The Second Horizon Theory:

The decohearence matter boundary within the Event Horizon; 

The collapse of the strong interaction and the nuclear force by increased mass quantity and the stripping of electromagnetic force resulting in inverse collective dephasing.


Matter [Atoms] have a stress limit over which point the atom is crushed, ripped apart and decoheres into a quantum state. 

The above is a theoretical assumption to correspond with other quantum effects on matter observed and to fit in with the behaviour of atoms in other situational stages. 

It is hard to accept that the universes interaction with the quantum state, in that the matter of the universe is locked in over the darkness of the event horizon, to conveniently correspond with a mathematicians, mathematical singularity, as the only possible answer to the behaviour of matter in situ. 

It is understandable. Math is the language of the physical. When used as a decipher to observed phenomena, math gives a definitive answer. It would be much harder to describe in math, what happens inside a star if they were not visible and their constituent structural knowledge was incomplete, as well as the structure of a stars environment. Atomic Fusion and secondary fusion and the remnant material would be beyond understanding and consideration, as was the explanation of solar action more than only a century ago. 

This is the case with black holes. {Whether this theory is disregarded or not} We are at a time in our research of the cosmos in which after a century since the discovery of quantum effects, we are no nearer to finding an explanation that unifies the existence of the quantum with the material universe. Gravity while defined as a [Higgs Boson] remains undetermined. The observations in the LHC, were a step forward but they were in no way proof of the source of gravity. Celebrations while deserved for Peter Higgs for many reasons was premature in factual material evidence of proof. 

Because of our knowledge of the structure of the universe being incomplete in matter and energy and because of our shallow understanding and links with quantum states being tenuous, our understanding of the cosmos is very incomplete. 

And with String theory being regarded by most of the mainstream, as an unprovable fantasy by a marginal group of grasping top down {un-researchable} theorists and not worth pursuing, our understanding of how the cosmos might work will remain [without any other unifying theorem] out of even theoretical reach.

Theoretical proposal:

Black Holes: As matter crosses over the event horizon the matter disappears from view and of information.

On its way in towards the centre radial point of the black hole, the matter is constantly ripped apart until it is in its atomic individual parts.

At a radial to gravitational mass point the atoms arrive at a second horizon where the atomic constituent parts are ripped away collapsing the atomic parts into a decohered state and they cease to be material and enter a quantum state.


The Higgs Boson:

String Gravity: {I assume that Superstring theory is correct in existence and meaning.}    

At a base level the matters of a universe, including gravity are given mass and property by vibrating strings. Specifically gravity would be a sequence of strings with overlapping frequencies into a resonating knot. [A Higgs Boson] This would mean -

- Therefore, that a Higgs Boson is not a particle. 

Gravitational entanglement - The gravity centre of a black hole however retains a uniform grip upon the Higgs Bossons resonating gravity knots of strings that remain behind maintaining the mass of the black hole but without atomic or sub-atomic material presence.

Spacial singularities do not exist.