Prison need, purpose & obligation:

L- R 1.Hollow [+treason], 2.Plonker [+Treason], 3.{Oxfam} 4. Double Treason and some.. [Lost his soul to his greatness of righteous desire] 5.Treason [+"Red is good" - grows-on-trees - one eyed Gorilla thinking] SUMMARY: BLINKERED FLAT-BRAINED NEGLIGENCE.
'Britain First Always above and beyond all else.' Was The Job.

While there remains criminal behaviour of varying types, there remains a need for prison.  

Prison has 5 functions:

1. To prevent crime.

2. To protect the public.

3. To be punishment. 

4. Justice being delivered.

5. To provide Rehabilitation.

The public deserve a full service. The wayward deserve every chance to make a civil life. The Government should face Responsibility for causation and perpetuation and make a full service structure to cover Confinement [with a reward & loss system for good 'choices'] And provide education, training, readjustments and integration for success in society, so everybody can be a winner.

On Top of Ken Clarke's comments on prisons lack of effectiveness and his advise and desire to reduce prison population and prisons use as a punishment. His argument being that prison does not work.

His comments come ontop and after decades of the neglect of prison reform and No increase or modernization of prison accommodation or capacity. Clarke cannot face the investment or the developement of reforming measures.

One must remember that Clarke is in favor of a borderless Europe and at his core thinking, he is an idealist who is incapable of considering realistic timing and the genuine situational facts that make his ideals a danger to the public and the nation.

The Total No Investment Policy of the past century leaving prison's in an over populated state with a reducing capacity, is a level of negligent myopia only bettered by the dream of a utopia in today’s world with a coming tomorrow.

It is a well know fact that for Years the prison / Judicial system has been working a policy of one in the the front door, one out the back door. In a Country with a grown & growing migrant population challanging the forces of intergration, the sad but blatent need for a prison system to serve both in fuction and capacity will increase proportionally. Like the inmates the criminal element class will notice and respond to a weakness in policing and take full advantage of the lack of prison capacity and the opportunities of further management weakness. The biggest danger is the weakened state loses control of the respect and any remaining fear of the rule of law and The British rule of law will be lost at great expense.

Prison weakness is a great and growing economic threat to Britains Furure. An investment in modern prisons & a modernized system could turn the missing education, combat the counter productive attitudes, some healing and provide better examples and visible opportunities to turn the looming disasters almost fully arround.  . 2011

Hollow Words in Government [getting into government] sould be a Crime and should be held to legal account. 

'20 police stations are on sale in the Greater London area.  I did not vote for punitive EU Directives. I did not vote for a human rights straight jacket. I certainly would not vote for less police recourses now.' 2013... Bonkers staffing crisis no:2..

The Chicago Metropolitan Correctional Centre is a Modern high-rise city prison / transitional facility.

Building A Positive Choice Future

Ken Clarke [And Everyone before him And everyone after him]

Choices Given, Choices Taken, Choice Rewarded

Background: From a book on managing young children:

Children have young, small, narrow and impressionable minds with very short attention spans that if left unchallenged remain short and as they grow they seek immediate gratification / solutions to life’s needs, desires and observed shared objectives.

If you want a child [example] to take a bath, you could [as is learned example trend] Instruct / command order / discipline bully / Shout / push / slap / kick ect. Or Negotiate / bribe OR Just don’t bother, at all.

The book I read utilised the new American [Early 80’s] sales psychology techniques to influence buyers to buy a product.

– Create desire, Justify need, identify and prove product uniqueness & affordability. DESIRE + NEED + USP + PRICE + DISCOUNT + FINANCE = BUYER SALE. On top of these points, along the way to a sale / buy, the sales person can / should observe the interested party / parties and counter any doubt or hesitancy. Countering questions, loading up pressure, creating guilt or obligation to buy.

[A classic example of guilt obligation is a couple buying an engagement ring – The salesperson wants to sell the bigger ring – Paraphrase ‘’She really loves this ring, do you really love her? It is very affordable under our in-house finance scheme and it is a one-time only purchase. This should be / is your ring.’’]

Alternative choice sale: ‘’Just Looking?! A Porsche is not for looking at. It is for driving, for owning like a house. Do you own a house? So You Can afford a Porsche. Is it to be a Boxter or a Cayman? Glitz custom paint or the GTS Engine? 3 years or 5 years? Discount today or new year model prices tomorrow? Monogrammed luggage. Today!

The children’s guide book used an alternative close for a bath ‘’before or after supper?’’ No bath was not a choice. Bath before supper was further sweetened and speeded by the added bonus of ice cream, if bath was chosen first. This is a negotiation but along a rounded pathway being delivered with some of the techniques of Darren Brown.         

