Saudi Arabia / Yemen

Sunni Thermo Nuclear Warheads.

The Geneva convention, international law of engagements – If war is started and is therefore covered by a response by law then every law against a war fought in defense is an oxymoron, hypocritical and at odds with the right to defend.  War is Legal.

The U.S agreed to Saudi Arabia [their sole stitched client established by FDR while Churchill blew it with gifts of Cognac and Cigars] buying British kit and supply services. Now that favour is being aggravated by the added heat by humanitarian interest and moral focus questioning British weapons sales [and servicing] involvement in the Saudi’s defense against a war started by Houthi rebels [allegedly funded by Iran] that the Houthi’s have no desire to negotiate over.

The Saudi military attacked Houthi positions soon after the initial rocket attacks into Saudi Arabia and the Houthi’s moved into populated areas. The Saudi military make no differential between Houthi’s, Yemeni’s or Children. A strategy that could be described as lazy or knee jerk with bigger and more as the preferred method of solution. This type of strategy is more in line with American advisors and default methods than British solutions that are/would be more in line with avoiding civilian casualties while killing the actual enemy that is the default objective of defending ones country from enemy attackers.

Britain manufactures [some few] weapons of war, some of which it tries to sell to other countries for the purpose of defense and big money. [Every country / region has a right to defend itself – by law and logic] Other countries sell weapons. Numero Uno is America [with the main global client list sealed and delivered]. Others in order of size [off the top off my head] Israel, South Africa, Canada, France, Russia, and now the newer growing entries China, India and Brazil along with Germany and Japan recently being released from their naughty cages. Britain in addition to being infected with media moral war crabs has also had the metropolitan police investigating sales commissions, introductions fees and kick back disbursements as allegations of ‘bribery’. This ridiculous naïve idiocy resulted in a more than one national buyer saying ‘Pull off your dumb dogs or forget your national military sales GB.’

Saudi Arabia were attacked and the war brought to them is far from over. The enemy is not being fully or effectively confronted. The civilians of Yemen are being decimated. The enemies of Saudi Arabia are taking advantage of the Saudi strategy in their long-term plans. Remember that despite Saudi’s flawed and erroneous attitudes to victory in defense, Saudi Arabia are defending their country from attack and this is war.

The Typhoon is a weapon that Britain sells. It comes with operational service facilitation. The use of the weapon and [also sold – usually American designs] its payloads has to be all part of the weapon facility sold and provided to any country with [defense [Dresden~] as it’s ethical~, moral~ and legal] the right to defend itself.

If British advisors bring some pressure to the brakes upon triplingx10 munitions delivery then that could be better than British hardware being replaced by a supplier interested in testing all designs of their ordnance. It can only be advisory as to what strategy is used by the Saudi’s. And is it possible for a law to restrict a war strategy and could it be effectively applied to a country being attacked and drawn into a war [where an innocent society is caught in the middle by intention as part of the aggressors strategy] to force them to care enough to use a more precise strategy that could be described as cunning, to spare innocent victims. It could get very badly worse for innocent humanity.