The Ugly EU Truth of Fact

''I want this country to realize that we stand on the edge of oblivion. I want every man, woman and child to understand how close we are to chaos. I want everyone to remember why they need us!'' - Every Imperialist/dictators word view.

'Empire of the union'

Conceptualised by Fascists

Flawed in attitude

Subversive in application

Adopted by the tired & nervous victors

Hijacked by the vermin of remnant imperialists

Subversion disguised behind devolving dreaming liberals

Greed piggy backing on errant Socialism - Trickery to isolate control... 

Undemocratic Controls [Spatacus!] [The Pace is so slow the mind wonders off. Editing is needed to void the blanks - Basic rules missing. Rodney’s tone could also be more engaging!] [Could have worn a tie, had better sound & kept a more manly tone] [A Little over condemning in conclusion]

Brexit: May 29 2017: Back to the beginning of WW1 trench warfare. 

This is war for Britain - Not just a deal is the prize - The long-term economic collapse, the capitulation & the ultimate absorption of Britain by the Victorious European Union.

Unless Britain Cuts & Runs Hard our only Hope is that the foolhardy migration action causes the disintegration of Commission Control and therefore its purpose for existence.

Bizarrely, for all the talk of freedom & Democracy, The very existence of the Commission & its visible behaviour has been Constantly Supported, Excused {ignored} & Protected by the so called democratic representatives. The Bribes including general disbursements & the golden glow of the off lay of responsibility & therefore accountability, is one myopic cause.

Idealism and the blind trust in idealists in both their Naivety & as the Wolf in Christian garb, has lead us here and still finds strong support by ideal.. Germania currently lives in La Germania.

Long Live Britain - Long Live The Queen.

I am a Nationalist & i am...

Oppression & Exploitation in All Forms Must Be Outlawed by Constitutional & Genuine Guideline Equity adopted voluntarily by Independent nation states with a freedom to alter, Rights.

The Commission [of the 'E.U']

A Self Appointed Government - 

The Commission was set up from the start to act as an independent supranational authority separate from governments.

The members are proposed by their member state governments [a recent addendum]. However, they are bound to act independently – neutral from other influences such as those governments which appointed them, independent of democracy, in a control design.

[Unappointed, Unelected, Unconnected and unaccountable directly to Democratic Elected Heads of State's or any constitutional control at all.]

- Of Pirates.

Alarm bells should have been ringing from the conception of this design control. It is a sequel rehash of The Roman Empire with democracy [steadily being] reduced to elected mayors and police chief's only to restrict and reduce argument, petition and protests [politics.] 

Jean claude Juncker: [Or any Commission or Council President]

Summary Part1: 'Brexit negotiations are to be used as a warning of hopeless delays & financial destruction to any other member state that tries this against us. Before populism dies & the E.U unity Re-Strengthens & Grows under the Commission into an eventual Global 'agreement.'

This evident mafia type brain is the Commission.

Who we can ellect and what they can do is changing immeasurably.

The E.U [Commission] is known to be an unelected un-appointed ‘group’ of individuals, unanswerable to any elected heads of states, of any of the member states. This situation [of a self formed government] has been allowed to have authority [legally & illegally signed up by ['democratic'] nation states & the E.U parliament cooperate & play along with their mandates to vote, banking their salaries and claiming their expenses, blindly moving forward with the grand plans provided with the fundamental ‘old style’ errors compounding, unchanged into ‘the expansionist’ solution of a future failure ‘yet unseen or admitted’ as “it will not be for us to decide but the next generation” of the next line of ignorant blinded illiterate social democrats to face, after ‘we have fulfilled our career paths and enjoyed those pensions.’

A self appointed, self formed government [in an old style of financial influence] leading the 'former' nation states on a flawed path of money lending, debt [from socialist incompetence] in the absence of a regulated 'working model', homogenizing controls to create capital market uniformity & group market controls to avoid free market competition, riddled with E.U legal loop-holes of Commission benefit, while attempting to compete their [flawed] economic model on the international stage and set the E.U example as a global model for a future international global government.

