HM coast guard / Border force immediate responce capabilty

Any UK manufacturers - Plastic, glass fibre, alloy or steel. 9 metre hull with tech sensor tower, enclosed heated 3meter cabin, 4 impact seats, steel locker. 2X Cox marine diesel outboards. Minimum 30 units required.

Migration across the Chanel: Not provided the 'Low cost' physical kit [visible for years] best suited or change the ease of access for applicants along with a Rapid [get control of the law] Repatriation process.

There is an immediate responce need for a fast enclosed rib.

This design type of an 8-9m rib with duel outboards [no down time for service / fault] can be made in Britain by any number [split for speed] of UK manufacturers, using cox marine diesel outboards. 

This design but with a radar tower with low light and infra red camera set up will give our border force a deterrant capable, trafficker intercept and rescue with [armed] retaliatory capability.

Warm enough for 8 hour shifts. [Three eights in twenty four]

The current 12m double deck ribs are unnessessarily big heavy [slowed] inboard hampered and Expensive for shift work [when it is the numbers that count] where it is only an average of 30 minutes away from home port harbour.  

Prevention & Fast Processing:

Cox Marine UK Diesel 300hp unit

Why not process them at an RAF Base nearest Dover [available, reclaimed or Newly Established] or Pent Farm Airstrip, Kent

[keep the qualified Dr's & surgeons, skilled etc & single women with children under 12 any genuine refugees] And then load the economic migrants onto planes for the trip home, after a nice cup of tea with Haloperidol in it. As Well As..

The numbers are out of date as this article was compiled in 2013-14. New boats have been added, taking the UK Coast guard from miniscule up to tiny while remaining inappropriate ideal for task.

U.K Coast Guard Resources:

Four [4] 12m 'Double' deck inboard power. Over sized [& £priced unit] for Task purpose. SLOW..,, and elephant like not cat like and does not come in Hundred's for unit price

Currant capability is around 20 vessels for 11,000 miles of coast [compared to Italy with 600 vessels for 4,700 miles of coast - accepting that all of Italy's coastline is vulnerable to sellected approach.]

As the various pressures increase against Britain more boats will make the crossing of the narrow section of the channel. This will become a continuous convoy during the warmer months of the coming years. Daily placements of overlapping radar sensitive vessels should be put in place midway accross the chanel to pinpoint small vessels crossing day and night - and returned to near port origin.

My recomendation is 30 of the above 9 metre enclosed ribs.

For forther longer-shift-duration the SeaTruk Thor11 with non-balistic hull with raised radar bridge. inboard and diesel outboard versions [with electric stealth function] . 

There are 4 fishery patrol vessels [1 is deployed to the Falkland Islands.]

Whether the E.U accept British fishing sovreignty or not the Danish fishing fleet are unlikley to just stop fishing in UK waters. They will carry on as nornal or choosing night time schedulling to take advantage of the current capability for merely randum insprections of adhearence of catch regulations. The coming British fish zone policing will require a whole new fleet of hardware and readiness. As most modern Danish fishing vessels are capable of around 15 knotts [even when loaded] if / when detected the distance gap to close to intercept will need a swift vessel capability [current 20 knotts] this means that the distance between will be closed at 5 k-miles per Hour. If the vessel is 100 miles from port and the vessel separation is 100 miles the escaping vessel will arrive home in 6.5 hours with an 65 mile safe margin.

Recomendation Interceptors from perpendicular coast points + small on Command ship deployments - Intercept arrest - Confiscate vessel & catch - Lease vessel to British private fleet. Charge / imprison crew subject to bail fee. Skjold class corvet speed type or [my preference] A Light weight version of the SeaTruk Thor11.

SeaTruk Thor11 [0] Light weight hull option with tech tower, Cox outboards - For fishery incursion intercept.

Current numbers:

Fast Interceptors 50+ knots for fishery intercept and daiy/night cross chanell surveylance and intercept turnarounds. [0]

Small Rescue pickup tugs [4]

Short term patrol boats [6] drafted 2017

Long-term Coast Guard vessels [3] x Bae ordered - delivery starts 2018

Fisheries Command vessels [3] - Rolls Royce made Nowegion design Ram Tug, Low deck with crain and interceptor despatch [0]


Addition 18.4.17 Announced: 

The Maritime Operations Commando Unit is being set up to tackle ISIS jihadis entering the country via boat. It will be comprised of 450 expertly trained troops from the 42 Commando Royal Marines in Plymouth, and liaison officers from the SAS and the Special Boat Service.

Quite a long [impractical tactical] way from the likely point of [a tactical unlikely attack plan]crossing.. Still pointlessly silly placing response. 

No details about transport appliances.

The above Comndo unit is a responce fascility for extreme military type insurgent action.

By far the two main service needs in the coming years [Assuming Britain takes control of its fishing waters & boarders & applies contrtols] are the most rapid & strong response to fishing incursions around Britain & South East & South coast patrol response to small multiple water bound illegal imigration.  


For a plan of permanent controls, I would want the following coastal defence capability:


6 x Rolls Royce UT 515 design [Large Fishery Protection Tug] minumim.

Imigration: [South Coast]

5 x CTruk Thor 19 [Small high speed multi role rescue vessel]

15 x CTruk Thor 11 [Small High Speed Interceptor Chase Guards] [Outboard Deisels Only] minimum. [Stealth arrest version with night view & external rifle]

Low weight [no armour] with raised Radar bridges.

5 x Offshore Tug vessels [0]  

Other coast guard duties of counter insurgency & smuggling can be undertaken by any exhisting vesels all to tbe Trakked and under satalite monitoring. 

No guarantee regarding British security limits with regard to the channel tunnel.
All of the above are subject to changes without notice.

Medium Range Fishery patrol Rescue back-up / Tug Thor 19 [with back cabin hut not rib.]

Rolls Royce UT 515 N-design. Fishery Command protection Ram / Tug Low deck with crain - As out shore fishery command with 1XThor11 interceptor deployment or 4X8mRibCabin

Interceptor CTruk Thor11 = Jenson Interceptor M40 - Very Stable & with the low armoured hull, capable of 50 Knots+ with 2x inboard jet or 4-6 Cox D outboards. Gun cabinet - No need for heavy weapon.

Bae Patrol Ship - limited function & response capability [out passed / matched speed escape range]

Short term coastal patrol boat. Old design. Very Slow with limited durability. Both the above could easily be outrun by a modern fishing vessel if 100 miles was the gap to close before radius was exceeded or hostile home port arrived.