NHS Continuing Care: Follow the Rules -

The Rules Are - Life saved - for Free - Put in a constant state of bedside care need - Free Removed - Plunged into Poverty - Permanently for Life 

[Pamela Coughlan Vs East Devon Health Authority]

I am covered by the judgement of [Pamela Coughlan Vs East Devon Health Authority] [Matching neurology and complying situation] 

‘The Court of Appeal agreed, and laid down a test for deciding if the NHS is responsible for funding: · If the person's reason for placement in the home was primarily a health need, then the NHS is responsible for funding the whole package. · Local social services are only responsible for care which is "merely incidental or ancillary to the provision of the accommodation.’

And [Maureen Grogan Vs Bexley NHS Trust] ‘The judge stressed that anyone whose needs were the same as, or exceeded, those of Mrs Coughlan should be entitled to fully funded NHS care.’ inside or out of a care home. The Judge also commented that 'We do not want to make this judgement again.' Referring to the failure of the Coughlan president being appliied or having been taken notice of.

The Coughlan ruling was not applied to all matching patients nationally. Wrong and Corrupt [or a mistake?] in my opinion.

Why am I excluded as a 100% NHS patient?

Chapter Twenty

I am in 100% the same condition as I was when I was admitted to the hospital and my life saved.

My care needs are constant intense and ongoing Life Long. My life was saved, my condition made survivable and ongoing unchanged from a 24hour hospital bed need. 

I never left the hospital - I was moved by the Hospital, from one constantly attended hospital bed, by Ambulance, to another constantly attended hospital bed, my needs unchanged 1995. 

Why am I being excluded as an ongoing 100% NHS patient?

Who is Responsible for me being in this life ongoing condition?

The NHS.

I do not consider that the assessment is accurately calculated to reflect created condition or ongoing responsibility.

My physical needs are HCA/nursing medical ongoing the same as was ongoing from Stoke Mandeville Hospital.

I feel as though I was saved to be poor, remain poor, be dependant or Pay the Wages.

Trapped by situaton, under a paralasys level only made survivable by medical intevention and creation.

What future prospect do I have? To get a foot up to make a family, to provide. 


Patient is a Complete spinal cord injury motor function at C6. Sustained in 1994.

Medical intervention - Life saved.

Stoke Mandeville hospital 10 months rehabilitation.

Transferred by hospital condition unchanged.


Relocated to hospital bed located at currant address - Continuation of constant HCA/Nursing attendance - Needs the Same as when admitted to Stoke Mandeville.


Spinal cord injury body paralysis: C6

Current needs:

All physical assistance - No hand function, Body paralysis - All assistance

Spasms, pressure management, Bed night turning, Continence management, bathing assistance, dressing assistance, Autonomic dysreflexia {Rapid fatal condition}, food assistance, meds assistance, social assistance, transport assistance, activities of daily living assistance.. 

Ongoing life assistance.. [A Single person by choice and nature]

Total life saved dependant paralysis assistance, age related deterioration. Care quality instability.

Kept alive to become a perpetual patient - [Ambulance transfer bed to bed assistance] - Then denied 'patient' status - Kept alive and trapped in status quo or pay the wages - & tortured by a dumb system that avoided service beyond minimal [plunged into ''inappropriate'' inhumane stress & danger] perceived required service - Trapped free under circumstance to move nowhere - Threatened with destruction - for charitable national right - silenced and - Value & use ignored.

Made by the NHS [Excluded] with continuous need for UK local governments