Front wheels Drive - Power - Fight - Line - Tornado

My VW Scirocco Storm 1984.

Rear wheel drive cars can share the braking load between front & back as they approach a corner.

Front wheel drive cars have all of the loading on the front wheels. Because of this it is not conducive to use the gears as traction for slowing towards corners as much as rear wheel drive cars. The sudden gearing jerks the centre of gravity and twitches at the contact traction of the tyres.

It is best practice in front wheel drive cars to use the brakes smoothly {when needed} and gear down with Acceleration as a timed objective, to selection at the optimum Point for Power Up. Front wheel drive cars are better suited to earlier power up mid corner as the pull is less volatile to rear give, leaving front wheel spin traction loss as the main risk to cornering traction loss.


A track racing comment: 

Do not worry about body contact. You are all moving along in the same direction at roughly the same speeds. It is better to get a penalty or disqualified than it is to be overtaken. That is pointless and will become your place. Fight them – Charge forwards off the line looking for either side through – Never mind about good line into corner 1- Just announce your intent and startle the faster timed – Whatever your position turn 2 Barge for the best line on the corner – If you can get in side2side on any corner Use shoulder contact to stabilise you for Line Power Up – Don’t Touch That Fucking Brake Pedal! - unless you know for sure your tyres will give – When you accelerate, Make the car work 100% every Go Moment – Use the gears to their max sweet full potential, every time – Give the engineers something to do & don’t worry about the body workers – If your Roaring They will love all the hype.


Timed laps – know the track as much as possible & with warmed tyres {Stef’s Thinking}

Smooth line Screaming Tornado Granit Revine Blur, 800mph Accelerating Target Destroy!

Look Think Two Maneuvers Ahead..