A Kiss

A Kiss is worth a Thousand Sunsets

Once a kiss raised the set sun from between the hot juice of my lips 

 Loud music was the ache that brought me to your ear

Rum was the fuel of wind warm free flowing hair

A holiday sparkle on a vacation tickled her there

Talking through the setting sun now hoping for only the music to wane

But warm became her face with naughty a look

Fig like her lips with hot like intent I took

Soft Mallow Hot Swollen and Hungry Fallow

Ripened my eye wanting not to Liss on but to Kiss on now

You no longer want to talk to, clear away from blues here

Then there was darkened light and a fight ensued to light that night

Lucky were I my lips to find such a dance under your chance eyes

A chance to manoeuvred and dance moist slipping into an undulating trance

It's big time softly softly for me and every other beatable memory made

It was not me, it was the chemistry made us cascade to darker shade

Contemplating my greed for your hungry roar, I swore 

A Kiss is worth a Thousand Sunsets