If children are neglected, not given good examples or given very bad examples, it should be no surprise that they grow up in the world [however small local and limited] of their environment. Add to that generations of inherited repetitive cognitive level without cerebral stimulation / example / teaching and you have a culture that will take a multi-strategy to improve. Or worse, a child grows up with criminality as the example [rarely without violence fuelled with anger and rage] where prison is the replacement for school and the future it grows.


Benevolent Patriarchal/Matriarchal Government for rounded wholesome productive citizens:

Diminishing exclusions of anti-social culture:

All primary schools nationwide must be provided with and trained for the ‘Primary Education Modules.’ All teachers must be trained to observe and identify cognitive apathies and evidence of negative conditioning. Counter primary teaching and simulation methods must be included to counter cognitive apathy. Social work notification for assessment and good parenting courses added to assist. The introduction of good parenting 2-12 & 13-16 [with dual reference manuals] with compulsory antenatal classes.

Introduce and emphasize [with routine teaching & exemplary example] diet and healthy fit lifestyle in school teaching – To counter the obese nature culture and reduce the growing need for NHS services in early to chronic mid life. Get nurses fit and healthy! Bring in Full NHS Reform controls.

Aptitude assessment and multi-career guidance at 17. An increase of Trade school facilities nationwide. ‘Growth Improvement and Thou Art Your Life.’

Bring back national service ‘basic training’ [with land orientation survival, archery and sword craft] with military assessment for ability talent & usefulness. 

Violent prisoners should be segregated from non-violent prisoner completely. [different prisons] Rehabilitation should be at the core for 'copperating prisoners'. Non-cooperative violent prisoner will [need to be adjusted for safety and efficacy] can and should be medicated to bring them down to a more civilizational and influenciable state. The U.N approaved medicine Haloperidol [as an example] and Finastricide should be added to a limited and controled diet to gain the humane benefits of the two combination medicines. After a month Interest in Rehabilitaton options will likely become a hunger as a baby to a teat. For many others the confusion, caused by the new philosophical state will [with positive response and reward] will lead to a more aquiencent maliability towards an alternative life view and trade training can be added to the new philiosphical standpoint provided. 

Strategy for the maligned, fallen and neglected victims of cultures of old:

Rehabilitating a feral mind is a complex challenge. With the above changes there will be a steady reduction of the fallen. In 30-100 years you should see a reduction of apathy and feral minds by 50% and 99% respectively {UK} [Assuming full design and commitment]

So At worst – Isolating, distracting / inducing good choices of hardened trivial habitual criminals / violent characters – Will result in their reduction to near extinction in their lifetimes [Will also require Negative parenting limitation & or cash payment for tubes tied]

At best – The 'younger' minds in custody can be run through the ‘Primary Education Modules’ with a TA emphasis on philosophy of the individual, the collective in the cosmos. Life choices is next, Trades and ‘’The world is your Lobster.’’ Is a buyers phrase.

Give Opportunity, Incentive & Reward = For Positive Choice.

Getting to a quiet seated acquiescent participant is essential to progress and success.

Prisons should be structured with levels [assuming a 17/any age – for violent & psychologically hostile offenders & all [bar 'specialist cases' ''Lifer's'' & white collar offenders.]

Rehabilitation: Key Rule 1: 

Be Polite [Always - Even in 'debate'.]

Be Respectful [To a human always - Until respect has been squandered and lost.]

Be Kind [Have a Kindly nature] [Or Neutral in the face of hostility or unkindness] [Kindness is the Highest Human Quality.]

Learn Emotional Control of Negative Emotions. [Anger is a poison & Hatred is a Cancer] [A Neutral Emotional state should be taught, found & practiced - to be achieved instantly, in the face of a negative event or situation.] 

Once mastered the anti-violent & anti-hosility medicines can be withdrawn slowly.


At Level 0: Full control and No Privileges. Minimum basic balanced diet. Clean Water only. An educational video / pamphlet teaches about Prison Levels 1-6 possible. [Sub-0 Safe Isolation]

Level 1: Is achieved by compliant good behaviour, non-violent & non-threatening over 1-3 weeks passed by guards review.

L-1 [as with all levels] is a separated and isolated wing / level to other levels. L-1 [much like exists today] Access to more outside [quadrangles] time. Gym facilities. Books / comics / magazines. Communal areas with tv’s [fixed channels per room.] Weekly menu rotation. Tea / coffee Caffeine free Sugar free sodas.

L-1 Bonus: Personal radios. [All Bonuses are awarded upon discretion by guards and teachers – minimum 1 week prior to award – both have veto]

Level-1 Can be rescinded instantly with relocation to Leve-0. [Or Sub-0] As can any level forfeit. 

[Continued complient, good, non-violent & non-threatening behavior must be maintained for 2 weeks without incident to proceed.]             

