Female Arousal issue:



The above article indicates a main issue with the lack of female arousal.


There is a key difference between male and female experience of sexual growth:

As boys grow they can see and feel their genitalia on the outside of their bodies. Add the male hormone and the more rapid male sexual response and you can understand why boys become very aware of their sex parts. From a very young age boys experience the feeling of erections. By the time they start going through puberty, the feeling is increased in intensity and regularity, drawing further attention to their hard throbbing and then aching erect penis. Touching, stroking to sooth the feeling, feels good and quickly turns to rubbing and then rhythmically massaging the erection until a first ejaculation occurs, by this method. [Ejaculations during sleep or wet dreams may have been first]

Masturbation becomes a regular activity, driven primarily by the pleasure to be had. If ejaculation is not being derived from masturbation, erections arrive regularly and often with unwanted & awkward timing, often without any sexual thought or female presence. This period lasts [for me up to 16] and then subsides. One way of keeping unwanted erections away was to masturbate specifically to deplete the constantly building energy. [Often 2-4 or more times a day.]

If masturbation / ejaculation is not carried out regularly, sleep ejaculations start occurring. [Not a personal liking.] So for some boys, daily orgasms become a regular job task, although a rather pleasurable one. By late teens a young man is expert in personal methods and orgasmic variations.

Masturbation for most men [even after sexual activity has begun] remains a part of a man’s ongoing sexual experience. To be derided as a wanker seems as strange to me, as being derided as a drinker or a shopper. 

''Don't knock masturbation. It's sex with someone I Love.'' - Woody Allen

Even if you don’t love yourself or the constant work to keep the erections under some control, [not for all] some men dislike the sleep time feeling & mess more.

By 17-18 the erection energy has subsided to a more predictable and tolerable regularity. I was finally able [even though a very active sportsman and athlete] to forget about the little angry beast at the front of my hips, for some time. Although, random wanton energy was replaced with targeting and social hunting instinct. Regardless of my knowledge & skill in that task, my male physical sexual awareness & use of my body’s hormonal neurology was well established, understood and unavoidable.


The Female experience is wholly different and lies at the source of the reduced awareness, activity and knowledge of the female sexual self.

Because the female sex organs are tucked away and not predisposed to making themselves an un-ignorable, throbbing nuisance, [that in an emergency can be defused with an orgasm within a minute or 2 without the need for further feelings or even images, as the connection is fist to beast to brain] the female sexual response {and therefore the reward} is missed by the majority of women growing up, in even the cultures that have had a sexual liberation and a degree of female emancipation.

There is a minority of young teenage girls that discover or are introduced by older sisters or an emancipated mother, to the personal sexual rewards of masturbation. And perhaps a greater knowledge that can be stored in the mind for later.

It is therefore quite understandable that many women [and the mainstream culture, including the varsities & so called research groups & sexologists including female] are ignorant to the extent female arousal through life could have developed and benefitted them with the ease of response, the extent of response{s} possible and the rewards possible.

Female sexual neurology, like the brain and specifically the connections in the brain, are subject to pathway formation, building and strengthening in the plasticity of construct.

Like other brain function formation, complex developed neural pathway strength & connection mass can be passed on from former, to inheritor and be increased, [like a trade skill] from generation to mitochondrial generation.

So you see the issue: Hidden, Inactive, {unless properly & positively introduced} Use it or lose it and hey presto it only takes two generations for a culture to be changed and another few generations for the neurology & anatomy to wither and physically deform. {Thank goodness for childbirth} [for those that are still fully able.]

Fortunately there are pockets of families of wiser sexual knowledge teaching & [some stronger sexual cultures] and some stronger male sexual behaviour [with inherited knowledge and physical response] that keeps the candle burning, all over the world, for the Development of female sexual arousal and rewards.

When I see a female sexologist or councillor writing in a national newspaper or surf in somewhere, while online and she is saying that the female orgasm is clitoral and there is no such thing as a vaginal orgasm, I know that she doesn’t or cannot get one. From the above, I must conclude that her early development was slight and quite possibly she inherited nothing to not enough from her maternal line.