[1] Unsustainable Growth: [2] Unfair Rewards: [3] Societal Disintegration, Political Rebellion & Anarchy: [4] Societal & Human Setback:


As it is;

[1] Unsustainable growth:
There is a saying; 'Something's gotta give.' In an economic model set to continuous growth within constantly varying standards of setup, in a competitive field of other constantly varying standards of set up, within a finite space in growing populations, {irrespective of economic philosophy} competing for share, something’s gotta give. And it will give completely at the end of space for growth. It's a physics thing.

Other factors prior may get in the way of free market growth for profit, namely [i] those without profit and an unacceptable life that provokes reaction for action. [ii] Economic deserts created by corporate free movement, producing a rotation of third world opportunity, in the old west and a violent rebalancing. [iii] A Geo political dominance in the game resulting in either an alteration of values, or propaganda for the game to undergo a rebalancing by legitimized military adjustments.

And the Elephant in the room of Climate change, changing the climate to hinder the trouble free occupation of mammalian life on earth, as it one day, could have been.


[2] Unfair Rewards:
In western Europe, society has come a long way along the slow road of times of life in the drudge of the groove. Pick a date in the history of society and compare the Quality of Life for its citizens every 500 years or start from 5000 bc. You will find yourself first saying 'Things are about to get better.' And then find yourself repeating the words 'Where did it go so wrong? I could point many fingers but solutions are better than accusations. You will find that where society under the grand controls of its day where present, the secondary controls in place enforced poverty or 'near poverty' without argument or rebellion, mostly. This is important as this status continues in western Europe today, {although with growth in quality of life} but remaining in the 'near poverty state.'

If we look at society near the beginning of larger communal living and the extended sharing of tasks {as exist today in certain regions}{and for that matter pre communal extensions that also exist today} we see a quality of life that is significantly lacking the strife experienced throughout Europe by its majority citizens, in the post Roman Empire Centuries.

Where there is a lacking of resources we can understand and see the rationing of supply and the giving of service and the sacrifice of individual wellbeing for the benefit of the health and survival of the family collective. But where there was no lacking of resource but a lack of supply, long enough to lull demand into a stupor of energy resource, you have to wonder who does this benefit? Certainly not the human condition or the family collective, of a society.

This inherited situation fed into the entrepreneurial individual drive that was the foundation of the United States of America. It's emigres that had to leave the immovable, unstoppable stagnation of plod footed dominance, founded America's free enterprise country with liberty and freedom to move forward {with change at the heart of all problem solving} and with profit valued, respected and philosophically projected, within its country. It is an example of a mutation creating change in an evolutionary cul-de-sac. Time has been the force for slow positive evolution in Western Europe, as has the un-ignorable success of the American example.

The quality of life in America in the 50's & 60's {although without much free time built in to the mechanism} made the citizens of America look as though their society was on a course to produce a societal quality for its people to live within that would be a defining change in the standards achievable by a nation for its people. Sadly the rising curve value changed. Taxes increased and costs were constantly under attack along with the people at that end to their further loss. And so backwards into the mire of the strife of hand to mouth dependency and to the ‘'near poverty state.'

In Western Europe we are worse off {as we always have been} Taxes are higher for the low paid, as are the higher bands of taxes for the moderately low paid. Costs were higher but so were the prices. Indirect taxes were higher & increased along with the creation of VAT that further pushed up prices and costs throughout. All the time the complexity of the tax system benefitted the resourced and skilled wealth generators, to the detriments of any one nation.
Furthermore a second beneficiary of the wealth generators was any individual government. Inefficiency is good for government employment numbers. {it was only a few years ago that a socialist government under the Blair years was democratically prevented from expanding government numbers and salaries and therefore costs by making councillors democratically elected and salaried. Multiplying the cost of government tenfold was prevented, much to the chagrin and confusion of John Prescott.}  

With inefficiency and complexity at the core of government existence and with the people of a nation taxed on overwork and underpayment, the quality of life and the development of society of a Nation {the people of a land} and the neighbours of Nations remain hobbled, dogged, fatigued and beleaguered in the stagnation of the lull footed dominance of the 'near poverty states.'