The Commission's conduct: [As a pure Pirate Elite] [i] It’s unelected determined undemocratic zeal in progressing the E.U project over all and any objections or concerns. [ii] Aggressive patriarchal directorates infringing on cultural differences & regional control choices, upsetting, angering and alarming regional member states, democratically elected governing bodies, leading to 'Populism'. [iii] Excessive extravagant expenses and gravy train use of member state annual financial contributions & a casual lack of concern for the 6billion euro's missing every year. [iv] Reckless money lending to weak, corrupt & novice governments without investment guidance or controls has descended the E.U union to near & looming collapse of the union & the euro [v] A lack of risk assessment & long-term planning towards the effects of regional migration pressures {Brexit} and the risk of open boarders.

By Bribing their way to creating an empire, the commissions first effects are the problems that we have.

"There will be rebalancing but my conviction remains the same. Europe has to be the bedrock on which European citizens can lean in order to push ahead and construct the EU further for their safety, security, defence and prosperity." - Michel Barnier

Say's the Butcher to the blood in the abattoir.

'A Hungarian government spokesman said the vote was designed to “send a clear message” to Brussels that the will of the people could not be “overridden by a handful of bureaucrats and their delusional idea of a greater good”.'

From an article about Junker attempting to face off a 'populist revolt' to the anger and disenfranchisement of the populous attitudes that were the very basis of Brexit.…/juncker-commission-to-launch-…/

The Hungarian statement above and the ongoing attitude of Junker, marked by another late over confident move is writing on the wall of the denial of the cement boots they have cast for the future of their Union.

Prime Minister Theresa May's strength in outlining the British peoples will may well turn out to be more a question of establishing Britain's credibility for future agreements with individual member states, after the probable sudden dissolution of the commission.

I see the Commission and its unelected dark faced tissue paper empire builders becoming the old bourgeoisie and may become the focus of another vengeful revolution.

Issue Article 50 - Then rip up their game play rule book and Enact Independence. And Negotiate an open market from a mutually balanced market. Eliminating their control and advantage is the only way not to be filleted.

Never mind about the efficiency of the Nazi's, The Commission are not invading their neighbouring countries to take control of them all. The Commission are taking applications for their trading zone & their Currency and signing countries up to legal obedience and 'freedom of movement of assets.'

The Commissioners exist unelected hiding in plain sight behind a parliament of satisfied debaters agreeing all the way to the 'ideal', ignoring & unaffected by any alerts.

Today the Commission is in a self declared fight against 'populism.' Tomorrow populism becomes more dangerous & illegal and their representative spokes persons are described as extremist and criminal.

And then populism is crushed & the people are no longer listened to because they are bad and their elected representatives are in prison and hey-presto, The Commission Are the safe democratic solution Dominion.

Why does so few people see the Commission as a very dangerous undemocratic political expansion, unfolding in slow motion into a dictorate of a controlling empire from the suffocating minds of a few. In Fact. Who are the conspiritors to this or are the media blind or blinded?

Summary Part2: The Commissioners Punitive Strategy is: To Bring a mire of an economic future for Britain [if they are allowed to be free to do so] and await political gains [with the help in favour of a Pro Euro Union State] for another referendum and win - our Full Willing Subjugation.

