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[1] Human Society [2] Evolving the Game [3] Millennium Life [4] Truth & Reality 101
[5] Tomorrow Never Dies

[1] Human Society:
The greatest hindrance to the development of the human individual and vis a vis society is ignorance. The only ignorance that should exist is by choice. The government {like a good responsible, sensible parent} must lay out the facts, preferences and the main alternatives, as a plan for the foundation of the outcome of childhood. Or other forces will fill or filter into a void. As it is; If you leave it to Larkin and the free trading media with historic faiths as a solace to fall back, you get the cake from that recipe; [Pathologies’, Consumer desire, Image values and Cultural values tearing along with archaic philosophies, as the prescribed options. Or degenerate outcomes including; Hustle, Con, Abscond, Abstain, mental disintegration or just more feralized behaviour, as an alternative life within 'the near poverty state.']

Three of the four words that Tony Blair said that I liked were "Education, education, education." The fourth being 'Goodbye.' With the failure to orchestrate an effective result from the governments ideal intent for an improvement in education [to their objectives] the education system has been left primarily bureaucracy heavy which reaches through to the learners. Also syllabuses have been altered to serve statistics countered by a minor rebellion to subject biases. These are failures for the leaner’s.

I suggest that value be put entirely on content and a high standardised delivery [partly automated] National Base line [compulsory] Audio-Video modules should be agreed and made for national delivery. Covering all of the essential ages and information’s*. Once that is in place, leave it to the teachers to cover, recap, and questionnaire for understanding assessment, after each module. Further subject specifics and faith based alternatives can then be undertaken. With the modules informing, the government can let off, step back [aside from the monitoring delivery dept] and watch the philosophies of facts lift the population values of choices in society and judge the value of the effect of the teaching specifics upon economic outcomes.

A philosophy led existence of The Self-improvement, with increases towards quality of Life-Style, thought, art, action, expanding in coexisting peaceful exploratory balance.

[2] Evolving The Game:
It is clear to me and I am sure that by 2050 it will be chaotic historical fact that not protecting the interests of a people of a land and their resources {circa 1980-2080} results in abject disorientation and depletion.

The 3 primary threats to the economy of a nation state {the people of a land} are [a] The movement of revenue out by other national interest. [b] The absence of a tax boundary for the benefit of the nation state {the people on the land} [c] An abandonment of the fundamental need for the safe standard of self-reliance.

For an economic model to have some permanent stability it needs to have agreed base lines fixed for at least 2 decades. [Including the prices of core essential products] And once a balance has been observed by a government interested in sustained balance for the benefit of the nation {the people of the land} it should be adopted with centuries in mind and enshrined in a progressive iron clad, black and white Constitution*.

For the benefit of a nation state and for the safety of a people of a land, fiscal community boundaries must be in place. {ideally within a replicated interactive framework.}
If we take a community baseline of 50million people on a standardized area of 150,000 km2 {Or below} - We should Start With* [1]All region income & gdp tax is payable in region, no exemptions. {All types of exports & imports are accountable and Any deviation from the intention is criminal.}

This Nations Corporate / company law must do more to protect and serve the benefits of the workforce. {in the whole absence of corporate self governance & evasion of objective.} 

I suggest that in addition to a relevant minimum wage and standard time limits that 20% of the profits of a corporation / company be distributed accordingly between the workforce as a share of interest in the business. Furthermore a law could be considered that wealth over 100 million be subject to 50% into a philanthropic organisation. A law to create a trust {family conveyor} to benefit ongoing descendants. Obligated from over 50 million wealth to a maximum of 10 million per year.

These changes as a base of an adjustment & control to wealth attitude will benefit all including the Rich {this generation or the next} to revalue their game and see the benefits of the change and the damage they were building.


[3] Millennium Life:
As technology steams ahead, it is leaving government gripping onto the dark ages. This is counterproductive, dangerous for government and society and is an unnecessary fear of change for the better all round. A modernized information live government would better serve the interests of the people with more rapid ability to evolve, for the nation, held within a New Millennium Constitution.

In the coming years [it has been opined] {accurately beyond statements, i believe} that robotic products will became the next revolution to human existence. With a workforce out of need and work, there will be a long overdue need for a 'new human philosophy for life'. The changes will be essential for individuals to understand and adjust to the coming changes to life and time. The above philosophical changes will be essential to the individuals understanding of life & time. Living in a world of learning, personal and artistic development along with hobbies and interests {many being technology, society, engineering & science} that will serve society well. {With an agreement to an obligation to serve some portion of time for the state, if needed} The people of society will be a majority recreational or personal time population.

In this state, The State must switch from one type of economy {invention} to another.
I suggest the adoption of a common wealth type model.

Every child born is automatically allocated a 10 million trust fund for life. Interest generated from a fixed base rate of 3%. A .25% is accessible by the parents or parental guardians for each child for their expenses of upbringing. [Parental access % Ends at 20 years of age, per child.] At age 16 a .25% is accessible to the young adult. At 18 an increase to .50% is accessible. At 21 an increase to 1.% and at 28 a further increase to 2.% is accessible. This will teach the person to budget and enchorage them to plan for their life. Upon death the allocation reverts to fund, credit, number availability. There is no credits limit. The income is Tax Free.


Such a transition will face two major obstacles. 

1. The rest of the world that [if not agreed to the switch] will take capitalist advantage out of a separated economy. No matter how ring fenced the currency and Britain’s international trading will suffer and face financial attacks from all sides. Additionally political pressure will be used against such a move unless internationally agreed as the next big move for global financial and population management. Furthermore global / international projects of mutual interest that will require financial / human energy and resource commitment and investment will be unlikely to succeed until both the capitalist system [that is in competition for costs and profits] will need to be at an end. In order for that to occur there will need to be political agreement and harmony [bringing an end to the current state of hostility, rancour and competition.]

