Good Design Ideas for Adaptation:

Lars Stenmark of Uppsala University (Sweden)

New fuel of the New era: 

In this era, when we all are dependent upon exhaustible fossil fuels for transport, Lars Stenmark of Uppsala University (Sweden) has come up with a green alternative – Hydrogen balls. He believes that by storing hydrogen gas in small balls, we can overcome the risk of fires and explosions as storing the gas in a spherical form, will help it to withstand twice the pressure that a cylindrical form can. If the car crashes and the tank breaks, the hydrogen-filled balls would just spread out and roll away and the gas from any broken balls would simply seep out and disappear into the atmosphere, thus causing no harm to the environment.

Adaptation fundamental need: Tough, Light & with Thermal range. [TLT]

The main design for a space transit truck is withheld along with my re-entry vehicle design.

16mX4m2 single hull light Container & Habitat tri hull pressurized + portal/s.

50%-60% steel reduction, thermal parameters, Tweels & pressure cabin unit, & with remote capability.

Perfect. Just need to make it TLT [Tough, Light & Thermal] pressure capable, thermal capable, Tweels & BoB's ur uncle a short range run-about.

Luna skimmer: TLT with Tweels & appropriate thrusters.

Long-Range Truck & Trailers. Tweels, TLT. Battery sub section, solar panels & deployable solar sail.