3 Reasons why the EU is failing:

1‭ ‬Compound Inequity‭. ‬2‭ ‬Greed Over Patriotism‭ & Culture. ‬3‭ ‬FOOLS Rushing‭ ‬-‭ ‬FOR WARS.
1. ‬Primary country variations: Have been ignored and were only dealt with by assuming time will bring about balance. This nergligent myopia has plunged minor and recent joining countries into dept‭ ‬-‭ ‬The circulation of‭ '‬inspiration money‭' ‬has been counterproductive without vision or ambition being [in real terms] at the centre of economic growth [over their idealist state ambition] has further spiraled non-performing member states into a negative reactive centrifuge, as their dominant controlling force‭ ‬-‭ ‬with idealism spasming against a goliath of dominating controls & parliamentary democracy gridlock. A constipated gridlock in the [Old Style] of Empire,‭ ‬too slow and blinkered to view the swing of the electorates‭ '‬populist‭' ‬democracy‭ ‬-‭ ‬Dominant Multi-National plans for [Empire] causing the spread and congenital threat of a cerebral cancer of Oneism a century premature.‭]
The single market:‭ ‬Hobbled,‭ ‬it will be stifled by yet more rapid changes.‭ ‬With less focus on an investment future due to the lack of logic in application [of planning] and with human social nature,‭ ‬leading to a deeper [democratic] socialist turn for any solidity of fairness, balance and assurance.
2. [Money4Joining‭!] By Bribing their way to creating an empire,‭ ‬the commissions first effects are the problems that we/they have‭ + The electorate:‭ ‬Let down,‭ ‬marginalised,‭ ‬its concerns vilified after naively being plunged into a spectrum of dangers,‭ ‬will abandon yet further their faith in the political class.‭ ‬With a socialist backbone the likelihood is that government constitutions of modern conduct will be added.‭
The blinkered denial of danger:‭ ‬Like a pre-programmed robot mouse in a maze with a faulty map,‭ ‬the political class will continue being committed without the ability to see the next berg in the line. And The Commission [The UnElected Appointed, inherrited, Masters of old style Empire building] is at the head, heart & Back of the E.U.
Propaganda:‭ ‬Is already fully engaged beyond‭ '‬acceptable‭' ‬politics against the attitudes of the electorate and other enemies of Imperial control.‭ ‬The immediate future sees a build up of propaganda away from the losses of open borders,‭ ‬racial dilution and economic reverse and focus on 'international pressures' to hold together minds for unity, as protection with investment driving forward, a military economy.‭
3. [i] War provocation & build-up:‭ ‬At the end of the Soviet era the then leaders of America took full advantage of the weakened state of Russia and manipulated changes to boarders that while advantageous strategically would almost certainly lead to reaction in the future,‭ ‬as we see happening in Crimea,‭ ‬the Ukraine and Poland.‭ ‬The situation is not far‭ ‬removed from the grievance felt by the Nazi's at the outcome of the First World War and the motivation to get back the Sudetenland.‭ ‬The U.S is not good at making friends and Roman Dominance is the only history they seem to want.‭ ‬The E.U [Shares that with the U.S] {including a difused resident population control} but meanwhile appear impotent with regard‭ ‬to‭ ‬developments and in fact seem only too‭ ‬happy to continue hosting America’s war games with Russia, using Europe as the game board.‭ ‬The E.U now‭ ‬look‭ ‬about to pay for the privilege for involvement in the game with what looks to be a BIG Hardware growth by Russia.‭
War:‭ ‬As NATO finance division moves to parity it is unlikely that Europe will have or want strategic responsibility.‭ ‬Provocation is unlikely to be diminished in fact with the developments in Iran,‭ ‬China,‭ '‬North Korea‭' ‬and Japan, a diffused strike is likely after some hot footed brinkmanship pacifies all protesters with fear and anger, directed towards the enemies of choice.‭
[ii] Destruction:‭ ‬At Best and I believe the best is that ‬global warming will be the only advasary that will get to kill the most people.‭ At worst {when shove comes to push} The French {as usual, once again} will surrender to avoid annihilation,‭ ‬preferring assimilation to survive. At least, they will stop sounding like a bunch of contrite political poets and sound more like the their women that are going to get 'eaten' by by the invaders of their New Masters.
