Mars Terra Augmentation

Please Get Together To Make Us Happen..

It is merely fun to consider the above in our current space-time technology.

The reason to need the above is because of the quite ignorable but unavoidable fact that Mars lacks enough mass to hold onto an atmosphere to prevent it from evaporating into space and arriving back to its [situ] gravity gas balance. Even if the suface was heated, any resulting atmosphere would constantly be depleted as it would drift up and into space.

For Life on mars to be sustainable, for a survivable life cycle with offspring without genetic degradation, Mars will require more mass & a moon to create a megnetic field foremost & fractional but important geo heat second.

The partial solution is already in place - The asteroid belt.

[Time Dimensional Rethink: Because we will not be able to move ‘very large’ sized bodies when we become active in ability to move small objects out of and into orbits, it will be better to utilize the asteroid belt as a collective objective to form a moon for Mars. Mass increase can be created in a longer-term project from the Kuiper belt & comet intercepts, by the same method chosen. Creating a moon for Mars first will importantly add a small but significant increase in protection [for the first reconnaissance / settlement of humans on the surface, prior to the mass expansion phase] by adding a relative magnetic field from the mass to oblique orbit set, by the collection of the asteroids in the belt, into a single planetoid satellite.]

Even taking our puny current spatial ability into consideration, Freeman Dyson offers a technical concept solution - Project Orion and its Nuclear Pulse Propulsion.

Imagine if you will; The Eifel Tower, or a cube frame [As a Drone/s] drifting around the asteroid belt, landing on size-max choice asteroids, and like a motor boat, BOOM, BOOM.., a low kiloton pulse of an energy, directs the asteroid on its way to an intercept with Mars orbit. And then onto the next choice. If there were 10 drones [working together on the bigger ones] and dependant on max yield tolerances and energy mass limits - Mars could have a collected moon in an oblique orbit of [100,000km - 160,000km ?] in 100-200 years, of perhaps 150km diameter [including Phobos & Demios] with an overall size objective of 800km diameter?


If / when the comet asteroid capture & the asteroid belt becomes depleted [Estimated mass 4% of our moon] and before the Mars Lunar & Mars mass increase is adequate to create enough combined additional energy to hold on to the solar bio formed atmosphere and create a megnetic field, a longer term Keiper collection drift should be undertaken in tandem with the asteroid collection and any Comet intercepts. 

For a long-term future Mars may have to be vacated temporarily for the plan to increase Mars's mass. 

Further future developments in technology from manipulating and harnessing string frequencies for spacial effect, should be able to create and vary a gravity centre.

To that end a moon choice could be towed into orbit to provide a magnetic field to further protect the atmosphere, reduce surface radiation and generate geological heat to add to the warmth of the 'new' atmosphere. Existing water will be liberated and become a shallow tidal cycle. My first choice consideration is Europa.

The next steps are Gaia 101. Seed the water with phytoplankton’s and weed and wait for it to adjust the atmosphere from carbon dominant to nitrogen dominant with a convenient simultaneous release of oxygen. Stock the water with a base marine eco-system. 'Give-a-man-a-fish. - Teach-a-man-how-to terraform a life supporting sustainable cycle, for a family size - and you can call it {home} 'Earth'.

Project Orion

Big Rock.?..Bigger..

Kuiper belt