String Quantum Induction

[image 1] Indonesian reed ship.


900,000 years ago Homo erectus [origin 2 million years] Stone tools were found [1998] on the Indonesian island of Flores in the western Pacific. 'If the dates on Flores hold up, Homo erectus had much earlier developed the capacity to make boats or canoes and to navigate and explore far from shore.'

[image 2]

Dugout canoos by "human's" [origin "180-200,000" years] have been discovered, found worldwide dating around 8,000bc.

[image 3] Juliet Marine - Ghost

Any invention can be chosen from any time and if shown to early modern humans from [180,000 years ago to even 1935] would dazzle, confuse and probably terrify [at the thought that the small smelly gobshite on the other side of silver fish river] is now going to hit me with this! [image 3]   

Imagine putting a virtual reality headset on William Shakespeare and showing a BBC Strictly Come Dancing intro set or Michael Jackson’s Earth Song in 3D. Imagine giving William Shatner a Sony Ericsson W300 flip phone on the Star Trek set in 1969. He would think it was a prop trick and Shakespeare would be speechless especially if he was sitting in a Range Rover, the one that can fly without wings to the moon and back in one Earth day.

Today we [The main science community] do not believe that below sub-atomic particles, there is a physical level of material pie beyond [our] accepted understanding, as was the understanding of matter that it consisted of 3 elements, not the 6 we currently accept with the [prediction] and then the [discoveries] of condensate matter.

[image 4] Is it no longer rope?
[If it is knotted, burned or disintegrated, do you see rope?]

Where did the matter come from at the formation of the universe?

[It could not have been from a big crunch as it would consist of no hydrogen.]

[image 5]

'The universe is best understood as localized vibrations in quantum fields and the interactions of those fields. Those excited states have the properties of a particle and a wave, thus wave-particle duality is a very fundamental aspect of the universe.' - Max Plank


'Whose woods these are I think I know

His house is in the village though
He will not see me stopping here 
To watch his woods fill up with snow

My little horse must think it queer 
To stop without a farmhouse near 
Between the woods and frozen lake 
The darkest evening of the year

[image 6]

He gives his harness bells a shake
To ask if there is some mistake
The only other sound’s the sweep
Of easy wind and downy flake

The woods are lovely, dark and deep 
But I have promises to keep
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.
                                                      - Robert Frost

[image 7]

"The 'paradox' is only a conflict between reality and 'your feeling' of what reality ought to be."  - Richard Feynman

 “I am in all events convinced He does not play dice.” – Albert Einstein


The question is: {1} Why did uncle Albert believe in god? And why was he ‘convinced’ god did not play dice?

God is not provable in reality. Neither is god [‘the god concept’] disprovable as a fact, therefore ‘it’ has to remain by default a theoretical possibility. {Why would god not play dice?}

The Universe is bound in by the laws of [standard] physics but its origin appears to be outside of these binding laws. Uncle Albert was not being fully scientific in his thinking or his subsequent ‘convinced’ conclusions. {2} Why is the production of hydrogen via a ‘quantum’ / sub-space zone playing with dice?

String Quantum Energy Induction

[image 8]

Taking Inspiration From Nature:

What caused the huge and sustained creation of hydrogen as the formation of the [our] universe is the next question but for now it is possible even reasonable to take the thinking step ‘in reality’ that hydrogen formed from a surge in wave to particle emergence from the quantum zone.

We know that a proton is made up from a combination of sub-atomic constituents [quarks, leptons, muons, etc] [excluding all particles existing and moving and not confined to electrons] all moving in their own way. This movement can and should be described as a frequency or individual resonant vibrations. Therefore these frequencies will form a collective resonant harmony that will have its own harmonic frequency.

Whether it was a clash or a movement of Membranes [membrane being a perfect Moniker] the background impetus was to surge forward the sub-atomic constituents to form hydrogen atoms [1. possibly by the harmonic frequency of the hydrogen atom] [or 2. by a far more complex process of the individual frequencies of the sub-atomic constituents in such quantities as to result in the binding of the constituents to form hydrogen atoms.

Whatever the nature of the process [1. Being far more preferable] hydrogen is a single notation of a harmony of frequency. There is a possibility that in the causation of emergence, the electromagnetic frequency in the interaction of the field energy was key / a driver to the formation of the hydrogen structure.

As with Leonardo’s initial sketches of flying machine designs we see and know from the development of flying machines that nature though inspirational can be side-stepped to create the desired effect without the need for feathers or even using the wing shapes seen in nature. Therefore the coming concepts should be viewed as a varied selection of ‘flight lifting surfaces’ that while may work will not be the dream-liner flexing brilliance or the back to basics of the requirements as seen in the main wing of the [YF-23 /] F-22 Raptor.

Warning!: Do Not Under Any Circumstance Try This At Home. Cosmic Quantum Induction

[image 9]

Stage 1:

As ‘the’ universe did not exist, the impetuous for the production of hydrogen occurred outside of the universe [in as much as the expantion {inflation} of matter is the universe].

