Emotions: A Life of Neutral + Positive...

My 'Inside Out' 2015

Emotional Elegance -

Inspired by Buddha's fundamental re-evaluation of the self.

We are not Suidae in uncontrollable emotional reactive nature. Or at least we should not be.

We have philosophy. A history of philosophy & the development of philosophy & the teaching of philosophy {or we should, could have} & the teaching of modern human civil & personal philosophy [to date] of best practice.

Unlike Swine, we all have a choice about whether we control our emotions or not & how we control them to use them to benefit us as opposed to being controlled by them & therefore victimized & enslaved by them, ourselves.

What seems better?

Thought leading to emotion, leading to action [Good Logical]


Emotion leading to thought, leading to action [Illogical, reactive, uncontrolled outcome]

Emotions are poison to reasoned logic.

Unfortunately for most, emotional states, attitude, conduct & management is not taught & much like the act of sex the fundamental learning is not delivered [or available] to either sex. Leaving inherited traits, family emotional example & individual learning from experience, as the dominant forces in any development.

Unguided learning is subject to outside & not entirely beneficial forces. Children are born into an environment. From a modern village in Holland to an un-modernized village in Western Sahara, children learn what is about them and are conditioned by culture to exist in culture. Under inherited philosophies, both societies that have a void in teaching will be lacking to a very similar degree, aligned within their inherited cultures.

Both sex & philosophy is Not taught throughout the world To produce an individual [Both Female & Male] to control emotion, to choose emotions, to benefit from them & to avoid & control negative emotions that do not benefit or serve the better wellbeing of a person.

Sex teaching is also lacking [worldwide, as far as I have noted] in the fundamental element of thinking and emotional benefit. {Sex is dealt with in a separate page.}

The benefit for children & for their developing maturity & therefore to the development of an adult individual, maturing through life, their ability to control emotion & work from a core philosophical guide set would, could revolutionise modern civil social society & lead in turn to more balanced, harmonious & therefore more peaceful communities.

Extreme emotions or a chronic dependency on emotions are very damaging to reasoned outcomes.

Both Positive and Negative.

At its most simple, teaching people to think in terms of [initially] constantly working on ones temperament of the moment to gain contentedness & happiness and to avoid negative emotions {or emotions that make one feel bad} would be a mental exercise no more complex than scrunching to strengthen ones pelvic floor. In time it becomes second nature & once control has been gained, the feel good world is your lobster.

Negative situations that could cause a negative reaction or are so negative to the person experiencing them that nothing positive can help [and in fact being happy maybe detrimental to the situation or the persons core feeling] need to be dealt with by the use of a Personal Neutral Focused Emotion.

Like a switch ‘Click’ Armour surrounds you permeating & penetrating any conscious moment {or sub-conscious} A Neutral Zero Cool Calm Baseline.

If you need to, find in your memory or in your spirit a core feeling that is the most tranquil that you have experienced or can imagine existing in. There. Be There.. Go There.

Once There: Deal with the situation or the feeling that has come upon you and Work-the-Problem.

Avoidance is the first choice action. Followed by de-escalation, re-alignment to re-direction to re-engagement on a neutral controlled level.

The Biggest & Baddest of the Negative Emotions that do harm to the person & wider into their lives & into the lives of others, in wider society are:






Sadness &

General emotional pain

Feel free to add more to your list of negative emotions that you would prefer not to feel {as much, as long or as often}


Emotional Elegance 

Being positive in your interactions with people always [almost] avoids negative responce and behaviors.

Once There: The problem is often solved. This allows you, from feeling Neutral to take a step up or forwards to take a step up. Without the toxin of that negative feeling raging through your bloodstream and into your brain distorting your endocrine system for hours to permanently, you can look in & upon the cause of the feeling and devise a good solution, perhaps permanently.

I no longer do anger. That is to say that I rarely feel it without inducing it myself, either as a performance tool or {when usually alone} as a vent for all that is sometimes repressed, at a safe time. [I like to shout at my Tv. Mostly politics.]

Additionally I gave up embarrassment. Pointless. Shit Happens, Everyone You Know is Going To Die and turn to shit. Also Jealousy is worthless. Like one cigarette it does you no good.

Using positive [kindness] attutudes with all people especially those closest to you creates positive and rewarding good relations. [Avoiding negative interactions or negative controlling attitude objectives] Ignore frustrations, resentments & sadness, that could lead to escallation. 



[1] Politeness [2] Respectfulness [3] Kindness

Feeling Neutral is now your choice. Feeling good is therefore easier, more reliable & more permanent. Feeling bad then becomes a choice too, yours to avoid, control or indulge in, if you choose.

Lead the control of your existence with thoughts not feelings. 

By far the highest quality human value emotion is a Kindness attitude. http://www.howardhawk.co.uk/437095751

Happy is a construct – Happiness is the by-product of Control, Ambition & Planning..  

Use the Recipe for the relationship's that You want to Make. 

Never Forget The Core Objectives of a Life. http://www.howardhawk.co.uk/432590228


Coming Soon To Worlds Near Us: http://www.howardhawk.co.uk/435699613


Good Manners

Module 1A. [An Overview]

[1] Politeness [Speech & behaviour that is respectful and considerate of other people] is the foundation of the Primo Facie relationship [based on the first impression; accepted as correct until proved otherwise] {And therefore does not require deference & submission / subjugation to another.}

[Key Rule: Good Speech comes from good thoughts with good feeling, good actions follow]

Being polite in all first contacts / mass daily interactions keeps to a high standard of human exchanges [avoiding the growth of bad feeling {and also has the important effect, as an antidote training, repetition, upon people who harbour and escalate bad feeling, leading to bad thoughts, resulting in bad speech & actions}  

Which seems better:

Thought leading to emotion, leading to action [Good Logical]


Emotion leading to thought, leading to action [Illogical, reactive, uncontrolled outcome]   

Politeness is both a good conduct and a preventative force against the cultures of ill will.



[2] Respectfulness the act of and attitude to, is a key principle of humanities standard of core humanity.

Primo Facie: All people are equal in conscious existence & key rights.



People are not all equal. People are all different.

Some people are very different or & unique or & special. But because humans are a specifically evolved species culture generally, we would and do benefit from respect for every individual {Prima Facie} where it is pre-eminently delivered.


Consideration the absence of respect is practically damaging where it is expected, with respect. The absence or withholding of respect in relations, is the primary cause of all that is bad, resulting.

Respect also has to be seen to move beyond first impressions /face2face and keep that standard in actions. [Prima Facie]


[3] Kindness - Key Rule: I wish the best for you, for us and our future and my words will be matched by my actions / our actions, from respect.