[3] Societal Disintegration, Political Rebellion & Anarchy:
No kidding. In today’s footstep on the road along the pathway to the culmination of the ambition of global free trade economic prosperity for all. We, you, me and Them are all headed for a grinding fall from the illusion of a comfortable {prosperous} society for all. {even in the minimum.} With socialism only managing to define the moderately low paid as the wealthy, who are the winners? Certainly not the Rich because between the workforce rebellion and society collapsing under the needs of the masses, taking what is being denied to them and the predictable Raptor attitude to the power politik. The market society will collapse, with the military and the other forces of the state, right behind the rebellion for the rejection of the path of lies, stupidity and exploitation.

The rich, of money and influence will slowly have nowhere to go to get away from the excisement of their Sick kind. Sick. Yes, it is a sickness. An addiction to a game of prosperity. More money. Much More Money, beyond any amount anyone could possibly need. Just Like a squirrel gone bonkers in an oak forest, committing its entire life to gathering acorns. The competition only exciting them more, to recruit, to gather more while denying acorns throughout their organization to build their mountain cave of acorns. They may die, their inheritors may carry on and the game may get bigger. It may compound in activities, over greater areas and find new competition from other mountain squirrels to excite the vibrancy of the game further but the end is not good. If the game is played without benefit to the shoulders of the people, {as it is} then the insanity of the energies of coercion and dependants {the very people [brothers & sisters] of planet earth will kill the rich and power politik to once again change the endeavour.

We laugh at the stupidity of the ignorance & naivety of the phrase attributed to the French Queen Aristocrat Marie Antoinette "Why are they rioting?" 'Because there is no food.' "Let them eat cake!" But the same fate is coming for the capitalist elites and the nouveau nobility of the colluding power politik and its Marie Antoinette's. Nicolae Ceaușescu is not a historical incident from the dark ages of a past repressive empire. And if the rule of law were to have the gall to pop up from under its wooden parapet, they too will be rebooted by the millions going without by design.

Aristocracy, Nobility and the other assumed title of Divinity is so silly to be headed head-long through history to their obvious, inevitable and wholly avoidable Armageddon. When the recoil of the status quo comes, {and it may only come when the climate destroys the unpreparedness of the infrastructure, plunging society into darkness, clean waterless and foodless} the release of the energy lined up by a uniform attitude attributed to the elite and the politik's lies and unnecessary exploitation will be dominant. The attitude and action maybe made worse by a 'if we are all going to die anyway..' The people may commit their energies {one way or another} to burning, whipping, bathing in salt and burning again before eating the architects and beneficiaries of the plight of the people democratic! That is a good definition of a hungry revolution, as was. This is an avoidable revolution that I do not want to see, this century or next.

[3] Addendum:

The Bilderberg Group [& others]: An annual meeting of Ferengi for the peaceful acquisition of the globe.

The CFR [Council on Foreign Relations]: Is the Executive branch of The Bilderberg Group operation to influence & smooth the path to Global Commerce Dominance.

The Downside to the above is that their [Ferengi] objective does not serve humanity & will leave humanity wanting & in danger because of its fixation with the invented unnatural game of wealth aquisition without responsibility for a wider value.

The Result will be the triple whammy of the disintegration of humanity by 1. The spread of economic poverty & enslavement 2. Global Environmental Changes that put pressure on human habitation of regions & the planet in time. 3. Violent uprisings because of Inequity, Political Governance in abstentia [having given in to being hijacked by commerce] & Cultural Religious conflicts growing beyond idealism & into the fight for resources. 

Negligence with incorrect planning. {But Not By All!}


[4] Societal and social setback:

Based on the above conclusion of a sequence of this {physics} cycle, I do not need to expand much more. But to say that the 'Chances of humanity being Prepared for Storm Earth, being on-the expansion into local space and onto other planitia, while waiting for and rebalancing atmosphere earth, for a better future and Survival {of more than just an unplanned chance refugee survivor outcome} will Be Massively Reduced.'