Wuhan Flu [Virus in general]

Bloody Hell! The lies and exaggerations that we are hearing - and why? -
I heard one 'expert' say; 'We maybe facing a 60% infection rate' and if so, only a 1% fatality rate in the UK, would be 400,000 dead.
When there is no current evidence to support this prediction.
in 1918 'One ship' crossed the Atlantic with a single barrack group which arrived in France and spread up to Germany. The fatality rate was 5% which then lulled.
Four months later another ship crossed the Atlantic with a mutated [and stronger] strain of the same virus that led in a single summer [3 months] of a 20-30% of [western] population [420 million] infection rate [in the initial west] and a 10% fatality rate. The global death rate was most probably [unrecorded data] much higher than 50 million.
This 'Wuhan19' flu is nothing more than a minor flu that can kill 0.2% of the 'healthy fit young' infected. Way less dangerous than an annual winter flu rotation. In 2015 50,000 died from flu in the UK. [mostly the old and a few ill and infants]
The hoohar is manufactured and run with by the media.The Chinese have an interest in the hoohar to show how responsible that they are, to alley any calls for them to change their abattoirs behaviour and policy. The virologist's want more importance and funding and so have jumped onto the 'pandemic' bandwagon.
The anti-virol industry is throbbing in their trouser department at the prospect of government funding investment for a few extra billions per year.
BOLLOCKS to this BULLSHIT. If a 1918 virus hits the fan again - We should lightly roast and eat any duck that sneezes..

Must be out of date but is it a regular winter flu even, or the 1918 in numbers?

If 'Economy' is so important to the [government] as we are constantly told as reported month after month, you would think that anything that threatened the 'economy' with absolutely no [or really low] reason would be pounced on by government to protect economy over a false [totally unreal] threat.
In 2018 1770 people were killed in car accidents in the UK.
In 2016 1.35 million people worldwide [1,350,000] were killed in RTA's. That was 1 person every 25 seconds.
In 2015-2018 50,000 people died from the winter flu every year in the UK.
By far the economy is genuinely damaged by people taking time off work because of DIY accidents every Sunday in the UK.
If the BBC / Chanel 4 News was to say "You are not sick - We are not going to pay you sick leave." They would get back to work and stop their jolly fun news reporting of nonsense.

H1/ - H7/...

Don't Panic -Think.

No contagion and [when a trapped 3,700 people+ in a ship with the virus circulation through the air-conditioned circulation system, 3,700 occupants in total has resulted in 621 infected and 2 deaths] [That is - in an air-circulatory confined 'chaos' - approx 12% infections, 0.3% deaths from the infected.]
This means that the risk to an unaffected healthy person [in a confined circulating air system] is less than 0.005% risk. [Dyslexic] Is that less than 1 in 5,000 chance of death even if you are breathing the same air?!
Someone should stop the mad misinformation of the media/pharma's lying bullshit!
What appears to have happened is a potentially agressive virus appeared in Wuhan and when push came to shove for the Chinese authorities, they mounted a responsible and serious respoonse and alert, to alley any knock back blame, in the event that this flu went large scale and globally lethal. This then led to the news media and the 'very responsible' CDC's to scream 'Vaccine' & 'Government Funding!'
Governments meanwhile fearful of a pandemic erred on the side of caution. Howeever after the Wuhan situation knocked onto all areas of China without a large scale spread in infected numbers and mortality remained at 2.5%, Governments should have pointed out that not only is this not a 1918 type infection but it is not even as potent as a regular annual flu cycle and that business should not continue as normal or all economies will suffer as though business stopped to watch Hale Bopp pass by and then spent the next 240 years worrying about its return, out of expected orbital predictions.
Sadly polititians that form short-term cycle governments are brainless, clueless gutless and tallentless morons who are only good at being politicians [which is like being good at juggling 3 balls. A skill but essentially pointless and useless.] Having this class of people governing anything is akin to asking Mrs Mop to come up to the bridge as she has been ellected to Captain Ark Royal. Bon Voyage... 

Corona virus alert update!:

1 person has died in Belgium. Age information withheld - Go figure..

Greece has closed all schools for 2 week because there is a 1% chance grandpa might die.

10/03/20 We are 8 weeks away from 'the victory' against this Wuhan fly/cold and the final death toll will be exceeded by the number of old people that die every month anyway and the number of people killed in road traffic accidents in any one country, to top the total number of people killed by covid19.