister. In deer we see a stag acquiring the most number of females possible & mating for as many offspring as possible. Both of these behaviours exist today in human custom. Elephants seem to have a slightly better system but here the purpose is to better understand our systems.

Male humans are bigger than females & historically & communally Hunt over a controlled territory & see off or fight to keep & protect the resources from that territory. This is important because it feeds into social customs between warring groups & from an evolutionary point of view, aggression increases with hormone demand, vigorous exercise & the impetus to control. And so because of hunting territory, females can become the spoils of additional land acquisition.

So, females have value to men & where there are groups with an understanding of territory boundaries or shared territory, swapping young females took precedent over abduction. In South America's equatorial Brazil we see joint constructed community centre buildings in chosen locations, to meet for diplomacy, trade & family exchanges, where female value is traded to the benefit of both / many groups and is greatly looked forward to by the young females & young males. The females go to live with the young man’s group. Peace in early days.

It is customs like these that stem from the geographic physics of our early ancestors that we have today, although evolved from one causation or another.

The physiological aspects of gender sexuality were not understood and what was learned remained outside of any education, as it is today.  During pre-Christian Rome sexuality was much more diverse & open. Many females had as many lovers as men and in fact there was a thriving trade between women swapping or selling male sex servants / slaves. Women owned land, business & had great wealth that they could bequeath to a daughter.  Female sexuality was more widely understood, serviced & recognised by men. Most men valued the lively cultural norm of sexually potent women & social society was evolved & women had a much more equal footing & regard because of the reality of the power female sexuality had and had given to society.


There are 8,000 nerve endings in the gland of the clitoris. There are 4,000 nerve endings in the gland of a penis. In the female the nerves travel up around and through the walls of the vagina & join the Vegas nerve heading up into the brain. There is also another spot in the vagina known as the G-Spot. This has a corresponding gland known as the Bartholin’s gland.

The male orgasm can be symbolically defined as just like the striking of a single match and requires no development. Compared to a developed female orgasm that comes in three ways and each is multi levelled with the possibility [dependant on hormone cycle level] of having no one climax but at a heightened state of pleasure can continuously absorb orgasmic pleasure for some hours and can be symbolically described as a fire work display, with a keen or good match.   

The next articles focus on the female orgasm and female sexual & orgasmic development.

Men will learn what an erection is best used for: - 'In bed, he made sure the women he made love to enjoyed themselves as much as he did, claiming' - ‘’The pleasure which I gave always made up four fifths of mine own.'’ – Giacomo Casanova

Sadly the above attitude is not the case and there has been such a removal of educaion that the knowledge of good sex [for pleasure] has been lost and replaced with ignorant [mostly male] fetishes. A pious, prudish conspiracy took place many years ago to alter the rise of a much more free culture of socially equal gender dimorphism.  

Sexual behaviour [for the west stemming from Greece in recent times] had developed into a complex culture of sexual behaviours and was slowly developing into a more gender equal sexual society. By 600BC the poet Sappho would have been 30 years of age and her work and presence reveals a developed sexuality.

By the time pre-Christian Rome was expanding its vast empire, sexuality, commerce & the economy of ownership and power had developed vastly for women as well as men. There was a discrepancy but there was also a ratio of discrepancies amongst men, as there is.

The alteration was a total halting of the sexual culture that had been viewed as lewd & disgusting by a certain class.

Before a blanket sin had been instigated, sexuality was a part of normal life, as was sex. Without sin, guilt or taboo of the subject, men & women had civil relations, in civil society in a culture of sexual social freedoms, certainly for the upper classes of Rome.

Hidden in the New Testament was the arresting text. Overlooked by the Senate of Rome, that viewed the work as no more than a convenient tool, commissioned to make lighter work and cost of controlling and policing the Empire. The Senates usual good & long-term view of managing changes & the future of the Empire became a victim of another’s long-term plan.

For the first 19 Popes their task was complicated by conflict with the Senate. Many were murdered & life was dangerous.

But around the year 240 Rome was divided by the 20th Pope, into seven districts, each supervised by a deacon.

Around 300 the Roman Empire was divided into East & West and larger controlling centres were established.

In 311 Pope 32 issued the Edict of Milan ending the persecution of the Christians and to treat them benevolently. With this the original job of the New Testament set by the Senate was complete. The Christians had mostly accepted the Testament that had been compiled into a first release around 135AD and subsequently started being distributed around the Empire for official use after then.

From 314 – It was Pope 33 that initiated the building of the first big basilica’s including St John the Lateran & the first St Peter’s Vatican.   

In 336 Pope 34 commissioned the writings to compile stories of the lives of martyrs and bishops before his time. And so this began the history of the papacy and the control of its widening region of power.


The brief history above serves to illustrate the history of the arrival of chastity, piety & sin.

Within a few generations of the total control by Vatican Rome to its boarders to the East & West regions, the children growing up in and turning adult under piety & chastity lost their developed sexuality & sex for fun, power & politics in society.

With the loss of female knowledge, from life, of their neurological sexual potential, life was altered throughout wider society. An ironic slant to the story of Sleeping Beauty.


It is a massage that [with development] and with the help of an Understanding partner can be the most rewarding massage, that can be yours to enjoy for life.

Pleasure is a recommended part of life. Pleasure is enjoyable, including sexual pleasure. Pleasure is not a sin, including sexual pleasure. Sexual pleasure is free and it is not Taxed - Yet.

[Female sexuality is the furnace of mutual pleasure]