Carbon Absorption & Clean City Air:

Home Town:

Can be Separated into 3 Catagories:

1. Country Wide & Urban

2. Industrial

3. Oeanic


Conflicts of approach:

Urban Hedgerows require costly maintenance & are unnecessary if Ground level pollution is abated by the introduction of Electric & electric priority hybrid propulsion in cities centres by a radius of effect & Carbon cleaned by a high tree 'canopy that will also produce a favourable micro climate & protect from wind surges.


1. Country wide & Urban:

Enviromental Priority Protocol: To Maximize a National muti-layered carbon absorption & a favourable enviromental micro climate.

Tree choices:

Penernial Trees:

1. Ground level foliage [Pines]

2. Low to medium height Pines {6m-30m}

3. Long Trunk [20-30m] High spread canopy {40-60m}

4. Sequoia - Long Reach Trunk to Cone extention [70-100+]


Hedgerows: Hedgerow ecology should be added to with *interspaced Long-trunk trees {near canopy contact} which should themselves be interspaced by Sequoia, Nationally. All Land Lay & Farming Land should have a minimum required tree density, According to regional line direction without compromising agrigultural capability. [Tree density relief where farming or hedgerow ecology would be over compromised.]

Land Lay Density: *

Woodland density & type overides: * / Sequoia interspaced.

Sub-Urban, Urban & City: * [A General Policy approach of Lateral defense with free space under the dual canopy protection.] ==== The sooner the the location plans are in place, the sooner the future canopy can be started for a predicted ratio of arrival to fully present & correct. And Life will go on better than before.

Coastal: [As the general prediction is: Winds will increase in Strength, Commonality with Gust Shearing being very damaging & dangerous. Wind from the sea will have the most amount of pre-landfall energy.] To counter this for the benefit of urbandized populations & to protect soft shoreline from wind erosion & to combat wave erosion, a 500m inshore barrier of 10-20-30metre Pine trees should be Planted, at & along all interspaces. All the way arround Britain reaching down to the beachline, just like coconut trees do.

Beyond 500m the high level pine trees should then be interspaced with the long-trunk canopy trees for a further 500m & then switch to the national standard protocol of the broad canopy interspaced with Sequoia with lines of Pine where necessary. 


2. Industrial: 

All industries should be running clean / carbon minimal release systems. Furthermore, sensible [No individual grand projects that would be counter productive & unessearily to priority human energies] technology developements should be applied.

The foremost idea is the inclusion of a filtration system in air turbine products. Namely jet engines, fuel or electric & wind turbines. Air is constantly moving through these devices & could be scrubbed cleaner as it passes through.


3. Oceanic:

The ocean already absorbs a vast amount of carbon but we must increase it with enhanced technologies. By far the best technologies are natural ones. Phyto species should be the target for genetic modification. Increasing the low temperature survivability of Prolifera sea weed & increasing its growth rate, we could create a mid Pacific colony that would multiply in size to match Australia in area. The rapid growth rate could force the ealier & heavier growth under water which would cause it to die & sink to the Abysal floor & take its growth carbon with it. The decomposition gasses are both heavier & more unstable & will decompose & fall to be absorbed by the water & dissolved in rain. The lighter gas of hydrogen with rise up and bleed off into space arriving at our Earth mass hydrogen atmospheric ratio. The monster that we will create should have a weakness to a chemistry for our ability to terminate or control it. [And Ideally a genetic kill capabilty that we can trigger as & when we need more carbon to be released into the atmosphere.]

Prolifera seaweed