A Unification Theory:

A String Connected Unification Theory.  posted 22/12/16


The material universe can be described as a lichen floating on a sea of water - It can and does reach down into the water with its tendril filaments interacting at a shallow level - The interaction could be defined as not defining the properties of the sea but merely gathers information only related to the lichens informational existence of contact with the sea. 

The lichen could be mistaken, by the thinking that the sea information position, as being of D existence.

The sea could be defined as being deep, dark and uniformly zero in energy, information and temperature. It could be defined as timeless.

But the sea has an interaction and therefore contradicts its zero state.

The sea therefore could contain time. Time that may be linked to all other Q energy phenomena and therefore probability 'flux'.

That probability flux could therefore have 'current' that could have the probability of kinetic quanta of 'potential' energies beyond its zero point state.


Strings - {I assume that Supestring theory is correct in existence and meaning.} At a base level the matters of a universe, including gravity are given mass and property by vibrating strings. Specifically gravity would be a sequence of strings with overlapping frequencies into a resonating knot. [A Higgs Boson] This would mean that a Higgs Boson is not a particle. 

Atomic decoherence & Atomic collapse - Atomic decoherence is described, observed & an understood phenomena - Atomic collapse {see The Second Horizon Theory} is a theoretical probability that atomic matter is subject to stress limits and quantum electromagnetic phenomena effecting the normal existence of matter as observed. At high gravity levels atoms may be crushed into a decohereing zero state. At a high level of an electromagnetic field and at a precise position in relation to a gravity field of a black hole, {specifically between the event horizon & the second horizon} atoms of matter are ejected by the em field along its pole axis's back out beyond the event horizon. This is only made possible by the ejecting energy forcing the matter to quantum tunnel before re-emerging beyond the forced energies. {see Relativistic Jets} 

Gravitational entanglement - The gravity centre however retains a uniform grip upon itself. The [Higgs Bossons] resonating gravity knots of strings remain behind maintaining the mass of the black hole but without atomic or sub-atomic presence. 

String superalignment - String are therefore subject to and compatible with quantum effect. If strings {as I suspect} are the driving force of the universe, it is possible and reasonable to consider that strings are formative. If this is true then it is reasonable to conclude that the big bang, matter and therefore that the quantum field/states are subject to string controls. 

The Big Bang - Out of a point in Space-time, hydrogen [Atom-1] emerged {was created} with strings at their core existence. A physical phenomena with or without a spiritual {or other} dimension, happened and atomic evolution commenced. 

Primordial Mega massive black hole formation and effect - as an addendum to this theory and to tie up a loose end related to gravity, mass and energy - during and prior to a balanced material inflation, the matter during and towards the end of the big bang consisted of irregular imbalances of coalescing volumes and voiding densities, destabilizing the essential sphere of growth. String intervention was initiated. Vast quantities of initial matter was collapsed into gravity wells and accelerated and initiated inflation. That continues. This would be a possible explanation of dark energy.

The quantum environment is a unique separate part of the universes existence. The quantum environment is a part of an omniverse with M-Theory's membranes as another level of environment. The quantum environment is an essential separate layer of existence that is {could be defined as} a quantum factory and as it exists as a third layer and the only layer absent of information at most times of state, it is likely to be subject to string energy. 

There is no direct unification of material state and quantum state as they are meant to be different -

- Seperate but dependant in coexistence. Like margarine between two slices of bread. or grease separating clutch disks. Only the slices/disks are matter and space-time. The pre-big bang, strings and the Quantum enviroment is the point/link that connects and drives the existance of matter as we see it.

- and, as with fruit, leaf and wood they are seperated, different, conected and of the same.

The Unifying common factor is the shared resonating similarence of strings.