Sir Trevor Bayliss
What else could he have thought of..

The current system and set up is not fair or just and it does not serve humanity with a productive incentive or adequate reward for endevour and developments. 

Global Governments should get together with business industries and the current patient set up and agree on a global rule in law.


A share for tallented work that generates profit should be globally protected and respected.

Humanity in a civilization with no value for Fainess & Justice is a humanity wallowing in an absence of integrity and honour.


1. £300 [or an average weeks wage] To register a patient, in any country. The registration date and patient is set 'perminantly' and globally [Subject to current international patient law duration] Globally.

2. If money is made by the use of the invention, the patient office receives 1% revenue for [Current] patient life.

3. The iternational patient office share the income, to all international outposts.



This is not just or fair - It is cunter productive to developement - Incentive follow-ups - Fair dispusement of wealth generated - And a corrupt advantage to the elite wealthy.


Trevor Bayliss:

'Inventor Trevor Baylis says he faces having to sell his house after failing to make money from his wind up radio and is now calling for the government to step into to protect inventors.'


''I'm living in poverty'': Inventor of the wind-up radio calls for stronger patent laws after being carved out of profits for his gadget



Considered Alterations:

4. 'Patent Life for 100 years'.

Patent Licences, Infringement & Payments:

5. The Patent Organisation international could take full authority to issue Licieences and collect Revenues.

6. The Patent Organization international could take full authority for Surveylance and Action to Protect Right from infringement and action [International judicial agreement and cooperation] for recovery of revenue and or cessation, without licience, including costs.

7. International Government agreement for judicial power to enforce law with criminal conviction and fines, to protect patent right for patentees and Nations of origin benefit.

8. Ratified by UN international Law [All UN Laws] backed up by agreed Sanctions rules and U.N Proximetary Task Forces.