2. The people will need to be prepared for such a huge change to life in a new society. [The worst thing that we could do, would be to suddenly give every adult person throughout society today £200,000 [tax free] pounds a year. It would cause a noveux riche gluttony and ruin their lives and quite probably kill very many in only a few years. It would be the same [as it will be] as making all alcoholic drinks free for everyone, all of the time.]

The best way would be to have achieved a well taught and understood [new human philosophy of life] [a kind of kindred metaphor for a combination of an Aquarian Jedi living on a StarTrek Earth.]

That such a philosophy is years away [as is the antiquity of Religions of yester Millennia’s] or even  accepted or understood or even discussed let alone promoted through the current new trend of mobile devices that are primarily transmitting consumer desire in every form] means that a lower more imperfect but subtle roll out will be required to hasten the millennial speed that it will take for capitalism and philosophy to move naturally towards human equity under egalitarian government committed to big unified endeavours.

Imperfect and subtle:

The ‘new’ philosophy of life must be explained [and accepted]. Teachers must be in place and ready from primary school through to A-level at 18. After school clubs [positive occupation for all children] must be established to eliminate general afternoon and evening delinquency and the feral cultures that exist through Britain. [The neglect and low repeating standards of ‘some’ parents must be addressed by the Great Benefactor Parent, once and for all for all generations to come].

No person should leave school with somewhere for them to be going on to. Whether it is a junior apprenticeship, training for a trade or higher education, academic or professional. [Hobbies of the ‘fully transitioned’ future will cover every aspect of society and some service / involvement will be coveted by everyone person.]

As the first generation taught the ‘new philosophy and the future financial structure’ starts to have children, their children will be added to the communal wealth population list. £10 million and the parental % will start. Their [the new] children will then grow up learning the ‘new society’ while living partly in it. By the third generation the children will be living in the fully transitioned society.

The above will only be possible [and worth commencing] after Robots have developed enough to have started to become the primary workforce for all mechanised, risky and repetitive jobs.

However the philosophy could be commenced, agreed and established a the default human philosophy of life from the second quarter of the 21st Century and 200 Millennia after the emergence of our human species.


Tomorrows Taxation:


[4] Truth & Reality 101:
Make No Mistake; Global climate change is Un-stoppable and Un-changeable, currently. Even all of the economically punitive actions will amount to no more than cleaner industrial areas {with associated economic hardship} But the fossils are going to be released into the atmosphere faster this century and five times {5x} the quantity, than the last 150 years. Period.

At about 2080 - 2110 we can look forward to and expect the global temperature to max at 6C. Atmospheric water vapour will further blanket earth and increase sea level pressure by 2-3 bar. This will increase the partial pressure of all pollutants inhaled. Sea level rise will be around the 60 meter level. The methane cascade will be long finished and the kinetic movement of the atmosphere will be in a near permanent and continuous state of coalescing grade-4 hurricanes. Furthermore the blanket will compound geological heat which will start escaping in seismic and volcanic releases. Much much larger than we have ever experienced. Welcome to planet Hell. Panic Not.   

Ironically, the faster we move through this phase the sooner we will force the emergence and build-up of noctilucent clouds and start descending into the cold phase of this cycle that we have {population evolution recoil cycle} added to. Our Human Species needs to have as many people as possible in balance on planet earth. Only natural uncontrollable forces should work against population.

Good news; We do not need to utilise genetic modification for life on storm earth. It will be a little tricky but we will be fine. Our communities, even exposed ones will do well, in balance, to carry us through the hot phase before the cold phase brings the opposite thermal stresses, under storm earth. Eventually Earth {the atmosphere} will be depleted during the latter part of the cold cycle {with visible storm induction taking place} to deposit the dissolved and congealed atmosphere on the poles.

When spring breaks, it will be down to our descendants to manage our atmospheric balance on earth with production and absorption weaving through an acceptable band width. Hopefully technology would have been discovered that will give us unlimited clean energy.

It is vitally important for human safety and to give us more to think about, while we ride out this peaking cycle, to venture in to space. With a concerted effort and designs*, for large scale space living, as well as having communities on the moon and mars, we could ensure our survival on earth and create other enviroments for development and relief. Mars offers us {with 'key minor adjustment' } an occupation that could number in the hundreds of millions. But by far the most important and achievable plan will be space station/citadels orbiting at roughly 1.3AU. A preliminary design plan unit{station} should house 10,000 people each comfortably and sustainably. 

There is no benefit to a people, a government or humanity to conceal, delude or fudge a debate around the facts {Known since the 70's U.K.} that will have to be dealt with one sooner day. It would be {is} far better and safer to deal with some panicked and shallow thinking than to run along into tomorrow with a bunch of ill prepared disorganised refugees. {Humanity!} Remember the good order on the Titanic to the temperate sound of the string quartet. If Only there was a stronger Captain or good thinking authoritative regulations in place.

[5] Tomorrow Never Dies:
The Earth {Planet} is fine. It is in no danger. It never was and never will be. It is all part of the process of atomic evolution, in play at a planetary level. And terraforming is the biggest bestest game to play. Global changes at a Geological level, at an Atmospheric level and at a surface level is all part of the evolutionary process and has given rise to our existence, development, successes and failures.
We are not the first species here to have tipped the balance against us but we are the first to be able to deal with it, survive it and learn from it.