The Ball

- A Knowledge Taboo of Truth -

It is a lest known fact [by either sex] - [A skill all too easily forgotten and a development lost] - is that the penis is [irrespective of size] not the best shape to match the shape of the vagina.

It should no longer be a mystery that female [mutual] pleasure can be a simple knowledge, to privide by any gender.. 

"Reproduction will 'maybe' be posiible with mine, but it is 'mostly' not a match for maximum individual vaginal pleasure.."

Female sexuality is the furnace of mutual pleasure

An average aroused vagina

When a vagina is aroused it ‘tents’ into an enlarged shape beyond its opening.

For the best pleasure for a woman, the vagina should be stimulated using a ball shape [added to a penis or a bespoke tool] suited to the individual vagina / desire to apply moderate contact pressure to the walls of an aroused vagina. The usual rhythmic massage then takes on a whole new dimension of efficiency of purpose.

Vari Diameter to suit and idealy it should have a slightly rasping texture like an orange skin.

Enjoy balling

"I fill them with delight because I myself am delighted. I do not fully enjoy mymself with a woman unless she shares my delight. Four-fifths of my pleasure has always consisted in making the women happy" – Giacomo Casanova 1725-1798]

A product development opportunity.

Vaginal Orgasm {It's a Massage}