Level 2: Inmate Agreement to attend British Primary & secondary Citizen Education video modules 1-19. All Level 1 facilities and privileges.

Level 2 Bonus: Movie nights Tuesday & Thursday evenings.

[Continued complient, good behavior, plus satisfactory completion of Ed modules to be considered for next level]

Level 3: Trades assessment and training – Basic & Further education options – Life planning..   

All level 1&2 facilities and privileges Plus optional paid Kitchen duties and learning – Sports training & in level competitions – Inter level competitions L3-6.

Level 3 Bonus: Introduction to apprentice in house radio station.

[Continued complient, good behavior plus satisfactory completion of level 3 plus a minimum of 4 weeks to be considered for next level]    

Level 4: Controlled internet access – Parole meeting & assessment – Crime review & reflection assessment – Life plan assessment.  

All level 1,2&3 facilities & privileges plus daily swimming time and timing.

Level 4 Bonus: Temporary solo use of Own room.

[Continued complient, good behavior plus satisfactory completion of level 4 plus a minimum of 6 weeks to be considered for next level]

Level 5: Own room – Personal diet menu design – Advanced menu preparation training

All level 1,2,3&4 facilities & privileges plus 3 selective hobbies introductions. [List]

Level 5 Bonus: Mobile phone.

[Continued complient, good behavior plus satisfactory completion of level 5 plus a minimum of 6 weeks to be considered for next level]

Level 6: Mobile phone – Meeting with housing advisor – Meeting with career agent.

All level 1,2,3,4&5 facilities & privileges plus British Beer tasting course – World wine introduction course.

Level 6 Bonus: A weekly [Friday] evening drink prior to and during evening meal.

[Continued complient, good behavior plus satisfactory completion of level 6 plus a minimum of 4 weeks to be considered for next level]

Level 7: The Door –

[Level 7: Can be achieved from any level as can parole / review assessment.]

'Short prison sentences of under six months to be scrapped 'within weeks' after government claims they don't cut crime'

David Gauke said there was a 'strong case' for less serious offences to be punished with alternatives such as community work

There is more than one reason for a prison sentence, than just to try to reduce crime:
To protect victims
To punish [the short sharp shock will be lost]
To see that justice is done
To be a deterrent
The real true reason for this move [justified by the statistics of an inadequate prison system, antiquated and far too small for purpose] is that successive governments have ducked the cost of updating this national service, to the further disadvantage of the groups that dwell in this countries twilight world of the cycle of poor parenting and the failure to affect the cycle by not utilising, [the expense already laid down] when the children of that next generation are in primary school and on through to trades guidance and career induction.
A Victorian prison system
A loss of opportunity of a complete British education system [through to employment training and opportunity]
A rampantly expensive and unregulated NHS – Management structure [Thatcher’s non-starter vision – left in place], service identity allocation, cost procurement and assessment controls, standards and procedures, ‘staff planning’, training and moonlighting...
A lack of national self reliance and protection
A lack of a national management training collage from the best private efficient examples with pride attitudes objectives with incentives and rewards. 
A wholehearted lack of vision [and skill] with [still] a Keynesian belief in that solution to everything.
Weak national profit and tax laws.
Too much reliance on welfare to counter the poor, over taxed and exposed to privatised price increases, no matter what basics are boasted about.
A lack of investment everywhere [in business opportunity] [and services] especially for the youff’s.
A deranged mutated national cultural evolution from personal, Family and community responsibility for the self and family to a state reliance on an expectation of a right of provision that has deconstructed [destroyed] the [natural] construct of the family. [The lethal symptom of idealistic sympathetic charity socialism]
The time bomb of market freedom and control of fatty stodgy foods and sugary drinks turning the welfare attitude entitled into a largely unemployable growth cycle into a young-long-term chronic and multiplying NHS expense.
A perpetuation of unhealthy eating in Hospitals.
A lack of a national exercise regime [and life-style example of food preparation] in a school instilled attitude for life.
A lack of after school activities to include older teens, national interests and activities.  
A lack of investment and use of the military for the benefit of citizen’s character and attitudes.
Another failure to prepare the nation’s military around the build-up of 'others ability' to wage war. [in 1935 Hitler was openly 'ignoring' Germany's non-rearmament agreement - in 4 years Germany had over 20,000 aircraft - at the start of the war Germany had 1,860 just Me109 fighters alone - to Britain's 860 fighters from a total order of 910. Blinkered predictive preparation.] 
Another missed opportunity to bring society into a cohesive construct within a century.
A blind eye [in the chaos of neglect above] to the pressing need to prepare Britain a space access facility to be level with if not ahead of the trend, for off earth habitats and deprived by force or price by others 'evident' voilent, ill and inhumane intent.