‬At best Europe [The E.U under the Commission] will Collapse, or surrender to the wave of history unravelling before their eyes or to the Russians before vaporisation.‭ ‬The rest of the world game is not for the purpose of this post.‭
[iii] Division set back:‭ ‬The E.U will most probably look disappointed and confused by the apparent rejection and descent of humanity.‭ ‬The‭ ‬Commissioners will die of old age if not dissolved to be replaced by a combination of right wing visionaries arguing with left wing Christian's having never lost their rose tinted Jesus is great specs.‭ [At best the commisioners will be replaced by member state appointed commissioners, representing & answering to the democratically elected governments of each member state] In a no war scenario, the blame will be put on a nearly world war3‭ ‬and the Commission will pick up where the military economy will have led them.‭ ‬The war having been mostly avoided, the following economic vacume will be the main damage. In‭ ‬30‭ ‬years everything will once again be looking like the ecu is great.‭ ‬In a war over scenario, at worst all major cities and secondary military points along with third level multi-dispersal areas will be destroyed by blast waves overlapping initial irradiation zones.‭ ‬Death within‭ ‬3‭ ‬months will be‭ ‬90%‭ with multiple SATAN-2 [or newer] Strikes.
[iv] DNA wild fire:‭ ‬The human genome health will be effected for‭ ‬several generations.‭ ‬Only those who were outside an epicentre [Total Destruction radius] radiation effect blast radius will be protected from an immediate {3-4 hours} radiation death. Those outside the sphere of shock wave will be left less affected but heat and the lower pulse of radiation will still have serious health effects.‭ Atmospheric circulation zones will then need to be avoided and kept to a minimum exposure for a further year to keep radiation fall-out poisoning to a nominal minimum.‭
Immuno weakening in a warming evolutionary environment:‭ ‬As the world warms bacteria and viruses will become stronger,‭ ‬evolve faster and take full advantage of a weakened humanity in a landscape of antibiotic failure and radiological war.
[v] The elimination & failure of space endeavour planning:‭ ‬Peaceful organisation of a global human space occupation venture, could have been a good way of entering the storm era for humanity to slowly adjust, one step at a time along with the changing climactic events and for humanity to find its new footing and capability at a timley balance.‭ ‬Secondly space habitation development could certainly‭ {‬for Europe‭} ‬be a way for Europe to fucus its endevours and to give its European people a central ambition to unite them for a higher European purpose. Wider [Global] humanity would see, be inspired and join Europe in ways to speed up and increase the endevour to expand humanity safer, in the knlowledge that life on Earth will become ever more difficult and quite unsuitable for human life for a millennia or‭ ‬30.‭
Summery: [Supremacy made easy]
‬If it ALL KICKS OFF, European's will be almost completely gone and absorbtion will be their end. The U.S will be put back 200 years to cowboys, gunslingers & mountain folk. The statistics are in the favour of India and China coming out with little effect and dominant manpower & the Survivor Oligarc.‭ ‬Brazil to a lesser degree with the rest of south America and Africa continuing to be the basket cases that they are or & happy with new palaces and sports cars and Gargantuan Pension Potts to make them feel like Personal winners, forevever. Australia will remain a negligable population until they are washed away by constant Pacific & AntArctic Cyclones.
The abandonment of democracy:‭ ‬This Shit, as it long stands, in its standing as it is, has got NO CHANCE of success for community, society or humanities under that system.‭ It is failing against the other more Head‬ Strong systems. In a few undesirable little state ghettos, it may continue side by side, in places with gang lord mentality.‭ ‬The rest of societies will be led by the new political class of Mafia, ‬Triad or ‬Military under Safe emergency measure.‭

