Marijuana - and all its apples...

Everyone has read,‭ ‬seen or heard about a scientific politico view of imbibing Marijuana

Weed,‭ ‬Grass,‭ ‬Cannabis,‭ ‬Dope,‭ ‬Skunk.‭ '‬They don't call it DOPE for nothing.‭'

Psychosis,‭ ‬Schizophrenia,‭ ‬Dilutions,‭ ‬Breakdown.‭ ‬IMPRISONMENT.

Stroke,‭ ‬Cardiovascular disease,‭ ‬Cancer,‭ ‬DEATH.

There is no statistical score for marijuana use negative outcomes that beats Alcohol use negative outcomes.

‭''‬No one comes home after smoking weed and feels like beating their wife.‭'' ‬-‭ ‬George Michael.

Alcohol is far more damaging to the health of the body from medium to high, long-term use than marijuana.‭ ‬The alteration to behaviour is far more aggressive and volatile with alcohol‭
than the typical reflective and experiential effect of marijuana.‭ ‬Far more damage is done to the family unit with alcohol than marijuana.‭ ‬Alcohol use for some is destructive by use,‭ ‬whereas the main destructive force, to the family from marijuana use is the objection based on it's illegality and 'educated' danger.‭


That is not to ignore marijuana's negative effects:‭ ‬First time use is subject to negative environmental influences.‭ ‬Peer pressure and prank quality introduction along with a disappointment in obvious effects compared with alcohol which can lead to a‭ '‬boring‭' ‬first experience.‭
Marijuana has a sedative effect physically and mentally‭ {‬along with the bonus psychotropic changes‭} ‬that if taken at night leads to a desire to sleep in late and a slight drowsiness before a good breakfast of oats builds your blood energy.

Some marijuana's have negative sensations.‭ ‬The bad's can be categorised as:

1.‭ ‬Negative physical‭ ‬inward focused mind.‭ [‬Levels‭ ‬-1-5‭]

‬2.‭ ‬Negative social interaction effect.‭ The 'Creep's' feelings of, and confusion or spontaneous laughing. ‬

3.‭ '‬The Horror's.‭' ‬Which usually manifests itself as discomfort,‭ ‬mental then physical,‭ ‬leading to claustrophobia,‭ ‬gasping for breath and a rapid exit into the fresh air or panic and unnecessarily phoning for help.‭ [‬To a final bollocking.‭] ‬Antidote: Sugary liquids, the fresh air and 5 minutes. Some people like the stronger negative strains,‭ ‬seek them out and thrive on them.‭

4. Constant daily use‭ {‬of any strength‭} ‬over a period of time‭ {‬starting around a month‭} ‬Can lead to‭ [‬i‭] ‬building paranoia,‭ ‬that can lead to unnecessary actions that leads to confrontation.‭ ‬Along with a generally‭ [‬ii‭] ‬subdued nature,‭ ‬your‭ [‬iii‭] ‬negative reactions to others negative reactions to frustrations related to your new nature and associated behaviours‭ [‬iv‭] ‬could lead to conflicts in the family and outside.‭ ‬Combine the four and you have a possible recipe for counter social‭ ‬/‭ ‬anti social behaviour clashing with judgments of civil authority and a diagnosis of psychosis,‭ ‬schizophrenia,‭ ‬a police caution,‭ ‬a criminal record or being sectioned.‭

Key Rule:‭ '‬Moderation‭' ‬in all things‭ ‬-‭ ‬Take Weeks to months off it,‭ ‬to clear your mind of it.‭ An annual lent is a good idea or if you start to feel anctious or in a contantly worried state.

There are health risks with marijuana, as there are with sugar, fat and air pollution but we are allowed to choose how much we increase some of our risk levels against our health.‭

The Biggest risk to your health and 'freedom' by marijuana is POLITICS and the law and gang.‭

‬Like most people‭ ‬-‭ ‬new trends - The controllers‭ ‬‬are nervous of the unknown.‭ ‬Especially stodgy old,‭ ‬old fashioned types with a vested interest in the continuality of the status quo.‭ Or a risk averse attitude to changing the status quo. ‬The initial reports would have included‭ '‬Psychotropic,‭ ‬Reflective‭ {‬induces thinking‭} & ‬Lazy.‭'
"You mean they may stop working and more complaining‭?!" "‬BAN IT‭!"


What is it like to be high on marijuana‭?‬:

The first feeling after you inhale burned marijuana is nothing.‭ ‬It takes‭ ‬3-8‭ ‬minutes to notice a subtle slowing of your senses to stimulation of any type that is in your environment.‭ ‬TV,‭ ‬music,‭ ‬book reading,‭ ‬social interaction etc etc.‭ ‬Your brain is processing the information slower but that allows your deeper processing to view it in a slightly different way.‭ ‬Interesting things become in focus in a slightly different way.‭ ‬Irritating things that you are suppressing fatigue towards something or someone, become more irritating and you seek to change your scene or seek solitude.‭ ‬It is why family get left downstairs while you smoke in your room.

In a quiet environment,‭ ‬where you are focused on one thing‭ {‬a 'manuka' focus‭} ‬Music‭ {‬you know and like for example‭} ‬becomes new by revealing its lyric meaning or deeper,‭ ‬revealing the obvious creative inspiration for the artist,‭ ‬that you had not seen or thought of previously.‭ ‬A whole new enjoyment can be had.‭ ‬TV drama,‭ ‬the news,‭ ‬interviews,‭ ‬all look slightly different to a marijuana mind. I find some alcohol increases the effect & enjoyment & I always have clean water to hand.

This state of mind is interesting,‭ ‬revealing,‭ ‬provoking of thought and leads many to inspiration and creativity in production.‭

Socially I find marijuana to be of no use.‭ ‬People to me are a tricky cocktail and I prefer to interact in all ways sober.‭ ‬Even family,‭ ‬friends and besties are preferable when I am in a single socially focused state.‭ ‬Others enjoy or carry on regardless,‭ ‬largely unaffected by the slight changes to chemistries.‭

Why I smoke marijuana:
For me it is a solo thing.‭ {Occationally Once a month or Sunday's} ‬It is a joy of recreational transgressions of intellect and tilted focus entertainment.‭ ‬A reflective tool for formulating ideas and reviewing ideas from the deeper processing mental refraction.‭ ‬I have learned that Slowing Down is good for developmental creative action and greater‭ and ‬deeper for results.

Carl Sagan 1934-1996 [62]

'I, Jumped to full inward creativity with the careful [after a trusted intro] of a private setup evening, to the use of LSD.' - Steve Jobs. 35 years old - [Timothy Leary died aged 75]