Oath of Allegiance

Latest version of 1868 including Amendments:

"I  [name]  swear by almighty god, that on becoming a British Citizen, I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the second, her heirs and successors according to the law.   

I will give my loyalty to the United Kingdom and respect its rights and freedoms. I will uphold its democratic values. I will observe its laws faithfully and fulfil my duties and obligations as a British citizen.’’

Also can be termed as a sworn Solemn Affirmation.

The principle problem with the above [that was attempted to be addressed by the various amendments] is the issue with almighty god being included, [in a pledge of national commitment.]

[An example of a low grade bureaucratic thinking without any intellectual process involved] – See [Historical empire administration et al.]

Where the first sentence excludes or alienates or challenges an individual person’s faith, beliefs or fundamental philosophy of belief of life – Atheists, Agnostics, Hindus, Spiritualists or the simple problem of language and translation [Where the word god can be viewed as the Christian god rather than the word in English to describe the theory of ‘The divine entity.’] – It becomes impossible to imagine that anyone [apart from the already committed] could carry on into sentence number two with any chance of a wholehearted desire to try to commit to loyalty to Britain.

It is also important to note that as a Monarchy [under the historical benefits of the standards and values that Monarchy attempts to bestow by example and protocol] that all of her Majesties [The Crown] citizens are in fact her ‘Subjects’ afforded privileges and freedoms. This is important in that the [Crown Value] of the British Monarchy sets as her ‘subjects’ the highest standards of conduct around the world [and beyond] by example and protocol, that supersedes the standards of being a citizen in comparison.

An oath should contain within it the words and meanings to connect the oath taker to the meanings and objectives that speak to [if not reach in] and to connect to the fundamental soul of the oath taker. To this end and to address the above issues I submit the following modern and upgraded British Oath of Allegiance.


The British Oath of Allegiance – 2018 –

‘’I  [name]  sincerely pledge, that by being included and becoming a British Subject/Citizen, I commit myself to the sanctity, sovereignty and good health of the Island of Great Britain, The Nation States of The United Kingdom and The Commonwealth.   

I pledge allegiance to the Crown of Her Majesty [Queen Elizabeth the second] and her heirs and successors according to the law of Her Majesties Government and to be true and show allegiance to Britain with my good manner, integrity and honour as my conduct.

I will be loyal to Britain and British values and freedoms and to the values of democracy in Britain.

I will be loyal to the good British manners of politeness, respect and to kindness in spirit to the good spirit of all people kind.

I will abide by the laws of Britain and fulfil my obligations as a committed productive subject/citizen under / in democracy [mindful of my good conduct in all other sovereign locations] as I expect those of others.

I will endeavour to live my life with a good mind, heart and soul dedicated to self improvement in the pursuit of peace, tranquillity and happiness for the benefit of all of Britain as I do for my family and my family to come.

This I pledge to Great Britain, Her Majesty and myself.’’