E.U Fate & Future:

The Best Saving Possibility is for the Commissioners to be appointed [And coordinated, controlled and replaceable] by the elected heads of Member States.

The Prediction that the E.U is going to implode upon the Commission because of its actions economically & because of its policy ‘ideal’ of freedom of movement [forced into place within an area with high economic inequality] & because of [its blindness to the realities of cultural strain] their international migrant & refugee attitude and reaction to the constant flow of people from the middle east and African danger zones heading for an open E.U that has led to a constantly increasing trend of economic migrants heading for the ‘developed’ western social aid rights and hope for European money, is leading, [so much faster than expected] to the disintegration of the E.U and a growing animosity towards the architects of 'peace & prosperity.'

It is no longer beyond possibility that the peaceful post war order of European integration and control is about to be confronted with violent ‘’Gorilla Hostility’’ carried out by a combination of Nation State member Governments & organisations reacting to the suppression of representation of nationalist & the varied right wings of societies throughout Europe.

This suppression of the right wing & all voices from there being painted as fascism that deserves and needs condemning, banning & prosecution, is marginalising a bigger voice than is portrayed by the media.

The current voting majority of liberal led attitude for peaceful acceptance, flexibility & tolerance is being betrayed, sold & sent down the swanni river into coming ‘growing’ chaos. The elected liberal architects of this sale have created and are responsible for the coming clashes that will represent the end of the liberal ideal design plan. The Euro wars will be the messy redesigning of the structures of Euro societies thus far and the blame will be written in history and regarded as no more less dangerous or ignorant of humanity than Hitler & the Nazi’s. It is a shame that it is coming to this but not much of a surprise as the plan is Aryan supreme empire building from its inception at the beginning of the last century from the powerhouse of Northern Europe, that we know today as the Commission and Germo-Franco Europeanism.

It would be Satire if it were not so ironic and arrogantly short sighted and simplistic in its belief in the power of Money. When the Power will likely fall to the military and the reasoned thinking squaddy’s that the military leadership will represent. True moments of European democracy will rise up from so low down, and be saved by the true ''Populist Guardians'' of their Lands.

Predicted Time Line:


The Commission's E.U declares the defeat of Marine La Penn as another clear signal that the E.U has a solid mandate and a strong future. Despite the percentage growth of Nationalist Politian’s over the last two elections being significant. And the South East member states with Nationalist leaders already pulling back from the freedom of movement of people & other directives.


Riots in Greece. Greece defaults on its debt payments. Greece calls an election. The UK is locked in a no win negotiation. France relaxes the channel tunnel security & migrants swarm through the tunnel. Trump withdraws NATO Forces. Terrorist regularity increases in Europe. Sweden declares a state of national Emergency. Italy renegotiates its debt payments. Hungary & Bulgaria issue article 50. Greece calls an E.U referendum & votes to leave. Turkey Threatens war with Germany.


Britain leaves without a deal [or payS 40billion, to get continued free trade with border controls agreed & because it wants an end to the destabilisation 'being caused by brexit'] Nationalists across Europe demand an emergency election or lose the fight for survival. The rise of protest marches & civilian violence erupts into racial battles across the states. Jean Claude Junker resigns due to ill health. The Swedish military declare peace restored but remain deployed. France declares an E.U referendum. Sweden starts mass deportations. France votes out. French pro E.U President & PM resign. Angela Merkel resigns.


French election & elections across a number of member states elect the populist nationalist leaders. Greece adopts the Rouble along with Bulgaria. The E.U is suspended. Germany announces the reintroduction of national service. France deploys troops to its south eastern border. Russian troops in Bulgaria engage and defeat Turkish incursions. In the U.K May's government is blamed for a bad deal and a failure to consider varied outcomes to the E.U and for rushing to bring stability and Predictability back to the British economy, when no such thing has ever been certain.

As of January‭ ‬2017‭ ‬The E.U recent history has lead to the following crisis:

1.‭ ‬Unregulated lending to member states‭ ‬-‭ ‬being used for mainly social and infrastructure modernisation‭ ‬-‭ ‬with a neglect of direct economic investment‭ & ‬development‭ ‬-‭ ‬has lead to runaway debt,‭ ‬a lack of industrious development,‭ ‬austerity,‭ ‬hardship with little sign of the development investment needed‭ ‬-‭ ‬Growing anger,‭ ‬desperation with risks of revolt‭ ‬-‭ ‬And the danger of separation with an outside deal to solve‭ '‬Greece's‭' ‬problem.