This produces a number of ‘uncertainties’ as to the phase / faze, material, locational requirements to repeat the effect.

Being optimistic [and remembering that nature does not oppose being side-stepped]: There should be [at least] 2 ways of creating the effect. 1. From the focused ‘zoned’ frequencies / harmonic sympathy / corralled matching reverberations delivered and enhanced by the apt electromagnetic field frequency Surge Intercept. 2. Filling a pool with water and using infrasound [at as yet unimagined infra levels] coupled with directed and focused EM fields.  

Dear Physicists, You will need an orchestral composer / program.    

The first move will be to identify the movement of the sub-atomic constituents and catalogue them as frequencies [in addition to all mathematical developments of movement understanding] then identify and allocate them a musical note and set them in a written context next to/above/below the math identity. [image 8]

I maybe being a little over cautious but [imagining the effect in nature] we [who knows when] will build the apparatus for the experiment, we must remember that while micro devices will be probable, in the early stages of all mechanical developments bigger is usually the form. Therefore the initial attempt at micro production could [and probably will be] in a larger uncontrolled intended result. Obviously only a successful test will contain any significant risk.

It is hard to underestimate the level of quantum impetus that would be required to produce a thousandth of a second of ‘production’ and what quantity of hydrogen could be produced by the quietest synchronicity.

The universe is mostly empty of matter and observable gravity but Earth is a tiny dust gravel of that production and a quantum thousandth of a second [of the quietest matching murmur in the ear of ‘quantum reality’] could swamp Earth in Hydrogen Gas out to beyond the moon and cause sea level pressure to top 1,000 bar. Moreover [Big Caveat] the Hydrogen emerging from quantum production would Very likely have No Thermal Energy. Even if you only filled an experiment hall on the north island of Hawaii or some "vagrant runt" of an island in the South Atlantic, a [larger than hoped for] puff of gas at near zero Kelvin will have an interesting effect on the water vapour in the local atmosphere, the subsequent weather effects, the ground water, crust, mantle and [big] a domino effect on geothermal entropy, not to forget the death of all of your top engineers if any are on site, unless the site effected [pop] is the solar system!

The image above right [image 9] is a 10 kilometre diameter hydrogen production unit to feed Jupiter with hydrogen to bring it up to main sequence life. [Stage 1 of 2 to balance Jupiter post sun sustainable life or add Jupiter / Saturn and their worlds to Humanities portfolio.]

It is therefore my strong recommendation that all practical experiments / testing takes place as far away from earth as possible. I see construction from the moon, relocation [preferably a beyond Kuiper [Test] outward long-duration orbit] set up by human direct technical presence in the near outward bound stage followed by [Not Will Smith Ai] an android and other team of robotic tech teams with remote and autonomous ability, with a [distant tailing] monitor unit craft/s.

If an [the] initial success does not destroy the production unit, an obvious second test can be undertaken – Confliction.

String Quantum Confliction

[image 10]

Stage 2:

We know that hydrogen can be produced. [From the start of the universe.]

At least ‘science’ will be able to force a proton to emerge into a particle of matter.

Who knows one day ‘they’ with their big apparatus may get their act together and occasionally produce a proton.

As this will only be possible by replicating nature [or the nature within quantum / physics] manipulating the process [or getting it intentionally wrong] may produce a feedback by-product.

Stage 3:

If the transmission sequence for [a successful] hydrogen is back-clashed. [“Cross the beams!”] The electromagnetic reaction should cause a violent feedback of electrical energy. [Lightning] directly picked up by anodes and cathodes in place inside the production test unit.

It should be similar to using a small battery pack and a small electric motor to turn the crank on a much larger electrical generator that would be capable of generating far more power than the kit used to turn the crank. [See: EV Crab Snails]

On an industrial scale/space architechtural scale the domes of former looking nuclear power stations will be Resonating Feedback power stations. Once set up, having no inherent risk to a wider environment and needing no costly decommissioning or further risk and requiring no sea level cooling.

On a miniature scale, under the bonnet [hood] of a personal transport machine would be a basketball sized energy generator. You would not even be able to hear the hum from there.


[image 11]

Step 4:

The big question is what is the ‘score’ for gravity?

Imagine if you will, the score of gravity reversed. Tuff spheres [Buckminster fullerene’s] of tricks lifting vehicles up and off the surface of a gravity centre [Earth] and surging on from any near centre of gravity into open space where outa-units of hydrogen producers are switched on to direct a powerfully specific surge of hydrogen through a nozzle instead of a fuel dependent rocket motor. A constant 1G of acceleration, head first down through the floor of the ship. Normal life and then a brief pause before deceleration occurs after the ship has been spun 180. During slow / short distances the ship could spin laterally to create centrifugal gravity. [image 11] and be designed for slow atmospheric re-entry and helium aided descents and assents.

A Range Rover that can fly without wings and could travel to the moon and land on it in one Earth day.

In space structures could be built to move and generate pulses of large mass gravity to induce bodies to follow the faster moving / passing [variable gravity] structure.

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