A 200 year plan of action {with adaptive priority override for HMS species success} Start date 2017 [Theoretical]

"Spreading out into space will completely change the future of humanity" - Prof Stephen Hawking

The Sky Is Not The Limit.

Space Travel Mile Stones:

1944 A V-2 Rocket made a vertical test launch. It was the first man-made object to reach outer space, achieving 176 kilometres.

1957 Sputnik, Russia put the first man made satellite in low earth orbit. This triggered the space race.

1966 Luna 9 Became the first probe to achieve a soft landing on another planetary body. It returned five black and white stereoscopic circular panoramas, which were the first close-up shots of the moon’s surface.

1969 Apollo 11 was the spaceflight that landed the first two humans on the Moon. The first human step onto land in space. ‘’A small step for man, a giant leap for mankind.’’ The whole Apollo program lasted until 1972.

1970 Venera 7 became the first spacecraft to land on another planet, Venus.

1975 The Apollo–Soyuz Test Project. Stafford and Leonov, exchanged the first international handshake in space and with that the space race was over.

With the space objective concluded and with no other objective in hand, human space development was put to sleep. The focus has been mostly on earth satellite services and various scientific research probes with limited purpose & without any great objective.

2017 Today the race is back on. This time not political national competitiveness [Although that is ever present] Today it is Climate change that is the lash at our heels. A race to ensure the survival of our species and to give options of colonies on our nearest planets and to inhabit intermediate space.

Along with the coming national endeavours many modern economic entrepreneurs having amounted vast personnel wealth, have revealed a keen desire to make achievements in space beyond earth. While these ambitions are not symmetrically focused or combined they share a plan to facilitate human excursions, if somewhat limited in point. Only Elon Musk has Mars in his sights. Unfortunately, I do not believe his plan consists of much more than maverick ambition which is also not accompanied by a step by step, safe & sustainable long-term approach.


Below is a British plan of attack to staircase the solar system with good old fashioned Victorian pragmatism from 2017 - 2077 and beyond..

A 200 year plan of action {with adaptive priority override for HMS species success} Start date 2017 [Theoretical]


Conclude design & build installation system Wellington Port D1.

2. Conclude design1 Transit Truck.

Conclude designs Habitats, Cargo pods & Transit G pods.

INSTALL Wellington port EARTH1 & 2 {Clean Orbits}

Deploy Truck 1 for assembly..

Conclude designs Luna Alpha Base kit.

Deploy Wellington port1 Luna orbit.

Deploy Stock & kit Luna port1.

Conduct Luna Alpha base reconnaissance low fly drone & Rov ground recon2.

Deploy Lunar kit - Rov primary assembly..

Deploy ground crew1 [Primary Luna Hab assembly]

Deploy ground crew2 [Technical Hab configuration]

Complete Truck 6. Open Relay supply train via Lunar surface to Luna port to Earth port2 - Rocket delivery from Earth.

Deploy science team1,2&3 [general lunar/space sciences – geologist team – mine engineering scout team]

Deploy geo-industrial-design & engineering team

Luna objective 1 complete. [2027-2037]

Deploy Mars Venture1: [2 Trucks Connected 2 Long-range G pods 8 cargo/hab pods] {Pod Mars entry & autonimous lander add on augmentation design}

Introduce Civilian space experiences:

Dig mine – Dig foundry - Build steel foundry [2047] Mine iron ore - Make Steel – [2050]

Deploy & build Luna Wellington Liner Construction assembly dock - Conclude TownShip Design – [2050]

Buld space statio unit 1 'Earth Orbit One' 'New London' @ earth-moon Lagrarian point.  

Build New HMS GB1 [2060] - Deploy to orbit 1.3au [2062]

Take orders – Payments.

1 Township for any country that can afford one & any private purchases –

Install in TownShip orbit. Magnitude Trucks - Deliver supplies & people - Constant shipping rotations - 

Deploy Luna Earth inter Orbit TownShip HMS NS1 {Near Space One} [2071]

Conclude Design Asteroid Deflection Droids – Build Asteroid Deflection Droids {3}

Deploy Asteroid deflection droids {first 3} [2077]

Create Asteroid belt deflection phase - Create Mars Moon [Objective 800km diameter?]  collection drift orbit inception 100,000km – 160,000km orbit?..

Deploy Asteroid Keiper belt water & rock deflection droids and comet intercept capture & drift alter Mars mass increase 40-50% -

Seed shallow oceans - Generate oxygen, nitrogen atmosphere – Deploy solar focused beams to carbonise suitable ground areas.Permanently and self sustainably Habitable by 2400. Introduce base to edible fish stock choice marine eco system and suitable argriculture.

Mars Terraform Primary Complete [2450] Mass colonisation of a near fully habitable Mars commences.  

Asteroid Droid Keiper water/comet Deflection Droids - Venus Orbit solar diffusion cloud.. - Create Venus Luna collection drift orbit interception.. [2150-2350] commence atmospheric shade cooling descent - terraform Venus..

[2200 Human Space population Moon & Near Space Obiters 150,000 estimated possibility]

[2500 Mars population 3,000,000 +]

[2700] Venus population 200,000,000 +]

Township - 700 metre diameter