2.‭ ‬Germany's investment banks that have underwritten the E.U's lending faces losses that would have economic consequences for the German Nation and therefore the wider E.U financial stability.‭

3.‭ ‬The Commission's conduct‭ [‬i‭] ‬determined undemocratic zeal in progressing the E.U project over all and any objections or concerns.‭ [‬ii‭] ‬Aggressive patriarchal directorates infringing on cultural differences,‭ ‬regional control choices,‭ ‬upsetting,‭ ‬angering and alarming regional member state governing bodies, leading to 'Populism'.‭ [‬iii‭] ‬Excessive extravagant expenses and gravy train use of member state annual financial contributions‭ & ‬a casual lack of concern for the‭ ‬6billion euro's missing every year.‭ [‬iv‭] ‬A lack of risk assessment‭ & ‬long-term planning towards the effects of regional migration pressures {Brexit} and the risk of open boarders.‭ ‬Naivety.‭ ‬Ignoring‭ ‬/‭ ‬Over looking history.‭ ‬A whole headed failure of U.N influence of long-term development towards the modernisation of non democratic,‭ ‬dictatorial,‭ ‬exclusive governments.‭ ‬A failure to‭ ‬develop a‭ ‬positive‭ ‬working relationship with the culture of Islamic resentment.‭  ‬-‭ [‬Leading to democratic recoil,‭ ‬Nationalisation of member states, resistance to E.U controls,‭ ‬Distain for excess as a corruption,‭ ‬Social damage,‭ ‬Social strain,‭ ‬cultural clash,‭ ‬Racial anger,‭ ‬fascist tension,‭ ‬A growing desire for the solution.‭.]

4.‭ ‬An over reliance on U.S NATO investment and influence.‭ ‬A lack of a balanced vocal voice with regard developments‭ & ‬changes made with the former Soviet Union.‭ ‬Injustices going unchallenged with regard to the former and now Russia.‭ ‬The U.S militarisation of Poland and the use of Poland as a strategic point of Russian contention.‭ ‬Propaganda against Russian reaction to E.U located provocation.‭ ‬E.U involvement in the Ukraine.‭ ‬E.U propaganda regarding the growing threat of Vladimir Putin.‭ ‬The E.U being hopelessly unprepared for a war with the vastly superior and nearly ready RUSSIA.‭ ‬A Total Failure to perceive Russia's vision of Europe's threats,‭ ‬the middle East,‭ ‬China and Global changes and to be dominant among the survivors,‭ ‬within the game changing changes.‭


The growing Nationalist recoil towards the E.U combined with the financial pressures for certain member states is an opportunity to use the weakening of the E.U to readjust debt burden in return for solidarity,‭ ‬loyalty,‭ ‬or a commitment to rebuild the union after a period of separation.‭

The probability is that the blame for the build up and unravelling of the union project will be laid at the feet of the Commission.‭ ‬Rightly so.

A Future Commission Solution:

The commission in its current setup will be dissolved and replaced with key‭ '‬contributing‭' ‬member state democratic Heads-of-Government that will appoint their member state ambassador commissioner -‭ ‬To work on the stable development of a future E.U with the agreement of all member states,‭ ‬with democratic accountability - Answerable to and controlled by the contributing Heads-of-Government and the MEP's in ratifying changes‭ ‬/‭ ‬developments.

The above change would be an accountable democratic‭ [Non-Pervasive Unionisation‭] ‬[Eoropean Union [E.U] that Great Britain would likely want to be involved with and committed to,‭ ‬while retaining National Sovereignty and within E.U flexibility that will both be key to a future successful European Union for All Member States.

The ideal of good balanced governance with fairness and equality & with flexibility, Never Removing Regional Liberte with sensibility to proceed together..

It would be a folly to keep ramping up hostilities with Russia.‭ ‬Let Russia and China continue their differences with the U.S.A.‭ ‬Europe and Russia should and can have a much more understanding and collaborative future together.‭ ‬A war with Russia could likely result in Russian being taught in schools throughout Europe,‭ ‬with a massive influx of Chinese to fill the void of population after the immediate effects of vaporisation and the‭ ‬medium-term effects of irradiation.‭ ‬All of Europe could be regions of the Russian Federation.

The result:‭ ‬A larger single market after a region wide cultural suicide.

Never Forget - Nothing is Certain - But the Facts

An economic evolution in the way the big competators are moving would be as bad for Europe under this retro thinking and building Commission running like a steam train rolling over their river of gravy pension lust vission only.